It happens quite often that someone comes up to me and says: “Brother, where you go wrong is in distinguishing Jews and Gentiles, even though both are in Christ! Now there is no longer Jew nor Gentile. We are now all the same in Christ!”.

In Gal. 3:27-29 we read: “For all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ. There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free man, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus.  And if you belong to Christ, then you are Abraham’s descendants, heirs according to promise.” (NASB)

Although terms as such “baptized” and “Christ” today sound exclusively Christian it was clearly not so in Saul Paul’s time. In fact, back in the first-century, they sounded exclusively Jewish!

When someone who was Greek went through the Jewish ritual of washing with water (mikvah/baptism) in the name of the Jewish Christ, and in so doing professed faith in Israel’s God, something very important happened – this Greek man or woman, in some real way became a child of Abraham and co-heir together with Jews to the promise of Israel’s God!

The distinction between Jews and Greeks/Gentiles was not abolished, just as the distinction between men and women was not abolished either (this point is VERY IMPORTANT). Instead in Christ Jesus, there was no more discrimination between them. This means that while Jews were still distinct from Gentiles, they were not preferred above Gentiles, just as men were no longer preferred above women in the Kingdom of God. 

So, are Christ-followers now Jews? No, but they are part of the Commonwealth of Israel as the nations of the world worshiping Israel’s God through Jewish Christ (Eph.2:12). They are God’s people along with the Jews, heirs to the promises of God together with them.

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  1. I agree with this. But the question still remains: is Torah only for Jews? Or, are we Jews to teach Torah to Gentiles, not to make them Jews, but so they learn the ways of Hashem? This was much more important back in Paul’s day because Gentiles were pretty pagan. But in our day, Gentiles have become more godly because they’ve learned the ways of G-d as Christians and are familiar with Torah. The question now is how far should this go? Could you argue that as part of the Commonwealth of Israel, they should follow Torah? How much?

  2. I disagree that the ritual of washing with water is symbolic of being baptized in Christ in Galatians (going out confessing their sins). That was John’s baptism. Those who have been justified by faith are baptized by the Holy Spirit. The emphasis is on the voice. The heavens were opened, the Spirit of God descended, and the voice revealed the son. (Matthew 3:16). Where is the voice in the ritual?

  3. Dr. Eli: Very good point and I would add that the message of “Jew nor Greek” is entirely wrapped in a salvation context. G-d is “no respecter of men” that He would leave the Gentiles out of eternal grace. It is a Jewish New Covenant (see Jeremiah 31:31) that Gentiles (me included) get to be a part of (see Romans 11). I think Paul clears up this question with his rule to the Churches (1 Corinthian 7:17-24). Dr. Eli, I so appreciate this important fact about our respective identities and I am glad that you are sharing it—Kathy B.

  4. Yes, as Paul said, “There is neither Jew nor Greek” and never was as God never meant there to be. God chose the Jew as His special people to introduce Him to the Gentile. Human beings are all God’s beloved creation, and He wants ALL His children to return to Him and love Him so He can shower them with His love.

  5. I get frustrated over this topic, because even though people say there is no more discrimination there certainly is, in the minds of people even though they say there is not. No gentiles don’t become Jew’s upon converting and believing in the Jewish Messiah. Paul says they become a part of Israel. Jews are a part of Israel by birth and blood line. Gentiles become Israel through the blood line of the Messiah. (Ephesians 2). The People Israel are comprised of anyone, no matter what they used to be before believing in the Jewish Messiah becoming Israel.

