The Jewish morning begins with the “Modeh Ani” (“I thank”) prayer, which expresses the worshiper’s gratitude for another day of life.

מוֹדֶה אֲנִי לְפָנֶיךָ מֶלֶךְ חַי וְקַיָּם, שֶׁהֶחֱזַרְתָּ בִּי נִשְׁמָתִי בְּחֶמְלָה. רַבָּה אֱמוּנָתֶךָ

(Modeh anee lefanecha melech chai vekayam, she-he-chezarta bee nishmatee b’chemla, raba emunatecha).

Translation: “I thank Thee, living and eternal King, for Thou hast mercifully restored my soul within me; Great is Thy faithfulness.”

The presumption here is that the worshiper entrusted the spirit to the Almighty for safe-keeping the previous evening. Many observant Jews use the phrase, “Into your hands I commit my spirit” (Psalm 31:5) at the end of their evening prayers.

It is interesting that this ritual includes the same verse that Jesus cried out while dying on the cross (Luke 23:46).  It is highly likely that Jesus, in his agony, was reciting this psalm from memory as he faced the greatest challenge of his incarnate life.

We read these fitting words in Psalm 31:1-5

In you, Lord, I have taken refuge;
    let me never be put to shame;
    deliver me in your righteousness.
Turn your ear to me,
    come quickly to my rescue;
Be my rock of refuge,
    a strong fortress to save me.
Since you are my rock and my fortress,
    for the sake of your name lead and guide me.
Keep me free from the trap that is set for me,
    for you are my refuge.
Into your hands I commit my spirit; (בְּיָדְךָ, אַפְקִיד רוּחִי)
    deliver me, Lord, my faithful God.

I would like to focus on the text which was quoted in the Gospels (vs. 5). How does this beautiful verse sound in Hebrew original? Is it possible that something essential about it has been lost in translation?

The Hebrew word translated, “I commit,” is “אַפְקִיד” (pronounced afkid). This word has a meaning that is much closer to “I deposit” – which necessarily signifies a future “reclaiming” of the thing deposited. A vivid image might be that of checking in a coat at theater or restaurant, or even money into the bank, with the definite intention of getting it back. While the English word “commit” can also be used to describe giving something with the purpose of claiming it back at some point in the future, it might just as well mean the giving of something without stating any clear intentions for the future. In Hebrew, on the other hand, the unequivocal meaning of this verse is the temporary submission of one’s spirit into the hands of God – giving it into “His custody,” with the definite intention of receiving it back. 

It makes perfect sense that Jesus would quote this particular psalm while hanging on a Roman cross.

This shows that if we take the time to compare the original verse Jesus was reciting from Hebrew, a simple, but significant insight into the words of Jesus on the cross will emerge. The words Jesus uttered were nothing less than a declaration of his great Israelite faith.  He was confident that as he deposited his soul into the hands of his Heavenly Father, he will surely get it back at his resurrection. What happened three days later proved that Jesus did not hope in vain.



  1. Thank God for His faithfulness! Jesus implicit trust in God is a strong example and inspiration. In times of trial when I feel lost and alone He can seem remote. Just as Jesus felt deserted. The resurrection of Jesus Christ and the sending of Holy Spirit gives me hope. With His support I can carry on. The Psalms remind me that everybody has hard times. Lamentations can change to rejoicing. Amen. Thank you for this insight.

    • My question is regarding honoring the Sabbath for Jewish Non-Christians, Jewish Christians and Non-Jewish Christians. Is there a Biblical pre-text for each group to know and believe they are honoring the Sabbath appropriately? What does that look like for each group? Thank you for your response.

      • David, used to struggle with the same question. This is from Grace to You International: The only time that Paul mentions the Sabbath by name is in Col. 2:16-17. He says, “Therefore, do not let anyone judge you by what you eat or drink, or with regard to a religious festival, a New Moon celebration or a Sabbath day. These are a shadow of the things that were to come; the reality, however, is found in Christ.” Here, Paul groups the weekly Sabbath with the annual festivals, the monthly rituals, and eating and drinking restrictions of Judaism.

        • Spike, the sabbaths mentioned by Paul were in fact CEREMONIAL sabbaths, NOT the weekly 7th day Sabbath. The ceremonial law was at that point no longer in effect. The weekly Sabbath always was and always will be immutable.

          • Shabbat has not changed and they are not ceremonial ! Y’Shua is Adonai of Shabbat .He cannot lie and He cannot change .Y’Shua said ;My Words will never pass away .Heaven and earth will pass away but My Words will never pass away .Constantine started churches in 313 AD/CE and he changed the sabbath from Saturday to Sunday /sun-god worship .

          • Hi Gav, thanks for your comment. It is short and to the point. Resting for believers now is belivers trusting in Jesus, His finished work on Calvary, and continuing to grow in faith!

          • Jo Ann – actually the change of 7th-day Sabbath to Sunday began well before Constantine. For the complicated, and not entirely clear, history of the change see Lawrence T. Geraty, “From Sabbath to Sunday: Why, How, and When?” in “Partings, How Judaism and Christianity Became Two” Biblical Archaeology Society, 2013.

        • Reply to Spike. The verse says A shadow of things to come. They are real things in effect pointing to the future t as it takes something of substance to cast a shadow showing they were in effect then and NOW

        • Spike, the translation you are quoting changes the tense of the verbs from present to past tense, making the Feasts, Sabbaths, and dietary instruction appear to be done away with. Col 2:17 says “which *are* a shadow of things *coming*, the body however is Christ”

        • Christians worship on a Sunday because of the Catholic Church bringing in paganism (venerable day of the Sun) No where in Scripture were believers asked to worship on tje day Jesus rose and in fact the day he rose may not even be a sunday as it seems there were three sabaths one after each other. The catholics percecutedvthe true church to such an extent that it completely wiped out the true church in its infant days and so we entered the dark ages.

          • As a practising catholic,mario’s comments,make me realise,I’m in the wrong place,,,,it was nice visiting,,,,,only sad,to have to leave,,,Shalom,,,

          • Y’Shua is a Jew not a Christian .Jews wrote the Word of G-d ,salvation is from the Jews .Constantine started the Roman Catholic Church and persecuted the Messianic -Jews by forbidding them to worship on Saturday .Jews were called to preach to other Jews and to gentiles beginning in Acts 10 when the first gentile was ministered to .

