This text is an excerpt taken from a Jewish book called “Assumption of Moses” (c. First Century BCE). This poetic book predates John’s Revelation by a century or less. To assure his audience the author employs apocalyptic imagery of the heavenly realm, God’s throne, shakings, and celestial signs as well as the language of Israel’s prophets.

1 “Then his kingdom will appear throughout his whole creation.
Then the devil will have an end.
Yea, sorrow will be led away with him.

2 Then will be filled the hands of the messenger,
who is in the highest place appointed.
Yea, he will at once avenge them of their enemies.

3 For the Heavenly One will arise from his kingly throne.
Yea, he will go forth from his holy habitation
with indignation and wrath on behalf of his sons.

4 And the earth will tremble, even to its ends shall it be shaken.
And the high mountains will be made low.
Yea, they will be shaken, as enclosed valleys will they fall.

5 The sun will not give light.
And in darkness the horns of the moon will flee.
Yea, they will be broken in pieces.

It will be turned wholly into blood.
Yea, even the circle of the stars will be thrown into disarray.

6 And the sea all the way to the abyss will retire,
to the sources of waters which fail.
Yea, the rivers will vanish away.

7 For God Most High will surge forth,
the Eternal One alone.
In full view will he come to work vengeance on the nations.
Yea, all their idols will he destroy.

Then will you be happy, O Israel!
And you will mount up above the necks and the wings of an eagle.
Yea, all things will be fulfilled.

9 And God will raise you to the heights.
Yea, he will fix you firmly in the heaven of the stars,
in the place of their habitations. (Assumption of Moses 10:1-9)



  1. I don’t understand what you trying to say, all I know the Heavenly Father is to busy up there fighting with the devil who is trying to take power over the world. See what’s going wrong right now in the earth, people trying to destroy each other. Life’s not going to be better but worst, that’s why some times when I pray I don’t know if God is listening to my prayer, because God doesn’t want the devil to take over the world, because we’re His children. He wants the power the devil that’s on us to stop. Look around

    • Hi Maggy; first things, first. Be aware; satan, was thrown from the heavens to this earth. He (satan) haven’t or will ever, be able to go back ‘up there’… as you stated “..the Heavenly Father is to busy up there fighting with the devil who is trying to take power over the world…”. The only secure place he will be, it’s a lake of fire for eternal never ending suffering. This, and he’s crew of ‘creatures, followers and volunteers servants’..! Of which I may know some and you may also know some, if not many. God is King of All.

  2. Shalom. Thank you. I have the Assumption of Moses. I have read so much it all runs together sometimes. I believe that God will send Messiah a second time and He will make Israel and the earth a beautiful peaceful place.

  3. Shalom After reading this I was wondering if this the reason why there are so my earth quakes going on in the world. A lot of them are out in the oceans not pacitficy on land all of them. There are some that are over 6.0 quakes going on out in the oceans. Most of the quakes are in the ring of fire. I just thought this interesting. Shalom Sandy


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