  6. Ruth was a Moabite, she became Israel and was the great grandmother to the King of Israel David, how could David be King or go into the Temple, he wasn’t 10 generations out. Because upon her conversion and faith in the G-d of Israel she was no longer a Moabites, she was a part of Israel. No longer Jew or Greek (Gentile) but Israel. Abraham was not a Jew, he was the first Hebrew. Jews come from the tribe of Judah! There are 12 tribes. Only Israel is a part of the New Covenant Jer 31:31. House of Judah (Jews)&

  7. The spanish people could be an ecseption because we ´re 48% population with Jews family names. Mostly fathe and mother branches, like me. Recently Ulpan School and Israel´s embassy have published the list of jews family conversed from XV-XVII centurys , taken from the Spanish Inquisition´s Acts. It´s curious. Mostly of us. Thank to Godfather. We have a little peace of Holly Land. Haapy weekwnd

  8. I try to get the point across, using the analogy of Adoption, as in being grafted in. IN a nutshell, a child adopted (grafted) into a family is legally in every way as much a part of the family as the natural born children. Adopted children become one with the family; brothers and sisters with the other children with no distinction, yet the adopted child is not of the blood line. The adopted child accepts and embraces the ways and customs of the adopting parents.

  9. Do you obey the acts 2:38 message if so in Jesus name all are accepted and have a level playing field jew,greek,gentile if you obey it no prob nuffsaid

    • Actually it’s not nuffsaid :-), because neither Acts 2:28 was originally spoken to Gentiles (all were Jews who heard it) NOR have I ever denied that Jews and Gentiles are on the same footing. Paul is clear both groups (all) have sinned. Both groups in Jewish Christ. It matters not if someone is a Jew or a member of the Nations, Jewish Christ saves both.

  10. Agreed. As I see it, distinction between Jew and gentile is still critical because it is only in this distinction that life is produced. Sameness never produces life as much as post-moderns would have us to believe. Torah is good if one uses it correctly. Acts 15 gives proper understanding of for Jewish and non-Jewish adherence of Torah in Messiah, yes? I believe proper relation to authority is the issue. One in a Messianic congregation would not try to implement their praxis at the First Assemblies of God down the street, and neither would it work vice versa. Mutual blessing.

  11. How then do we understand Romans 2:28-29? “For he is not a Jew who is one outwardly; neither is circumcision that which is outward in the flesh. But he is a Jew who is one inwardly; and circumcision is that which is of the heart, by the Spirit, not by the letter; and his praise is not from men, but from God.” – NASB-95. This passage seems to be quite pointed/precise concerning who are and who are not Jews – regardless of bloodline.

      • The voice of God is clearly heard by His own – those He chose for Himself (Eph.1:4). The “REMNANT” and not the “REST” is the focal point of His love and blessings. Jesus came to “save His people from their sins” (Matt.1:21), and the Spirit regenerates each one (Jn.6:63; Tit.3:5). His own only know, hear, and follow their Shepherd (Jn.10:4-5,8,14), for there is only “one flock with one Shepherd” (Jn.10:16). Replacement Theology does not recognize/understand the extended metaphor of “the Vine” (Jn.15) or its application (Rom.9-11). Are true Christians “sons of Abraham” according to the promise?

  12. I have an interesting thing to mull over ,how many of the ten lost tribes of Israel are in fact a large part living in the European zone and also migrated to other continents so are really not gentiles . Also how many of the refugees that have recently invaded Europe and Scandinavia are from the same Lost tribes?

    • I recently heard a great joke by Jackie Mason (of the blessed memory). He said I am absolutely mad at all Chinese!!!! (then he explains). “Because I never see them in Jewish All You Can Eat Restaurants!!!!”. 🙂

  13. I can`t express in english my thougts the way I would like and I need. From my own condition of christian, very deeply christian, I’am really intersted in judaism, I’am convinced both jews and christians mean, and have, a key, THE key, each one in order to the other. They need each one to the other in order to their real and respective fullfillment and accomplishement. . Long, very long, to talk about it, just (being quite audacios) to let stablished such a statement. Shalom.

  14. What about Gal. 3: 29? “If you be Christ’s then you are Abraham’s seed and heirs according to the Promise.” I understand that as saying we are all now of Abraham’s seed and can lay hold of all that God promised Abraham in the Abrahamic Covenant. Christ translated from the Greek is “the anointed One and His anointing.” Christ Jesus is the anointing of Jesus, and Jesus Christ is Jesus the anointed One or the Messiah. Christ was a word that was never translated. It has no meaning whatsoever in English, thus people take it as Jesus’ last name.