          • My family and I are Seventh Day Adventists. Our Sabbath is from sundown Friday evening until sundown Saturday night.

          • Mario and Jo Ann,
            Your anti-Catholic comments have spoiled what has so far been a beautiful discussion. You have no proof of your derogatory statements. Why not keep the discussion on a friendly positive basis?

        • No ! Y’Shua is a Jew and right after Shabbat was over Saturday evening sundown He arose .It was the next day the women went out and found the tomb was empty . In Matt .28 read : After Shabbat /Saturday ,toward dawn on Sunday ,Miryam of Magdala and the other Miryam went to see the grave .Suddenly their was a violent earthquake ,for an angel of Adonai came down from heaven ,rolled away the stone and sat on it .verse 6 reads ;He is not here ,he He has been raised —-

        • I do not worship on Saturday or Sunday. I worship my Lord and God every waking moment. On Sunday we meet at a little church for song, prayer, and fellowship because that’s the day everybody is off from work. We have Bible studies on Wednesday nights. Please do not confuse going to church or being off work is the only time to worship.

          • You are on the right track Connie. Thats what ‘worship Father in Spirit and in Truth’ means. Some people confuse that with rituals.

          • Amen Connie Rosario! I am in fellowship with the Lord daily, others on Sunday morn. I am only a member of the body of Christ, not a denominational or non-denom. Just think how blessed we could be if we all worshipped, like Christ, without man-made walls.

          • Connie, I too worship every day, as soon as I wake and last before I fall asleep and everytime it comes to mind during the day… ?❤️

          • Nico Ungerer , Larry, and others conflate shabbat with “day of worship”. This is absolutely not how shabbat is described in scripture. While ABSOLUTELY an element of worship, it is: Not working for our own provision, Not pursuing our own interests, and Set-apart assembly with others distinguishing ourselves as His.

          • Well said. Even Jesus said we would not worship on any given day, but those that worship Him must be in Spirit & in Truth.

        • Yashua was buried on the evening before high sabbath of festival of unleavened bread. He rose 3 days and nights later at the same time of day after the weekly sabbath. Being Lord of the sabbath this is the appropriate time fulfilling the 3 days and night of scripture. Early the next day (sunday the first day of the week and a time when the dead could be prepared on a none holy day) Mary came, while it was still dark and he was already risen and did speak to her. Before sunrise.

          • The Bible doesn’t specifically say which day of the week it was. It simply says the “preparation day”. If it is preparing for the weekly Sabbath, then it was a Friday, but if it were a preparation day for the Passover (which can fall on another day of the week) then the preparation day would be one day before that.

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        • Larry Reread the bible Jesus was placed in the tomb Before sunset on Nissan 14 Nissan 15 Unleavened bread Yearly Sabbath Women rested. Nissan 16 bought and prepared spices. N1ssan 16 Weekly Sabbath Women rested. 3 days and night He rose just before sunset before sunset First day started

          • Larry. Friday night to early Sunday morning sounds good BUT wrong. Days started and ended at dusk. At dusk Nissan 14 became the weekly Sabbath. Dusk on the Sabbath became the first day and women Arrived while it was yet dark. No Easter Sunday resurrection No time for spices

        • Can a specific Day of Worship be an “essential salvation issue”? I don’t think so God is interested for the disciples of Christ to be saved should honor Him through worship on One Day. God seeks people who worship him in ” truth & Spirit” (John 4:23-24). Any Day worship.

          • Correct. Jesus was God in the flesh. He died on the cross so that we might have life eternal through Him. You have to accept Him as Savior and Lord in order to see Heaven.

      • In a 100 words: my hearing of the mystery of the Sabbith starts with understanding Time in Gods eyes. Also meditate on the Lords Service. For the Sabbith was Made for Man and not Man for the Sabbith. Therefore the Son of Man is Lord of the Sabbith. One day in the eyes of the Lord is 1000 years in the eyes of Man. Therefore regarding the Children of God should the Sabbith be the 7th Day as we traditionally follow. Or do we hold true to that ritual as a reminder of the true Sabbith? Read More GB

        • There are many people who begin discovering God’s word in a more intimate way after embracing some kind of Sabbath remembrance.

        • I reproduce here a text of a Pastor of the Assembly of God in Brazil, Ciro Sanches Zibordi ( about the said discussion about the Sabbath service: I have read and heard, here and there, that the ten commandments are timeless and must be guarded by all Christian churches. As for observance of the Sabbath, specifically, some exponents have claimed that it was replaced by Sunday observance after the resurrection of the Lord Jesus.

          …Since the first century, the Church has adopted a day dedicated to God and his work: Sunday, the day of the Lord’s resurrection. But we see nowhere in the New Testament a commandment similar to that addressed to the Israelites. We do not need to keep Sunday! Like the first-century church, we have the tradition of meeting on Sunday (Acts 20: 7, 16: 9, 1 Cor 16: 2, Rev. 1:10). Whoever keeps the Sabbath or Sunday in place of the Sabbath, as if it were a command of God, is embracing legalism…

          • Hi Anderson, please provide a link to the sermon.
            I personally counted 11 misrepresentations. Concerning the alleged Sunday-keeping “tradition”, did you check your references? Acts16:9 is not relevant (incorrect reference maybe?), 1Cor16:2 promotes work on Sunday (storing up goods each at his own house), Rev1:10 does not mention Sunday (maybe it is Sabbath or the apocalyptic “Day of the Lord”), and Acts 20:7 has the verb in the perfect tense meaning that they had already met (on Sabbath) and were ready to travel to Assos that next day (Sunday). It was an all-nighter, sending-away party after keeping Sabbath.

