He who burns the land, to him the land does not belong;

To crystallize some on-the-subject thoughts, I devote this song.

Difficult not to point the finger, but oh how we love to allocate blame;

To do so is not this poem’s aim.


Many innocents look at home wreckage through smoke haze,

Hatred has sizzled and burned over from the frying pan fires of recent days.

The lovers of Zion came and planted millions of trees;

Their deliberate destruction points to the work of the Enemy.


Our firefighting abilities are much enhanced since the 2010 Carmel disaster;

Only a harsh would-be usurper burns the land he claims to desire.

Such a one is in no sense its servant or its true master,

But is a heartless abuser of the tool known as fire.

By design to set ablaze the Promised Land,

Comes from he who against all righteousness takes his eternal stand.


Would that there would come out of this sad past week stories of salvation,

Beyond the mightily visible swathe of smoke and destruction.

Every cloud has a silver lining or so they say,

Where, O God, is it couched in the past week of days?


Oh that we could roll back and peek beyond heaven’s curtain and see,

Where dwells God’s part in this dramatic, tense and somber story.

He who values the earth is gentle also to its animals and birds and trees;

Crying in the spirit I crouch down sorely and weep upon my knees.


Last Thursday whilst in Haifa I heard declared a city state of emergency;

We prayed on our Shaarei Tikva course for a drop in the wind,

For rain formations to manifest from sincere prayer and be seen.

It dropped for a while and then howled and whined;

Has the Lord clear forgotten, thought I, to be kind?



Interceding like Elijah to see the materialization of rain-bearing cloud,

The Lord’s stubborn, cloudless silence thundered out loud.

December is in the offing and as a wishbone the earth remains dry:

Are we as a nation so sinful and godless? I wonder and sigh.


About 90,000 were evacuated from a Haifa in crisis,

A figure which would only cheer those with hearts of ISIS.

Israel is so blessed with trees of eucalyptus, cedar and pine;

To leave scorched and scarred earth, some people’s thoughts incline.


Evacuated were one course facilitator and her 98 year old mother,

The lapping flames came to choke their home which they smothered.

A tinder box, rainless condition exists currently throughout the land;

Strong risk of fire exists without malicious intervention of human hand.


Is it arson? For sure it is and not merely likely;

The culprits are fighting against Israel’s God as enemies of its deity.

After almost a week the fires are being brought under control,

But once more Nature has screamed: man, why do you roast my soul?


Several hundred fires raged, many by malice aforethought started;

He who burns the land is totally blackguard-hearted.

Fire, such a useful servant but a merciless lord,

Has the devil to pay when used as a sword.


Come, Lord of the rain,

Lick the land once more of its bleeding wounds and present pain,

This land where God declares His children may run free;

Not all, though, with this tenet of Israel’s God are willing to agree.


By David Ben – Haim.

Note: Shaarei Tikva means Gates of Hope and is a Messianic discipleship/inner healing course up on Mount Carmel

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  1. Thank you for sharing such a heart-felt poem. Psalm121 I lift up my eyes to the hills. My help comes from the LORD… HE will not let your foot be moved; “Behold, HE who keeps Israel will neither slumber nor sleep. The LORD is your keeper…” The sun shall not strike you by day, nor the moon by night. “The LORD will keep you from all evil; HE will keep your life.” GOD Bless Israel and her People-HIS Chosen! Shalom!


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