  15. So, Dr. Eli, have you spoken of the one new man spoken of in Ephesians? Just respectfully asking, because I had never seen it there before, and there it is in plain sight in Eph. 2 and Eph 3. (Complete Jewish Bible)

  16. I still cannot believe how so many people are offended with Gentiles being grafted into the good olive tree and reject the Jews who are the natural branches. It is just another stupid twist on Replacement Theology. It is so clear from both Old Covenant and New Covenant that Jews are Jews and Gentiles become blessed even as Jews because we have the same faith as Abraham. We become one new man in Christ together with the Jews because the middle wall of partition between us is abolished. Replacement stuff is just denial of God’s eternal covenant with Israel.

  17. I think James expressed it best on what the Torah expects of the Gentiles that believe in Yeshua. He said in Acts 21:25 what those four things are. There is no need that a Gentile become a Jew ( circumcision ) nor a Jew reject the Torah. There is so much the Jews can show the Gentiles from the scriptures and the Gentiles in their pride reject this with a really ignorant understanding of grace. We might be free from the laws but we must fulfill the righteousness it reveals. Thank you, Yeshua for the Word, all 66 books !

    • I agree that James (really Yakov/Yakobus in Greek) says just for things. But they are not really four things (or four laws), these are four summaries of whole list of things that is forbidden to sojourners with Israel (Lev. 17-21). The reason those Jews did not argue about it (Acts 15) is because it has been already a common Jewish knowledge.

  18. I think I’m closer to ‘Gentiles as Jews’ than you are Dr Eli. The Romans passage about broken off / grafted in suggests to me that I’ve been grafted into the same religion that someone like Caiaphas was broken off from, and while there is a distinction (as per the rulings of the first apostles to Paul/Saul), I claim chapters 2 & 3 of Revelation (surely written to ‘mixed’ churches?) as proof that our Saviour sees us as ‘Jews’, of course, of the sect that believes in Him as Messiah. Aargh! Not enough words! 🙂

    • Just a small correction: The Greek of Romans 11 does not say what translations make it to say (BROKEN OFF), it uses different phraseology. “Broken” you can even translate as “BEND.” OFF sends the interpreter in the direction of replacement theology (Christians are now Jews), but Paul (the real Paul I mean) never meant what the translators made him to say. For serious discussion about this issue please consult my mentor and friend, Mark Nanos. You may read his paper at

  19. The scriptures need to b reread.” It is finished”. The work of salvation and reconciliation of both Jews and Greek is accomplished but accessible through faith in the redemptive work of The Messiah. Distinction is important as only in the flesh but this distinction becomes unification wrt being one Spiritually in Christ through faith in Jesus Christ. Saul was distinct as a Jew but this could not save him. Distinction in the flesh is important but unification through Faith, the more.

  20. Thank you, Dr. Eli. I have read that verse many times but never thought about it in this way. I like it that Gentiles are considered just as important as the Jews but are still recognized as our own group. Then, it’s not the Jewishness that makes someone acceptable to God, but it’s having the seal of Jesus Christ. I have a question that kind of relates to this topic. Though Scripture was speaking to the ancient Jews, can we consider that God speaks personally through Scripture to each Christian today? Or is Scripture only applicable to the Jews?

    • No, in a sense that God in the Bible spoke to THEM, not to us. BUT YES in a sense that, if properly understood, the same applies to all of us as well.

      • So does that mean that I can apply parts of Scripture to myself personally? For example, in Isaiah 43:4, when God is telling Israel, “…You are precious in my sight, and honored, and I love you”, I had always thought that God was speaking that to me, too. However, when I read the rest of its context in the previous verses and the verses after, it doesn’t seem to relate to me much at all. So, since those other verses can’t be applied to me, does that mean that God really is not speaking to me in verse 4?

        • Well… that’s correct he is not speaking to THERE in THAT context to you personally, however, that is not to say that YOU SHOULD draw great comfort and encouragement from these words as well. These words in God’s providence are also for your heart. What is important is that we should always remember that we must take the pain to understand the meaning of the original messages to be sure that we are applying this messages to ourselves properly.