          • When we receive Jesus Christ as our personal saviour we have entered into Eternal Life. As the Apostle Paul warns the The Church at Galatia Gal 4:9 But now, after that ye have known God, or rather are known of God, how turn ye again to the weak and beggarly elements, whereunto ye desire again to be in bondage? Gal 4:10 Ye observe days, and months, and times, and years. Gal 4:11 I am afraid of you, lest I have bestowed upon you labour in vain. Heed the warning. There is no keeping of days months and years for Christians

          • I’m incredulous that the Sabbath (a biblical commandments which Paul and Yeshua observed) would be on Paul’s mind in Galatians 4. Why wouldn’t the Jewish terms be used? Rather Paul is asking (pulling from verse 8 and 9, my paraphrase) the Galatians “once did not know God and served non-gods, but now that they know God why would they return and be enslaved anew?” Verse 10, in context, must refer to something concerning service to non-gods.

          • Anderson ‘is embracing legalism ( keeping laws ) ” …Is that a problem? No Because the opposite to legalism is lawlessness. Keep the commandments. Jesus Is LORD of the Sabbath, Heaven and earth will pass away before 1 jot or tittle pass from the commandments So many references to them.

        • I agree w Chris. I don’t know why people tend to go on to “worship” as soon as someone mentions Sat “sabbath”. I just followed the leading of the Lord. The day was blessed by God & we are to rest, more specifically w&in Him; hence quality time w our Maker. Years ago, soon after I was saved, the Holy Spirit drew me away from.. & I had a blessed time from sunset to sunset in the presence of God for.. Besides, it’s too hard to be holy working/w people. It’s not worship/praise, it’s being w God.

          • Galatians 3:28 “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.”

          • John 1:11

            “He came unto his own, and his own received him not.”
            And the fullness of the Gentiles has already came. Read the book of John to see what Jesus told the Jews.

      • My pastor taught this. When Isaiah said..this is the rest wherewith he shall cause the weary to rest and this is the refreshing yet they would not hear..speaking of the Holy Ghost the Hebrew word translated rest was Sabbath. The Holy Ghost is Sabbath/rest not a day of the week

        • Then how do you explain Isaiah 56:3-8? Is God a liar or is Isaiah a liar? Or have we inherited lies from a Greco-Roman Church and Ponitfex Maximus and deceiving spirits who give us soothing sayings to tickle our ears? No pastor died for me and my sin.

      • I was in a Christian Sabbath-keeping church. I’m still finding out for myself whether Sabbath keeping is required, but I do know one thing: EVERYONE conflates “going to church” on a Saturday (or Friday sundown to Saturday sundown) with “keeping” the Sabbath. Not convinced they’re right. Muddies the discussion.

      • The Sabbath always was and will be the 7th day, Friday sundown to Saturday sundown. In Hebrew and most Romance languages (that evolved from Roman Latin), Sabbath is the name of that day. But the law of Sabbath was for Israel only. It’s not part of the New Covenant.

        • What is the New Covenant other than The Eternal Law of God written on our inner-most being, on the heart? (Jer.31:33)

          • We were under the law but after Jesus came He fulfilled the law.Matthew 5.17 Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil.

          • Hi Jessie! Thank you for visiting the site. So your comment raises two points. Firstly, “under the law” means under the penalty of the law. And secondly, “fulfill” in the verse that you quoted is in opposition to “destroy”. So, “fulfill” means “To accomplish or carry into effect; to complete by performance; to effectuate.” Yeshua/Jesus fulfilled the “Law” because He kept it perfectly, not because He intended to abrogate it for His followers. If someone annuls the Law or teaches so, that makes him a false prophet worthy of death, not the Messiah (Deu.13, cf. Mat.5:19).

        • The Messiah said, ‘until heaven and earth pass, not one jot nor tittle of the Law shall pass away’. If you love me KEEP MY COMMANDMENTS. If any would teach others to break the least of these commandments they’ll be called LEAST in the Kingdom… etc., etc.

    • Thank you so much f sharing this!! “Trust in the LORD w all your heart” has becoming dull & thin lately. I can relate now.

      Thank you so much f the article. It’s enlightening to know the Lord was the same except w grand magnitude.

    • So true, your emotions when in trauma situations may feel unrecognized by God, but you have faith that he sees and hears your plea’s. Then it seems miraculously you recieve the help you need, and praise Him for his wondrous mercy and support. Not seen, but believed!

  2. I always get more inspired each time I open your mails.Those believe in the Lord will surely get their lives back.What a previlage we have in the Lord

      • Comment *Oh what a wonderful message May God bless you abundantly I pray that one day I will have some body who will stand with me so that I can be able to enroll to this Study

      • I so enjoy your teachings I do have a question however. Wasn’t it Yeshuah’s spirit (rather than His soul) that was deposited into The LORD’s Hand? I am of the understanding that His soul descended into Sheol as our Substitute and He tasted the pangs of death prior to being raised up. Ecc 3:17-21

        • Thanks, S.B. Great question. There are other people that have done more thinking about it than me. I am thinking that this sharp separation into 3 vs. 2 may not be as simple and as common in all types of Judaisms in the first century so I would let others in the forum talk this through.

          • The beauty of this discussion is to throw more light on the word of God. We are helping each other to worship God better. Thank you all.

        • Yes, this is a ?? that I don’t think I conveyed well during an earlier lecture. How is the “SOUL” different from the “SPIRIT” in the human being/life? Or IS there a difference? ALSO, is not the “SPIRIT” the GOD/Eternal part of human being as opposed to the material which returns to dust after death? In another lecture, you briefly alluded to (I paraphrase)” the difference between Jewish philosophy & Western/Greek philosophy.” Will you expand on those differences & possible relationship to my question & interpretation of soul/spirit/material. THANK YOU, Dr. Eli. 🙂

          • We do not possess a soul as human beings, but we are a living soul.
            Genesis 2:7

            Ezekiel 18:4
            The soul that sin shall die ( man is mortal ( subject to die )

            The word spirit, breathe of life are used interchangeably in the Bible ( Ezekiel 37:6&14 and Ecclesiastes 12:7 & Genesis 2:7 & Job 27:3

          • Your Spirit is in fact the eternal part of you that can not die and will therefore go either to heaven or hell (depending on the life you lived).
            Your sole on the other hand is your mind. This is supported by the scriptures.

          • Thanks Michelle for your comments. Would you supply the scripture references that support what you said?

