At the trial of Jesus, an angry mob, provoked by their leaders, called for Jesus’ death and cried out, “Let his blood be on us and on our children!” (Matt 27:25). These terrible words have fueled the belief that God permanently rejected Israel and abandoned the Jewish people in judgment. Thankfully, this is not the case.

Jesus’ remarks concerning the shedding of Zechariah’s innocent blood in Matthew 23, foreshadowed the shedding of his own innocent blood which would pollute the Temple and bring about its ultimate destruction, as well as the destruction of the Holy City of Jerusalem.  The rabbis also believed that both the Temple and the city of Jerusalem would be destroyed for the shedding of innocent blood. Because of the sin of bloodshed, the Tosefta reveals, “the Shekinah has departed and the Sanctuary is defiled” (t. Yoma 1:12b).

But did Jesus’ death signify that God abandoned Israel as so many insist? Absolutely not! While the Prophets did proclaim that God would punish Israel for its unbelief, they also insisted that He would redeem, purify, and restore Israel because of His covenant faithfulness.  Matthew juxtaposes the people’s cry for Jesus’ death before his execution with the miraculous events that took place at the very moment of his death. Evoking Ezekiel’s prophecy of the dry bones (Ez. 37) that would come to life (symbolizing Israel’s spiritual renewal and physical restoration), Matthew reports that the tombs opened and many “holy ones” were raised and entered the still “Holy City” (Matt 27:50-53).

This miraculous event anticipated Israel’s future purification and restoration under the LORD’s Davidic Shepherd-King (Ezekiel 34: 23-31).

God, in His mercy, refused to grant the request of the angry mob. He did not curse the Jewish people because of the death of Jesus. Jerusalem was indeed destroyed in 70CE, but that is not where the story ends!

In the light of the above, I want to invite you to grow together with me in gaining a deeper understanding of the scriptures.



  1. I am so happy I found this blog again! I was a frequent participant at "israelbiblicalstudies" and was so enriched by what was shared there. I do have a problem though... so much reading to catch up on!! J.
    • Hi Jerry, I am so glad you fond this blog again as well! And trust me - there is never enough to catch up on all the reading! : - )
  2. plus Luke 23:28nn (cry on your children)- a general paradigm or all ages and nations: if you persecute a prophet or an innocent you must pay a price! A simple justice even without ....knowing Bible requires it.
  3. My comment might be perceived as being petty or sophomoric, but I do not think your lead in this article should be "from the desk of" as desks are inanimate! I respect theories and remarks which come from people who have the courage to sign and own the thoughts! I may be simplistic and uneducated, but I am sending this, not my desk!
    • Hi Margaret, But those were my own thoughts ; - ) But just for the record, "From the desk of... " is a writing convention. I don't think anyone suspects my desk, wrote that. (There was a minor glitch this time, it should have come from my desk, not Eli's. We are a work in progress, right? : - D
  4. 'While the Prophets did proclaim that God would punish Israel for its unbelief, they also insisted that He would redeem, purify, and restore Israel because of His COVENANT faithfulness.' Anyone who thinks God would put aside Israel has not read the scriptures. Israel is His. Forever. And if anyone continues to believe he'd reject his covenant with Israel, then how can you trust your God with anything? Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. And so is God.
  5. Amen! How wonderful a privilege to obtain this insight. God bless you and the work you are doing in His Name Dr. Rabinowitz.
  6. Maybe it is my Bible, but Ezekiel is confusing: breath (ruah), Spirit (ruah), Son(ben) of man, son(ben) of man. Then in Matthew 27:52 the saints ( Ezek describes them as those who are cut off and have no hope), yes these are the ones who get the Spirit without the breath. Dr. Noel is to be admired for wading through this!!!!!
  7. I am so sorry about not being able to do this study! I have had many health problems and one is my memory not alizmar( but can't spell any more). I turn 82 this month and find that many friends are able to study. Thank you for offering me 3 terms. I would so like to learn more about my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ..
  8. Absolutely 100%agree with she/he says. Yahweh; God of Israel still love his chosen people, Israel is the fulfillment of God's Word. People are replacing Israel with the church.....replacement of theology and that is so sad. I was in Bible College but the moment one of the lecture says there's no more Israel, I closed my books and walked away was almost finished but I don't care I just leave. I pray for the peace upon Jerusalem and here he is saying that, really breaks my heart because I so loved God's Nation.
  9. What about the Holocaust? Could it be part/continuation of God's judgment on the Jews? No other people/nation in the world and history was subjected to such a systematic wholesale extermination in such a relatively short time frame. Not the Indians, not the Africans, not even Pol Pot's Cambodian genocide.
    • First of all this not true. Jewish Holocaust is NOT the only Holocaust that took place in the world, it is clearly the one that received most attention. There are other explanations to Jewish Holocaust other than blaming it on the sins of generation living 2000 years ago. Some include constant jealousy of some Christian nations (such as Germany at the time of 3rd Reich) they incredibly ungodliness, Satanic opposition to God's Ancient Chosen people, there are other reasons that can be brought up. Most importantly there is nothing in Scripture that would establish the principle of this CONTINUAL MULTI-GENERATIONAL
  10. St.Edith Stein/Therese Benedict of the Cross, JacuesMaritaian,Karl Barth interpreted the holocaust in WWII as the cross (of Israel).irving Greenberg in 1977 saw the restoration of the state of Israel in 1948 as a theological sign of redemption (Jer 16:14-15). Do not forget that the formal collapse of Communism/Sovit Empire happened on December 8,A.D.1991 when ONLY 3 persons(Yeltcin,PM o f Russia Republic, Kravtchuk of Ukraine,and PM from Bialorus) signed the dissolution of Soviet Union- Bialovieza Accord, a coup contra the Dictator at that time, Gorbatchev as the I Secretary of Soviet Communist Party. December 8-the Feast of Immaculate Conception in RCC.
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