        • Rachel, through prayer & devotions, a verse given to you is personal & comes w His power to do the work & accomplish it like “He sent the word & healed them.” Ps 107:20. But it’s natural to find delight & comfort in God’s goodness regardless whom it is for; it’s all for our development & our relationship w God. Just remember, God alone is wise! If you like it, praise God. If you dislike it, work all the more harder. The key I’m learning in spiritual matter is to “respond” well, truthfully & firmly to all of God’s words.

        • Rachel, By respond well, I mean to say being closely w God & being in peace w God because words of God revealed who God is. There are 3 levels w Christians being a child for sincere milk of the Gospel, being a son for meat of the word of God & being a father for discernment by use of the word of God. Praise to our Lord Jesus Christ Yeshua the Messiah!

  21. Christians got to grafted into the Olive Tree if YISREAL and do EVERYTHING YESHUA DID. NOT PICK AND CHOOSE. 99.9% CHRISTIANS DO nor OBSERVE SHABBAT NOR FEAST. Still into non kosher etc. Their ecuses *we have Jesus and He did on and ALL nailed to that cross* Even so called MESSIANIC(not all but many are the same like the Christian). Those who can See the TORAH or the whole BIBLE with Jewish lenses will understand who Yeshua is and who HE came for and what is TORAH. Yeshua is TORAH period.

  22. Thank you, Its clear, neither male nor female, or jew or gentile we are all one in Yehsua, but this is one the most misinterpreted bible verse,

    • The question is in which way it is true. Certainly it is not true in every way (for example gay marriage would not be ok, right? why because men and women are still different) although ONE in some way (all need Christ and are saved by Christ).

  23. Faithful Jews are those who shachah ADONAY YHWH and HIS Mashiach, Adoni YaHshua. Faithful Gentiles are those who shachah ADONAY YHWH and HIS Mashiach, Adoni YaHshua. Those who shachah ADONAY YHWH are called YAHudim. Both the words “Jew” as well as “Christian” are nicknames given by the public at large to these two groups of people. These nicknames were not scriptural designations given by ELOHIM.

  24. Related to this topic, when Revelation of Jesus Christ speaks of “those who keep the commandments and hold to the testimony of Christ”, do you believe these are referring to two groups of people ( Jews and nations) or one? are the commandments referred to the Torah or is the royal law of Christ (which both groups must clearly follow) that Paul talks about something different?

    • I think this phrase is a common Hebrew parallelism, which of course means that this is ONE and the same thought just told differently so know in this I do not imagine two separate groups being addressed.

  25. If The Kingdom is heavenly (Jn 18.36; Heb 11.13c-16), then why would GOD distinguish between Jew and Gentile (Rom 9:3b-8 ? What would it matter? If we have been grafted “in,” then what are we only partially inside? What are we separated just-so-much from? Is that how grafting works? The graft is the strongest point of the new branch. Agreed, some rituals are for those who share a certain history because GOD is graceful–to ease the grafting. Those who accept the newcomers, and those who at least seek to understand why God gave the first oracles will be stronger.

    • Geralyn, Children of God are citizens of the heavenly kingdom & we’re fully in spiritually even the holy of holies. We have no reasons to break the 10 commendments if we do follow the teaching of Christ. The Spirit of the Lord had always led me to rest on Sabbath in early years of my salvation but now outreach. He also led me to be aware of the feasts of the LORD because they are God’s appointed times for us. It’s not about becoming Jews but about the coming of the Lord. It’s more complicated for the Jews.

  26. To my mind reading thru all these comments leaves one more confused. Firstly, Jesus was born a Jew and died as a Jew believing in the Torah. Secondly, Jesus spoke in parables to the common people see Matthew 13 v10 thus man tried to make sense thereof.[ even Peter was also confused at tiimes] but Paul was direct in what he tried to say to the people or congregations, excuse my saying it, but should we not call it the Pauline faith. Thirdly, speaking to Jewish believers, they do not consider the Messiah had arrived according to the scriptures.