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        • I’ve just recently discovered you – REALLY appreciate you! My take: This is like the “Free Will -vs- Predestination” debate. Our Greek way of thinking is that the 2 positions are mutually exclusive. My answer to “Which is it?” is simply YES. Similarly I believe that Jesus’s depositing His spirit into the Father’s care does not mean that God would not allow it to descend into hell. Maybe I’m oversimplifying this, but I’m a simple man, so… Blessings to you all!

        • Genesis 2 v 7 ‘Then the LORD God formed man from the dust of the ground and breathed the breath of life into his nostrils, and the man became a living being.” My understanding is that Soul = body + Spirit. So His should did not descend into Sheol. For humans the spirit can’t exist independently of the body & that is why resurrection of the body is key. That is why God gives us a new body in the new heaven.

        • Indeed the spirit that was within the body of the Lord Jesus returned to the Father at His physical death as with every one but the Lords soul went to Sheol psalm 16v9-10 Acts 2v25-31 Psalm 139v7-10 Jonah was a type of the Lord in Sheol Luke 24v27 Luke 16 there was 2 compartments – 1peter 3v18-20 He now has the keys to death and Hades – Revelation 1v17-18 Matthew 16v18 Hope this helps a little Blessings in Him

        • I suppose that the ones Jesus met when leaving his body were those that there long had looked forward to His atoning sacrifice. The atonement is for every one that has lived on the earth and for those still to be born.

          • LarsM…could you clarify that you don’t mean that ‘everyone that has lived on the earth and those still to be born’ will be saved? Your statement has a ring of universalism that I hope I am misreading. Blessings to all.

        • The 3 parts of man can be seen better if we look at John 3. There Jesus talked with Nicodemus about being Born Again…. Jesus goes on to give 22 comparisons and contrasts between the natural and the spiritual. In Heb 4:9-13, differences are shown between soul and spirit.

    • Much love to my brothers and sisters in the unmatchable name of Y’shua HaMashiach! I want to expound on what it means to hebraically believe. In Torah, The prophets and the writings, as well as the Brit Hadashah, whenever you see the phrases “and he walked with God”, or “and he/they begin to call on the name….”, or “if you believe”, or “they believed”, or “he who believes in Y’shua”, in connection with believing in the one true Elohim. Actually means that they started to obey. Obey what? Obey His Word/Instructions spoken and written in Torah. Study it for yourself!

  3. Thank you for this. I am seeking clarity of things in the Bible that I don’t understand and God has sent this to me. Praise the Lord.

  4. Interesting light on what Jesus said. But what would you say about the use of “אַפְקִיד” by, say, Stephen in Acts when he is being martyred? How could he have meant “I deposit my spirit to you but I want it back”? 🙂 …or for that matter by Jews since the writing of that Psalm? I don’t imagine that they are all thinking of post-resurrection experience. Todah

    • Why would they not be thinking Post Resurrection? It is a common thought of the Resurrection in Judaism. The idea of Resurrection is not only paramount it is tantamount to the Jewish person of the 2nd Temple period. No matter what side you fell on it was every bit of the Jewish culture and mindset of that time. Faced with the moment of death it seems fitting a devout follower of God would “commit his spirit” with the idea of the resurrection.

  5. I am an advocate of Hebrew Primacy; I believe the so called “New Testament” was written in Hebrew. However the many and varied Greek translations are what we have, so I looked it up. Even in the Greek a better translation would have been “I deposit.” Thanks for an interesting d’rash.

    • You can believe in Santa Clause doesn’t mean he exists. The NT was written in Greek not Hebrew. There is no Hebrew manuscripts only Greek.

    • Unfortunately we do not have any early copies of the Gospels in Hebrew. The Greek word παρατίθημι paratíthēmi has several meanings including “deposit.” See We do have early, perhaps 1st or 2nd century CE copies of manuscripts in Aramaic. The Peshitta Aramaic for Lk. 23:46 uses ܣܐܡ soom which also has several meanings, including: 1) put, put on, place, set, lay, lay down; (2) add, give (to), lay up, lay aside; (3) ordain, assign, appoint, establish, commit, determine, decide. Hopefully this Aramaic insight is helpful.

  6. It just occur to me that when Jesus utter the words into your hands I commit my soul, it was repentant of my and all the sins of the world but we have to repent our self to complete it for salvation to happen.

    • YESHUA (JESUS) didn’t commit/comment/deposit His “soul”…It was His “SPIRIT” that went back to YAHWEH (FATHER GOD)…When Jesus died on the cross, GOD (the FATHER) took JESUS spirit from him and He was dead. 3 days later GOD (the FATHER) gave His spirit back to Him and He lived/arose from that death and thus the tomb. When GOD created Adam, Adam became a living “SOUL”…so Adam was in effect a living person, a flesh and blood creature, a human being thus a “SOUL”. So, that being said, JESUS gave up His “SPIRIT” at His moment of death…

      • If one thinks of Jesus as a trinity, as three persons incarnating the three persons of God, one could rethink how God reconciles him/herself to the world. The Father or Pharisee wants or needs the Spirit to judge the Law with compassion. His Son or Teacher has been communicating with the Spirit and acquiring her wisdom in secret, under the cover of darkness. The Father charges the Spirit with adultery and demands the Spirit be given back to him, the Rock to be his Fortress, his high tower. The Teacher/Redeemer complies and gives Her up on deposit.

      • see the other creatures the beasts, fish, fowl and creaping things of Gen 1 had NePheSh GaYIM living sauls not only HaADasM Where is the BaRA or ReShIT OF THE RU A G?

    • I’m an ordained Interfaith Minister. This is the first time I have read anything which helped me understand why people believe and say, “Jesus died for our sins”. The idea that he committed his spirit into Gods hands as an example for us resonates for me. I never could get why people think he was crucified for us. He was crucified because he threatened people in power with his new ideas. Thank you. PS. Grandpa was a Jew but it was a secret for my first 60 years on the planet.

      • Cheryl Trenholme, Yes, Jesus committing His spirit in the hands of God is an example for us and more. All sin was atoned by the sacrifice of an unblemished animal. Although made is God’s image, we have sinned and are blemished. Only Jesus lived an umblemished life. That makes him a worthy sacrifice to take on the sins of the world. That is why I believe that He died for my sin. That is why I call Jesus Savior and Lord.

