Jesus, while reaching out to Samaritan Israelites, did not hide his Judean perspective: “You Samaritans worship what you do not know; we (Judeans) worship what we do know…”. The Samaritan woman, despite her own community’s opposition to the claims of David’s family to the throne of Israel, silently affirmed the reasoning of the young prophet – “Salvation is from the Jews,” which in her mind no doubt meant – “Salvation is from the tribe of Judah” (John 4:22).

It is likely that Jesus had a text in mind when he was speaking with the Samaritan woman that would help us understand their agreement about the source of salvation being “from the Jews.”. When blessing his sons before he dies, Jacob reflects on the actions of Judah who was now mature and had repented of his past actions. Despite not being his first-born son, Jacob blesses Judah with these words: “The scepter shall not depart from Judah, nor the ruler’s staff from between his feet, until he to whom it belongs comes, and to him the obedience of the nations.” (Gen. 49:8-10). The Book of Revelation explicitly equates Christ Jesus with the Lion from the Tribe of Judah mentioned in Jacob’s blessing. (Gen.49:8-10; Rev. 5:5-6).

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  1. Who was the Father/Forefathers that the Samaritans worshiped? I guess I have always read into John 4:21 that God is the Father and have always wondered where in the OT does it call God the Father.

  2. I love all you Precious Jews and Pray constantly for YHWH to open your eyes, and believe with all my heart HE is in HIS Time! I believe as they were Closed when HE Came, they are beginning to be closed for us Gentiles Now!! BUT…as we research all of HIS Word from Genesis to Revelation HE now is bring back the Hebrew to a Deeper Understand! I believe now we Gentiles that do Not Understand the Deeper things of the Hebrew language that YHWH spoke HE is using you to help us! I love all I read each day

  3. Dr. Eli,
    You talk a lot about Jesus in your posts. Do you personally identify him as the Word made flesh, i.e. as God in the flesh and thus God in every respect but at the same time as the only Saviour sinners have because of his atoning, sacrificial death at Calvary? Just curious. Thanks

  4. King Saul was anointed by vail not by horn, but King David was anointed by horn, so the The Lion from the tribe of Judàh is already done by Samuel.

    • The tribe of Judah (Num 1:26-27) is the extended family of Jacob’s son Judah (Gen 29:35). Today the vast majority of “Jews” are descendants of Judah.

  5. Because it seems that the scepter DID depart from Judah, as they did not rule themselves after the Babylonian, Pesian. Greek, Roman, etc. empires, ” British Isralites”. explain by saying Judah’s son through Tamar, and others, including decsendents possibly during Jeremiah’s life, moved west and ruled Europe. What is your opinion on the scepter seemingly departing?

    • If scepter equals king, then the problem also exists before Saul the first king. Maybe “shevet” in the Hebrew should be understood as “tribe” instead of “royal scepter”.

  6. Dr. Eli Lizorkin- Thank you much for the teachings you give us on a weekly basis. I see scripture on a whole new dimension.
    Understanding the word from its original language gives me a deeper understanding of my precious savior Jesus. Thanks for your dedication to teach me.

    Gilberto Sanchez, Jr

  7. Scepter could also mean lineage. The Jews, though exiled, never lost their identity. Detailed records were kept of David’s line. So it was no secret in Israel that Yeshua was the “crown prince,” next in line for the throne if Rome was defeated. Both in the physical realm and the spiritual, He was the one “to whom it (the scepter) belongs” beyond any doubt. So the scepter did not depart from Judah, because the line was preserved. Not so today. Israel has no one they can point to and say he is their “crown prince.” The “scepter” departed with Yeshua.

  8. Are the Jews all the descendants of Abraham, Jacob or Judah? Are Hebrews & Israeli’s the same Jews also? Who were those Jews who Jesus referred to as the synagogue of Satan?

    • “Jews” derives from “Judeans” which consisted and still consists primarily of the descendants of Judah. “Hebrews” derives from “Eber” (Gen 10:21) from whom Abraham is a descendant (Gen. 14:13), but later identified all of the tribes of Israel (Deu. 15:12). Check out this article about the synagogue of Satan.

  9. Hey Dr. I cannot afford to take your class. But i always wanted to go to Israel and see Gods chosen. I just really gotten started on trying to keep up with Israel and it appears you all stay pretty busy. But well i guess I just wanted to let you know the pics of your Israel are Beautiful and I wish you all well. God Bless.

  10. In 2017 my husband and I had the privilige to go to Israel with a tour group. We understand the Bible much better and I enjoy doing Bible study every day. We are Afrikaans speaking, but I read a lot for better understanding. Also love you teachings. Thank you.


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