  27. Paul’s statements go beyond human concepts of discrimination. If you have received Jesus, then you are a different creature, a new thing in God. What characteristics you had before that are less important, perhaps meaningless, including being a Jew who wants to be saturated with Jewishness. The Body of Christ are all those people who have become this new creature (image) of God through Jesus. This is the only thing that should be primarily important to one who has ears to hear. Additionally, Jesus was not a slave to Jewish custom.

    • The following is from Romans 3: “What, then, is the advantage of being a Jew? Or what is the value of circumcision? Much in every way. First of all, they have been entrusted with the very words of God. 3What if some did not have faith? Will their lack of faith nullify God’s faithfulness?…”

  28. Are all men women? Are all women men? of course not. Gal 3 is not saying Christians are Jews. Any who interpret that way and missing Paul’s context.

  29. I am an Indian follower of the Lord Jesus Christ (you cannot get any more gentile than an Indian!). As I witness to my countryman, I am often ridiculed and opposed by them with this remark, “What Kind of God is He, who has favorites”. Then I come across gentile followers of Jesus who appears to me that their theology is we must now be ‘all things’ Jewish. I believe for the Jews and the Gentiles, the game changer was the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ. Both worlds (Jewish and the Gentile) were shifted into One New Man.

  30. Dr. Eli, thank you for the insight. Just one thing though that I keep seeing in your writings is a phrase “Israel’s God” perhaps more appropriately it would be the God of Israel (i.e. Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob). It was God who sort Israel, revealed himself to Abraham and cut covenant; He is the self-existent One. The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof, the worlds and the people therein (Ps 24:1). I find it is this ‘claim’ to God that leads to class-ism and is exactly what Paul was trying to address in the text you have expounded

  31. Although I did not go through every comment regarding the subject, the comments I did go through, and their subsequent responses, I found no reference to Romans 11:17,19,23,24. So apparently there is a grafting ‘in’ which end result means part of the ‘same.’ There can be no other interpretation.

  32. Yes, there is no discrimination for those baptized into Christ, but wouldn’t the ritual of baptism (after the fact) imply the opposite (one must become Jewish to be saved)? This sounds like replacement theology reversed. I question the ritual of baptism because Matthew 28:19 implies that “we” must become Christians (the full nine yards) to be saved. How else could we be baptized?

  33. I humbly assert that what is often overlooked is the context of Matthew 28:16-20, commonly referred to as the ‘Great Commission’. Let’s break this down…………… We have the Jewish Messiah speaking to His Jewish Disciples. The jist of what He (Messiah) said to them (The Disciples) is recorded in 19-20. Who were they (the Disciples) to in turn make disciples of [the ethnos; “ἔθνος” Gentiles (93x), nation (64x), heathen (5x), people (2x)] What were they (The Disciples) commanded to teach them (ethnos) that He (Messiah) commanded them to obey? TORAH!!!!

    • What then are those from the Nations to do? Provoke the Jew to jealousy by walking out Torah already in your mind and written on your heart!

  34. Dear brother Eph.2 : 19 doesn’t tell that goyim become members of a israely commonwealth, but stones of one temple, citizens of the same kingdom. When a jewish believes in Yeshoua he doesn’t become a goy, and when a goy believes in Yeshoua he doesn’t become jewish, but the both became citizens of the kingdom of Elohim. A new people in a new covenant.

  35. Who are the Jews today? Jews by blood or by believer of the laws (Torah), What are those who call themselves Jews? Christian is one who follows the teachings of Christ, in that case we are all Jews according to Paul. And not because of Judah’s offsprings.

  36. So the Jews are descendants of Judah, one of the 12 sons of Israel. There are 10 lost tribes out there related to the descendants of Israel and will become part of Israel starting even now. Descendants from the tribe of Manasseh have returned to Israel. In my church most of us have been designated to belonging to the tribe of Ephraim whether literal or adopted. There is a lot more descendants of Israel out there so Israel is a whole lot more than just the Tribe of Judah.