  7. Jesus also cried out “My God, my God why have you forsaken me?” which many Churches teach is a sign of his despair from being abandoned by God. I don’t believe this. It is also the first line of Psalm 22. In Jesus’ time Psalms weren’t numbered, the leader of a prayer group would call out the first line and the faithful would take up the remainder of the Psalm (the common prayers of the time). I believe Jesus was calling the faithful around him to a very specific, prophetic prayer. What is your take on this?

    • Mike, I do believe the entire Psalm was in His mind and gave Him courage. BUT, also,for me, the concept of Jesus feeling abandonment is important to His experiencing everything as we do, being a brother who has been tempted as we are. Thus, it builds my faith in moments of despair, that, even though …. He still “deposited/entrusted His Spirit to God, knowing that , as in Psalm 22, He would ultimately “tell of Thy name to my brethren” v22. ,Since for this hour He had come, He “leaped into the dark”, believing He would be caught. Blessings.

        • Agreed,Rick. Nor are we, even though there are times when we feel it to be so. Jesus suffered all things as we do so that We can know He identifies with us. He shows us the way, to deposit/commit our spirits to the Father in all circumstances.

    • Mike, I believe that when Jesus uttered ‘My God, My God, why have you forsaken Me’ wasn’t that God abandoned Jesus as some people may assume. I believe Jesus spoke those words because since every single sin mankind has ever been committed from the creation of man even into the future was placed on Jesus and the Father couldn’t look at Jesus. That’s the reason Jesus said those words.

      • A question is not a fact. Why do we take David’s question and say he wasn’t forsaken by God then say that Jesus was when he quotes scripture! Verse 26 clearly answers the question that he wasn’t forsaken. Sin is never too great for God to deal with. Where sin increases grace abounds! God doesn’t turn his back on sin. He confronts it!

      • Stan, I quite agree with you. So many see the horrible physical suffering of our Lord but fail to realise that his inner sufferings were far greater as he bore the sine of every believer since Adam fell. One other point, did the Lord Jesus really enter hell ? didn’t he assure the thief “TODAY you will be with me in PARADISE ? What a wonderful Gospel He gave to all who will believe and what a gracious saviour the Lord Jesus is. How can we not trust in Him?

        • If we look at “hell” as “sheol,” or “the grave” rather than as the “lake of fire,” which is a different thing, then yes- Yahshuah decended into “sheol.” Also, we forget that some translations have inconsistent punctuation. The addition of a comma expresses “Verily, I say unto you today, you WILL be with me in Paradise.” Do you see the distinction?

        • Elisha, You sound like you have been influenced by the Watchtower Society or some group that believes in soul sleep. Beware of the false teachings of these groups. The Jehovah Witness Bible is not a scholarly work and at times they change punctuation to suit their beliefs. John 11:25 Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live: 26 And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. Believest thou this?

      • I have believed that because God can not abide sin, he also could not look at His son covered inside and outside with sin, so for the moment

      • Hopefully you just misstated your intent, when you said “since every single sin mankind has ever been committed from the creation of man even into the future was placed on Jesus”. that is simply not true. If it were true, then everyone that has ever lived would be saved.

    • Mike. He was not abandoned by God. Because he took on all the sins of the people he was briefly separated from God. God never abandons us, we abandon him through sinning & not repenting.

      • A separation, no matter how brief, would affect the relationship thereby negation the omniscience aspect of God. God never changes and neither does the Godhead. Since the Holy Spirit was within Jesus, did the Father also turn away from him as well? Scriptural evidence is overwhelming that Jesus wasn’t forsaken. When taken out of context/syntax, only one verse.

    • You are one of the few whom I believe have grasped Jesus’ use of Ps 22. The first verse can only be understood in the light of the rest of the Psalm. This is a song of VICTORY, not defeat or abandonment.

      • Yes! I believe that Jesus was encouraging His followers to remember the whole Psalm which they all knew very well to embrace the hope encapsulated in it.:)

    • The Aramaic Peshitta gives us some insights on this. Jesus was not quoting the 22nd Psalm (at least not in Hebrew). The 22nd Psalm in Hebrew uses the word עֲזַבְתָּנִי azawtani or azavtani meaning to leave, loose, forsake ; (Qal) to leave, to depart from, leave behind, leave, let alone, to leave, abandon, forsake, neglect, apostatise, to let loose, set free, let go, free; (Niphal) to be left to, to be forsaken; (Pual) to be deserted. It does not use the Aramaic word transliterated into Greek as σαβαχθάνι sabachthani but this Aramaic word ܫܒܼܩܬܿܢܝ܂ is actually pronounced as shwachtan …

    • Jesus took the whole world’s son on Himself on the cross (what does sin do? When we go back to the story of Adam and Eve we see after they committed the sinful act they hid from God – so sin creates or should I rather say puts space between us and God,but not space created from God~space felt by us created by sin) that’s why Jesus said “why did You forsake Me” He felt forsaken, abandoned (due to space felt between Him & the Father-due to all sin He took on Himself).

  8. I so enjoy receiving these they are wonderful they give me so much food and encouragement. I only wish I could take the course but I am to old. What a thing to have to say but I am blind in one eye and can not hear oh if only this was here years ago how much pain could have been avoided. I bless you for those who are able to take the course what a great blessing.

  9. The faith that Jesus showed on the cross is a very good example for us as we face the coming abject violence that current events around the globe suggest. His words entrusting his spirit to God as he descends into death for safekeeping are riveting! Then his resurgence after three days is reassuring that, yes in fact, if our trust is in God of Jesus we also will not remain in the grave. Praise God! As Jesus raised we also will raise so the fear, and the bite of death, have lost their power over us!

  10. Today there is big fallacy around the word of God because of translation, we don’t see churches teaching its members Hebrew or Greek. Because of the westernization (taking the Bible into a culture and not teaching the roots of the original culture) modern Christianity tend to own the stories as if they have happened in their country. Churches are not making disciples, what they have today is a big audience that come together to hear motivational speech, so they feel compelled to become a philanthropist. I wish that someday, somehow teaching like this could be part of a curriculum.

