An Excerpt from Psalms of Solomon (First/Second Century BCE) – “Mark of Salvation” and “Mark of Destruction”

1 When I was persecuted I called on the Lord’s name;
I expected the help of Jacob’s God and I was saved.
For you, O God, are the hope and refuge of the poor.
2 For who, O God, is strong except he who confesses you in truth;
and what person is powerful except he who confesses your name?
3 A new psalm with song with a happy heart,
the fruit of the lips with the tuned instrument of the tongue,
the first fruits of the lips from a devout and righteous heart.
4 The one who does these things will never be disturbed by evil;
the flame of fire and anger against the unrighteous shall not touch him
5 when it goes out from the Lord’s presence against sinners
to destroy the sinners’ every assurance.
For God’s mark is on the righteous for (their) salvation.
7 Famine and sword and death shall be far from the righteous;
for they will retreat from the devout like those pursued by famine.
8 But they shall pursue sinners and overtake them,
for those who act lawlessly shall not escape the Lord’s judgment.
9 They shall be overtaken as by those experienced in war,
for on their forehead (is) the mark of destruction.
10 And the inheritance of sinners is destruction and darkness,
and their lawless actions shall pursue them below into Hades.
11 Their inheritance shall not be found for their children,
for lawless actions shall devastate the homes of sinners.
(Psalms of Solomon 15:1-11)


  1. I keep wanting to join these studies but dont know if I can afford to as I cant seem to find out how much it actually costs in Rands, and whether the studies are just sent to email?

    • Debbi, this is not from the canonical book of Psalms. Psalms of Solomon is a separate Jewish book from the Hellenistic era.

  2. Sounds like our walk of righteousness causes the wicked to be automatically devoured.Perhaps there’s a Law working there.

  3. it reminds me of ezekiel 9. there, those who grieved over the sins of the nation were marked on their foreheads. then everyone else was killed by the angels. i think of now, when evil is so rampant, we are to grieve with Him over the evil, especially as done by “believers”. What do you think?

    • I personally tend to get very upset about evil perpetrated by “believers”, it incenses me beyond measure. I have to continually ask God to fill me with mercy, so I can pray for those who do evil with sincerity. I cannot change the evil ways of others and I cannot fight them all and win, so I pray for God to intervene.

      • Please forgive us and thank you for your wonderful articles. I accidently found this website this morning and have been so blessed from reading all of the wonderful articles and have shared many of them. Christians have been taught many things that are not correct and lack of understanding of the Jewish context of scripture. My eyes have been opened and I have been trying in my own small way to share what I now realize. I hope to become more like Ruth. God bless you!

  4. I am a student of IBC for almost a year now. I truly enjoy all the lessons especially the ones you are teaching Prof. Shir. Todah Rabbah!

    • Dear Lida, bevakasha… thank you so much for the kind words. Some people just connect with each other. I guess my teaching style blends well with how your thoughts flow naturally. I am glad about that. I am thrilled that you enjoy this journey. Share the blessing with others!

  5. Thank you, Professor Shir: I am just beginning to learn from IBC, and feel I have just tumbled into a gold miine of teaching, drawing me much closer to the Lord Jesus Christ. I shall try and share what I am learning with members of my family.

  6. (b) I believe the Mark of Satan is a pentagram or a Hexagram or possibly a Hexagram with an inlay of the pentagram. (Not much space here so please see next comment (a) for YHWH’s Mark).

  7. Ty U Prof Shir, (a) I believe the Mark of YHWH is not Alpha Omega but its ALEPH & Tav.(אֵ֥ת)-These 2 Hebrew Letters not only spell TORAH but it also denotes “OTH” a Sign, or a Mark. Those who diligently follow TORAH are marked with Aleph Tav. Right?

    • There is no indication of any specific geometric signs here. All modern cultural connotation of pentagrams and hexagrams are such for us only, not for ancient people who wrote these words. What you mention, Bethany is not off, it just has nothing to do with this particular text.

  8. My posts often don’t say “Waiting for Moderation”. But hoping you get this- about 4Q534, frag1col1, my traits; mole left, scar right matching on wrists, same on knees, white stripe through beard, which is otherwise red, and centered mole on empty scrotum, another on side of morning glory wood. Genesis45

    • Shiloh, I am not an expert on the scrolls and Aramaic is not my strongest language, but from what I can see at first glance – the translation you offer is not precise… No wrists, no knees. It is unclear who was depicted in this text, it’s too fragmented to tell.

  9. I am so blessed to be connected with you and Dr. Eli. I really wanted to join you but it is not possible for me as it costs a lot. I’m from Pakistan. But still through email articles I’m find it New beginning of understanding the scriptures.

    • It is a great privilege to have you with us, Rebecca. Please, write to me directly about becoming a student. We have some scholarships for Christ-followers in Pakistan.

  10. My testimony on my work-in-progress website,, clarifies not only the He – she issue of Jer 23:6 & 33:16, but this ancient prophetic witness from the Esseneses faith, 4Q534frag1,col1, gives awesome doctrinal validation to all of the extra-Biblical Dead Sea Scrolls, in context of my testimony-not translational expertise.

  11. I am soo grateful for your time with my thoughts, but I’m explaining experts who know the Jews wait for a human Messiah and Christians who believe in my brother Jesus as diety are both right! My marks on my Mat 19:12 castration mirrors Joseph’s circumcision the Jews wait for!


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