  37. This is false teaching. Christians are the Jews. “A person is not a Jew who is one only outwardly, nor is circumcision merely outward and physical. No, a person is a Jew who is one inwardly; and circumcision is circumcision of the heart, by the Spirit, not by the written code. Such a person’s praise is not from other people, but from God.”. Romans 3:28-3:29

    • In Romans 3, Paul is referring to a person who is both outwardly (by circumcision) and inwardly (by the Spirit) a Jew. He is not making a distinction between Christians and Jews. No, Jim, Christians are not spiritual Jews.

  38. Love your short blogs. In all the replies I read I keep hearing how we are free from the law. And yes we are free from the law in sense that we do not have to memorize them and check we are following them. Yet I haven’t heard anyone speak of what Jesus said. He was not destroying or abolishing the law. He was not removing one word. He said He will place it on our hearts. I have found that to be part of my growth in Christ. My salvation. So in my way of thinking yes the Torah is very important. The old testament as was said is a foundation for our Christian beliefs. I read the book Revelation Decoded and Rabbi Schneider gives a great explanation of the relationship. Thank you again for your insights.

  39. Good question. My answer is Christian are not now Jews. Christian’s have not and will never be Jews now or in the future. Replacement theology is contrary to Gods words. Jeremiah 31:35-37 (New Internation Version)
    35 This is what the LORD says, he that appoints the sun to shine by day, who decreed the moon and stars to shine by night, who stirs up the sea so that its waves roar-the LORD Almighty is his name: 36 “Only if these decrees vanish from my sight,” says the LORD, “will the descendants of Israel ever cease to be a nation before me.” 37 This is what the LORD says: “Only if the heavens above can be measured and the foundations of the earth below be searched out will I reject all the descendants of Israel because of all they have done,” declares the LORD.

  40. “The distinction between Jews and Greeks/Gentiles was not abolished, just as the distinction between men and women was not abolished either (this point is VERY IMPORTANT)”
    Really important, I agree! In my church recently, some persons were almost eloquently sweeping off people’s consciousness of gender separation, quoting this same scripture (Gal. 3), claiming that “male” and “female” are just mere social constructs. If no one had eventually stood up to them, we might have had people beginning to court beliefs in the fluidity of sexual orientation. So subtle. They meant well, trying to get men not to stick with most of our African traditions of overburdening women with work. However, they misapplied this scripture to a different scenario.

  41. Dr. Eli,
    Greetings in the Name Of Jesus Christ!
    Please, if Adam did not sin and disobey the Almighty Creator God, will there be need for the Jewish Nation?
    Due to sin, the Sovereign God raised Abraham that through him the Savior will be born to deliver mankind from sin.
    Apostle Peter in Acts 10:34 – 35, made it clear that God is not partial, and He is not.
    It appears most of your teachings tend to portray the Almighty God as partial.
    He is no respecter of persons. Anyone, from any nation who fears,trusts and obeys Him, He accepts.
    Jesus Christ died and resurrected to bring Jews and Gentiles into one Nation or one Body, the Church.
    The Church is made up of Jews and Gentiles. A genuine Christian, born again is a member of the Church, whether Jew or Gentile. Trying to differentiate between Christians and Jews is unscriptural, because there are Jews who are Christians.
    The Church or Christians are superior to Jews ( without Christ ). Christians are the Church, individually, collectively and universally. In Christ there is only ONE body, the Church, Christians made up of – Jews and Gentiles-
    Romans 2:28-29, made it clear that the true Jews are those who are Jews inwardly, not outwardly.
    The real children of Abraham are those who are of faith. – The Church- Galatians 3:26 – 29 –
    Anyone from any Nation, who fears God, trusts and obeys Him, He accepts. As many as receives Jesus Christ, God gives power to become His child, power to live in newness of life.

  42. Happy Sukkot. We are all different in our views, ways, etc…. Just like the four species used in the offering, yet they become “Oneness”.