    • YES, teachings like this would be wonderful, however this is NOT the god of this evil world’s plan. Satan will NEVER let that happen simply b/c it’s NOT currently or ever will be on his agenda. He came to steal, kiss and destroy souls (people) and he has blinded them to the TRUTH, the true word of GOD, therefore real truth and the meaning of Greek and Hebrew words will not be in the pulpits of our churches sadly. Churches are for the most part (Social Clubs). Today’s Christians will NEVER be told the whole TRUTH!

        • Wandakate, sorry, you are wrong!My Jesus our Yeshua is greater then Satan, soon on the Earth comes the greatest revival ,Habakkuk 2:14 People will know Him and will be able to hear the word in whatever language they were born,eg/English or German/they choose to hear in the pulpits and in their homes,I know this by my experiences Blessings

    • On 10-08-2009 it was shown: 59% of US worshippers attend services averaging 7-99 people; 35% attend services averaging 100-499; 4% attend services averaging 500-999; 2% attend services averaging 1000-1999; .4% attend services averaging 2000-9999; .01% attend services averaging 10000 plus. Your caricature does a disservice to you; the majority of Christian Churches, their leaders and their members: “Churches are not making disciples, what they have today is a big audience that come together to hear motivational speech, so they feel compelled to become a philanthropist.”

    • The whole thing and Jesus himself is completely taken out of context. Like you say, today we have a “westernized” Jesus, completely uprooted from the reality and context around him . To the point where most people see today a “Christian” Jesus, which he never was. I find fascinating and at the same time even scary that so many millions of people don’t realize this. Just to begin with, his name wasn’t even Jesus.

  11. Interesting light on what Jesus said. But what would you say about the use of “אַפְקִיד” by, say, Stephen in Acts when he is being martyred? How could he have meant “I deposit my spirit to you but I want it back”? …or for that matter by Jews since the writing of that Psalm? I don’t imagine that they are all thinking of post-resurrection experience. Todah. I would really appreciate your thoughts on this.

    • The Aramaic in Acts 7:59 (Peshitta version) uses the word ܩܒܿܠ QE-BAL which means (1) take, take in, accept, receive ; (2) accuse, oppose, complain ; (3) be present, meet, welcome. Interestingly, this is the same root for the word kabbalah (to receive). The context is presenting your spirit to the God who gave it (Gen. 2:7 and Eccl. 12:7).

  12. Wow, Dr. Eli. The idea of temporary subtraction (sacrifice) for the purpose of a later addition (gain) is such a powerful concept! A believer “deposits” their soul and life with G-d for eternal safekeeping. Although believers may suffer temporary loss, they will never permanently lose, but will retrieve and reclaim what once had been lost through the sufferings and trials of their faith.

  13. There are many who associate reclaiming the soul as something heavenly (after death), not earthly (in this lifetime). Interesting that this Psalm seems to link reclaiming with earth (lead and guide me). When Jesus said, “Into your hands I commit my spirit” was He talking about the 40 days He walked on earth after the resurrection? The Hebrew language is full of beautiful surprises!

  14. Todah Dr. Eli for your inspired insights. Unfortunately, my finances are so tight they could go ouch. I have many expenses with my house and car. I wish for you and your family a blessed and kosher Passover.

    • Thank you, dear Shira. I do hope and pray that God’s resources will be released into your life so that you can reinvest part of them in your continual growth. Hag Sameach.

  15. To all listeners , thanks Dr Eli for showing the world , who YEHUSHUA IS , HE IS THE LIVING GOD THE LIFE SOURCE OF all people but not THE TRUE SPIRIT DRIVING them all , if you read Isaiah 53 Hosea 6 1-3 Malachi 3:1 and you read what paul wrote in 1Timothy 3:16 plus you compare al this to what YEHUSHUA SAID HIMSELF , plus you check out the meaning of HIS NAME , you will rejoice that HE GOD OUR ABBA FATHER has SAVED us along with so many other verses

  16. “We have a hope that is steadfast and certain, gone through the curtain and touching the throne….” Praise our awesome God that we have that hope because our Messiah died and has been raised from the dead.

  17. It is always wonderful to read your commentary, particularly on Good Friday. I feel that you bring to me Jesus in His place in the community and remind me that He was sent for the Jews and only by faith are the Gentiles included. I am a Greek, originally, Greek Orthodox, but I always felt envious of the Jews. And somehow I think that a leap of faith and love for God, here as Jesus Christ, will save me since I have as you say, none of the insights.

    • Maria, shalom. Thank you for your kind words. I was not sure to what you were referring when you wrote that I said you have none of the insights). I hope I did not come across as offensive as this sounds. It was certainly not my intention.

  18. The word Yahusha screamed would have broken the hearts of everyone around Him. Was it really a Greek word, TELEO, as we have been told? Christian teachers say Yahusha’s last word was the Greek word, TELEO. He no more spoke a Greek word as His last word than He had a Greek name. The only name He has is Hebrew, and the last word He spoke was Hebrew. The Hebrew word Yahusha spoke can signify the fulfillment of a contract, a promise, or the completion of a goal.

  19. I’m not sure but after listening to the study of a pastor/teacher: Referring to the phrase Jesus spoke upon the cross “why have you forsaken” me was that the sins of the whole world past, present and future was put upon Him. Since God cannot look upon sin He had left Jesus at the moment. I stand corrected if there are disagreements

    • Corinthians tells us that Jesus was the sin offering. Read Leviticus chapter 6 and see how the sin offering was to be offered and note especially how the sin offering was most holy, and where these offerings were presented, before the Lord, therefore not too sinful for God to look upon. If sin in its entirety is too great for God to look upon how does when sin increases grace abounds even more come into play. See Romans 5:20 God doesn’t turn his back on sin, He confronts it. Study Gen 22. So much more

  20. If Jesus deposited his spirit for a later reclaiming, does that mean the doctrine of “soul sleep”is correct? I believe when we die, our spirit immediately goes to be with God in Heaven.

    • Good question, not sure though that one follows from another. Let’s keep thinking about this together.

  21. I understand the last words of Jeshua as quotations chosen verses from Psalms to support himself, to fight till the end for truth. It is good to remember few Psalm verses for such difficult situation when everybody around say you are wrong and even your Bible is stolen. I do the same. When I was at Jerusalem prison, feared, pressed by today’s Jewish Police guards to sign false statement , in chains, I started to sing simple Hebrew song: Kol ha olam kulo gesher tzar meod. Ve ha ikar – lo lefached klal. And they run away. Power of Hebrew.

  22. Amen D.R. Eli What an amazing insight – & God Himself really did receive His only begotten Son YESHUA from The Halacha & the violence of the Romans — to rule the earth FOREVER and FOREVER Amen as an answer to the prayers Of YESHUA HA MOSHIACH Le OLAM – Amen !

  23. It is God’s mercy and grace that we are even born physically into this world. And also the there is the possibility that we could be born spiritually too. Mat 8:21 And another of his disciples said unto him, Lord, suffer me first to go and bury my father. Mat 8:22 But Jesus said unto him, Follow me; and let the dead bury their dead. Since we are born sinners, and sin is not something God promotes nor will tolerate forever, It is mercy that anyone is born, with the one exception of Jesus the Christ. Most people exist in

  24. I like to think that “into your hands I commend/commit my spirit” would be Jesus’ human way of saying to his Father: “I’m letting go…I trust you….You take over”.

    • Agreed. But it said within a preexisting Jewish traditional view of entrusting neshama (soul) to God for safe-keeping. Thank you, Maureen, for participating in this forum! I trust you find your studies truly meaningful and rewarding.

    • We are very happy that you’ve joined our discussion forum. Would you believe that these articles are only a taste of what Israel Bible Center has to offer? We also provide comprehensive teaching on a variety of biblical, historical, and cultural topics. You might begin with Exodus and The New Testament or The Jewish Apostle Paul I: His World. You’ll be amazed at the Jewish world that awaits you. Don’t delay another minute: enroll now!

  25. Is it true that immortality of the soul is purely a Greek idea and cannot be found in Hebrew sacred documents? Body and soul perish and it’s entirely in the hands of God to raise them up. And Jesus bearing our sins and dying for us – atonement clearly depicts a tyrannical, punitive God who is pleased with blood sacrifices. What’s your take on these?

  26. The Norwegian theologian Øivind Andersen (d. 1994) opined that Yeshua quoted the full Psalm 22 on the tree.

  27. Remembering that the Psalms were hymns, I think of Him _singing_ Psalm 22 while suffering on the cross. The latter part is appropriately triumphant.

  28. Zechariah speaks about the Messiah—The Branch will come—At the Second Coming, iniquity will be removed in one day. While doing research within Zechariah teaching everyone must know the twenty-two Hebrew letters or we cannot enter the Kingdom of God. Now how does that make the Christians feel in America not to be given the Hebrew language within their congregation? Israel Bible Center is a blessing to some of the Christians. I am very thankful and grateful Dr. Eli for giving us a chance to know the Hebrew language.

    • Hi Linda, Thanks for your kind words. But just for the record, I love the Hebrew language and I encourage everyone to study it but I am 100 percent confident that God will invite all believers into the Kingdom – whether they know Hebrew or not : – )

    • Salvation is by grace of God thru faith. It is a gift not by works(Ephesians 2:8). God has separate plan for the church and for Israel. His 2nd coming 2 stages. First rapture of the church and second redemption of Israel.

    • Amen! The is needful I believe!! The Lord asked me to study Hebrew one day out of the blue after I did scriptures study w the book 40days. The Lord will be King in the midst of Israel like the Messianic Jews said, isn’t He?

  29. Given that the concept of discipleship is so fundamental, and the Greek words (190. akoloutheó and 3101. mathétés) found so prominently in the Gospels and in the Book of Acts, why are these words never found in Paul’s writings (except with a different connotation in 1 Cor.10:4)? Paul does, of course, encourage the believers to ‘imitate” him, which would be a rabbi-disciple dynamic.

  30. Thank you Dr Eli for you great insight. this is what I understand as per the Gospels. “The Seven Last Words of Christ” Eli, eli, lema sabbachthani? My God, my God, why have you forsaken me? (Matthew 27:46 and Mark 15:34) Abba, selach ‘ethon la nakhru mah h’mon pelalin. Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do. (Luke 23:34) Amen, ‘amar ‘ana lekhon, yo ma dena tihyu immi befardes. Amen, I say to you, this day you will be with me in paradise. (Luke 23:42) Abba, beyadkha natan ‘ana ruchi. Father, into your hands I commend my spirit.

    • Shalom Pastor Dayo. Thanks for the encouragement. I hope you’ll enroll soon as well! Please keep me posted and let me know if I can be of any help.

  31. Dear Dr. Eli you are doing great work and I believe many many more will be benefited from your efforts. May God bless you.

  32. I see it this way : David the sweet psalmist of Israel saw prophetically and was expressing and appropriating by faith the confidence the Messiah expressed on the cross . Every true Israelite like Nathaniel of old can appropriate the same by placing their faith in the Lord Jesus .

    • Shalom K V. I’m not certain the psalmist was aware he was speaking prophetically – but there is no question that Jesus (and the Gospel writers) appropriated these words as prophetic.

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  33. John 1 (NIV) The Word Became Flesh 1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. Jesus is the Word, and the words in Psalm 31 were His words long before He hung on the cross.

    • Hi Randall, While this is true (when looking at this aspect of his nature) the synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark and Luke) put a great deal of stress on his humanity.

  34. After reading this article, I gained more insight as well as more curiosity about Jesus’s words at that moment on the cross. I read & compared Luke 23:46 with Psalm 31:5, & used a lexical interlinear Greek/Hebrew text with accompanying KJV scripture. In Luke 23:46, “commit” was linked to Strong’s dictionary index g3908 [translated from the Greek “paratithemi”] and in Pslam 31:5, “commit” was linked to Strong’s dictionary index h6485 [translated from the Hebrew “paqad”]. Given the mention of “afkid”, can you provide more background information on how “afkid” came to connect here?