  43. dear Dr. Eli,
    isn’t the God of Abraham, Issac, Jacob, the God of Noah all the way back to Adam? if so, then the Jews are worshiping the God of the Universe and the God of the Universe is the God of all people/creation, even the atheists, therefore, to say that the Gentiles are worshiping the God of Israel, is a bit misleading statement…Regards, Gevara

  44. When I gave this answer I was not only described as mentally unbalanced, having delusional hallucinations but labelled , “religiously preoccupied.” I leave it in God’s hand’s

  45. Thank you so much for the talk with Joseph Shulam. I grew up with a deep awe for the Jews, the chosen people of G-d. But as child I felt repelled by the “Israel fans” wrapped in strange clothes, shaking tambourines. Your interview brought so much clarity and peace! It filled me with gratefulness to live as who I am created: A gentile follower of the Jewish Messiah. My question now is about baptism. As I know, the “mikweh” is for cleansing of uncleanness (e.g. monthly ritual for women, after healing), or when someone turned back from sin,

  46. , or it was one part of becoming a proselyte. Since this is a Jewish ritual or to become a Jew, why did Jesus tell the disciples to baptize the people of the nations (Mat.28)? And is baptism today a “must” a “should” or just what one prefers?

    • Immersing in a mikveh is a physical sign of a change in identity. Yes in Judaism, converts officially change their identity from Gentile to Jew. But it is more than just that; it is a cleansing of the impure to become pure. Therefore it was part of John’s ministry as repenting sinners confessed and changed their identity to people dedicated to God and His commandments (which is still the case for believers today).

  47. Thank you, the “sign of a change in identity”-this makes sense! What would you recommend for the situation I had and now my children have: I grew up in a family following Yeshua and decided to follow Him when I was 6 but wasn’t baptized then. I was baptized when I was 13. I always wonder about it, because the baptism was much later then the start of my new life! What would you recommend? Can/should there be a rectification of the baptism (for my children)?

    • Didn’t you repent and profess Messiah as your Lord before witnesses in Baptism? So what is there to rectify, Gabi? It is time to move on and live your life in your new identity as a faithful believer and obedient servant to God’s Word and raise your children in the faith!

  48. Oh, I have not explained it well. I don‘t question my baptism. I just wondered, why I was baptised at the age of 13 and not 6! And my children started to follow Yeshua when they were small, but they are not baptized yet. So it seems that baptism in our churches comes too late and is like rectifying the descision to follow Yeshua.

  49. It seams the Word rectifying is bothering you. I found it in google translater. Doesn‘t it mean to do something later than suposed?

  50. When discussing about Jews and Christians, please, take into consideration Isaiah 11: esp. vv.1-3. I only say this, it is not a new tree planted in place of an old; rather a shoot from the stump, i.e., the same tree. 2nd, Deuteronomy 18:18 “A prophet like you from among their brethren; I will put my words in his mouth…” Not another’s words, but the Lord’s. Mark 9:7 & Luke 9:35 “This is my beloved Son; listen to him.”

  51. It is certainly true that there is no discrimination … but the NT position is that national Jews (if we allow the 1948 UN view to stand) are not Biblical Jews. Only those circumcised in their hearts or ‘born again’ are considered Abraham’s seed.

  52. ‘In those days there was no king in Israel. Everyone did what was right in his own eyes.’ Reading all this confusion and ideas makes me think of this verse. It’s as if there is no God in the world and everyone comes up with his/her own ideas thinking it is right. Where is the humility and willingness to listen to the true God and think maybe my ideas are wrong? Hear oh Israel… maybe saying Listen oh Israel….

  53. I am a born and baptized Christian who has spent the last 25years studying the Bible and there is zero doubting the centrality of Torah. Actually virtually all of Jesus’ own teachings are from Torah if not directly then via one or another OT book. You cannot FULLY understand the NT without understanding the OT plus a lot of other Jewish things besides. Therefore to your question a very African answer; yebo no, ja nee, yes no, we are but we are not. Exciting, because we are positively moving towards the falling away of all these man made boundaries. Hallelujah!

  54. According to the words of HaShaliach Shaul I seem to qualify as a Jew, due to the circumcision of my heart:
    Romans 2:28 For he is not a Jew, which is one outwardly; neither is that circumcision, which is outward in the flesh: 29 But he is a Jew, which is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, in the spirit, and not in the letter; whose praise is not of men, but of God.

  55. Dr Eli, scriptures says we’re coheir w our Lord Christ Jesus who is the Prince of peace; His Kingdom has no end & His scepter righteousness. It’s for all (scriptures say the Jews first but isn’t it actually all Abraham’s descendants? through Jacob that is & then the Gentiles) who believe & receive the Lord. (We children of God from the Gentiles are spiritually Abraham’s descendants, I assume Abraham as the heavenly embrace & blest, in the heavenly kingdom w God). Didn’t God promise Israel a 1000 years reign on earth w our Lord enthroned as their king? Shalom!

  56. Dr Eli, No, we in Christ aren’t Jews but are spiritual Levi. Can I please seek some advice from you? I believe you’re saved. Jews TODAY can ASK Yeshua to come into their life & be their SAVIOR & LORD & go through preparation & water baptism. As for believing & receiving, what can I tell them? I am witnessed & they asked; I am praying for them (so very close but??). God works in ways we know not??? God bless you.

  57. Dr. Eli…
    Just love your site, but can’t ever find it !!
    Don’t know how I found it today, it was just here.. lol
    I don’t know how to save and do all the good things on here… (I am just here)
    I have been on your site before, but was a long time ago.. Glad I found this !!
    I need your prayers.. TY… Myra Watkins

  58. Dr Eli
    Where did you train? Which university did you graduate from? When and where did you learn Biblical Hebrew and Koine Greek?

    The Christ died for Adam’’s descendants. God used Abraham to bring the Saviour into the world. See Peters problem in Galatians 2.

  59. I lived your explanation of the not being Jew or Gentle, male ir female, etc. I do question your assertion that Gentiles join the commonwealth of Israel, given that Paul said, He made of the two one new man. Again, Paul says the only thing that matters is “the new creature.” i think there is only one Kingdom, however it is populated by a new creation, not old Jews or Gentiles. Blessings.

  60. This is the same problem of Galatians, Jews introducing law to a faith based family. Ludicrous and dangerous. Holding onto Jewish heritage.

    • Aren’t laws are instituted in every household, workplace, and society? So should people of faith be without law (i.e. lawless), because they have grace? God forbid. Rather “salvation by works” is ludicrous and “a lawless people” is dangerous. Let’s keep studying this…

  61. I love Torah and have learned so much. I believe that all of Scripture points to Messiah/Jesus. I was taught in Christian Bible College that the New Testament was concealed in the old and the Old Testament is revealed in the New. As you say born again gentiles are part of the common wealth of Israel. I don’t see Torah as laws but as a way of living. if you think about everything is govern by laws. What Torah has done for me is taught me to appreciate the Sabbath and the Feast. Thank you for your teachings.

    • Thank you for sharing this Scarlet. Augustine actually wrote that quote. But anyway, yes, Torah is much better translated as instructions than as law. It’s instructions for a Godly community: it’s a way of living.

  62. When were men ever preferred above women in the kingdom of God? I thought Judaism was the earliest, and really the only culture to hold men and women equal, though with different purpose/duties.

  63. All Paul is saying is we are God’s children since he chooses us we are saved. Yehozhua hamashiach is the original form of our Lord’s name. As it is said. How odd for God to choose the Jews. Not so odd the Jews choose God. And in the American constitution: all men are created equal. So even though politically religiously and so forth we may express our individual interests, we are all Adama. From the dust of the Earth. As well, God made Adam as a hermaphrodite then split him for reproductive purposes. As we are getting way over populated some are choosing to go back? To that state. Judge not least ye be judged. Love God love thy neighbour the rest is commentary go study. (Jesus Hillel and gamileal agree. Paul needed a wack off his horse to see it.!

  64. Dont know why this is hard to receive. I as a gentile am not a jew but i am still part of God’s kingdom. AMEN!! thank you for your articles always good to learn and hopefully grow


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