  35. Ps. 22 comment on Jesus’ saying on the cross cont’d. schwachtan has multiple meanings including 1) leave, forsake, leave alone; (2) forgive, allow, overlook, leave out, let, rescue; (3) put away, dismiss, desert, divorce. Ishodad (c: 850 CE) said in his commentary “in no way was Jesus forsaken on the cross”, Lamsa translates it “for this was I spared” (this was my destiny), Roth translates it “Why have you spared me?” Keep in mind what Paul said in II Cor. 5:19 “that God was IN CHRIST, reconciling the world unto himself, not imputing their trespasses unto them…

  36. The New Testament was written in Greek, not in Hebrew. According to this false idea that the New Testament was written in Hebrew, men like Strong and other theologians deceived people.

  37. I am so new in this but growing each day. I’m still very unsure about my prayers. Who do I pray to? God or Jesus? I know to ask and thank in Jesus Name. Thank you.

    • Hi Cecilia, This is so wonderful to hear! The first thing to remember is just “pray”! Have a conversation with God and share whatever is on your heart and mind. He can sort out all the details. If you chose, you can balance that free style of prayer by using the “structured” prayers like I write about above. If you use it carefully “structured” prayers can be very liberating. In the NT we see prayers directed TO God IN Jesus’ name. I hope that will help you get started. Blessings!

  38. Hello, I posted this question recently in the general ‘contact us, as us anything’ section and was told to repost it here. Thanks in advance…. Message: I have had some online conversations with Jews who vehemently deny that Isaiah 53 and Psalm 22 among other Old Testament (Tanakh) passages regarding the Messiah are speaking about Jesus. I am taking a weekly biblical Hebrew course now through eteacher and the subject hasn’t come up. Those who argue insist the original Hebrew has been tampered with to suit the wishes of Christians. I have considered asking local rabbis (or rebbes) to show

    • question got cut off apparently…. …me the original Hebrew and compare with English translations and tell me where exactly it was altered (not in a confrontational tone, but with a genuinely respectful and inquisitive tone. My goal is to understand, not proselytize). Since I am enrolled here and you all are open for questions, I thought I might start with you. I understand that ‘a partial hardening of their hearts has occurred until the fullness of the Gentiles has come in’ (Romans 11:25) so I expect opposition to my take on the matter, but can anyone there show me which

    • Hi Chris, great question! There are some textual issues that constitute points of debate, but Christians haven’t “tampered with” the texts. For instance, most Christian translations of Ps 22:16 have, “Dogs have encompassed me… they have pierced my hands and feet.” Most Hebrew manuscripts read: “like a lion (כארי) my hands and feet,” which denotes a lion biting or clawing at the psalmist’s feet. However, a few Hebrew manuscripts (including the Dead Sea Scrolls), have כארו, which with slight emendation reads, “they ‘dug out’ my hands and feet,” and the Greek, Latin, and Syriac translations all follow this reading with some form of “they have pierced [or dug out] my hands and feet.”

    • So while most Hebrew manuscripts mention a “lion” at the psalmist’s feet, the DSS and Septuagint (both predating Christianity) have “dug out” or “pierced.” Remember, though, that the New Testament never cites Ps 22:16 with reference to Jesus, so the textual debate has no real bearing on the validity of the NT claim. The Gospels cite Ps 22:1 & 18 with reference to Jesus, and there is no linguistic uncertainty with regard to these verses.

    • Hi Chris, A very, very, interesting question. My short answer is “It’s complicated.” I smile when I say that but I am not kidding, it really is complicated: We have to begin with the understanding that Jewish readers (like all readers) have a particular worldview through which these biblical texts are read or “filtered”, and the truth is, that “grid” isn’t wrong necessarily but it hasn’t been expanded to include a messianic reading that includes Jesus. We’re out of space – but let’s keep the discussion going!

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  39. can any one give me further explanation on jesus stopped being the son of GOD second question is if a man is body,soul and spirit ; on the day of the person’s death the soul goes to GOD,but what about his spirit?

    • Fiker, I am not sure about your question 1. For 2. I have always understood, the Spirit lives in the Soul of the Body. When we die, the Spirit goes to GOD because GOD is Spirit. There will be no ‘soulish’ stuff in Heaven…we will be changed in an instant and be with the LORD as HE is…which is SPIRIT! I am not sure I have it correct or where to find the scripture for it…but I have tried to help Fiker. Hopefully someone else may attempt to make it clearer for you and for me. Shalom!

  40. That was so beautifully explained! Committing ourselves to the LORD each morning and night is vital! If JESUS did it so must we! Anything can happen within the next moment! I can certainly testify to that! Shalom!

  41. Is this is what is called a remez (sp?). It is my understanding that OT Jews were expected to memorize OT scripture. Thus citing the first line of some book, or chapter, was done with the expectation that others hearing it would know the intent was to recite and reference all of it. It was in some manner relevant to the current situation. e.g. – On the Cross Christ gave the first line of Ps 22, all of which applied then.

  42. My first comment on the Hebrew word of Christ on the cross must be somewhere in the virtual lost bin. Mybasic comment was I have not been able to find any remnants of 1st century writings inspired by Yahweh, just secular. From my search I had concluded the New Testament as we know it, was originally written in Aramic and Koine (common) Greek. From reading comments above, am I correct in understanding the Hebrew words of Yeshua were a later literal translation from either Aramic or Koine Greek?? Enjoying the information from the Israel Bible Center immensely and developing a new mindset of the bible.

    • I see what your question is now :-). Thanks. Correct… I think that the words were spoke in Hebrew (since this is a recitation of a psalm) this can’t be Aramaic, when the Gospel was penned down (put into writing) it was put down in common Judeo-Greek.

    • Israel Bible Center equips you with the tools you need to enter into the Jewish world of Scripture. We provide first-rate teaching, and the opportunity to learn from some of the world’s top scholars. As a student, you will be able to interact personally with our teaching faculty, and gain access to hundreds of hours of Bible courses, including Jewish Insights Into Scriptures I and The Jewish Apostle Paul I: His World. Become a part of the community of teachers and students at Israel Bible Center today!

  43. My wife and I are enjoying the Israel Bible Center programs more than we ever thought possible when we enrolled. Our mindset is now multitasking as we meld our Christian teachings with a Jewish understanding.
    Quite mind expanding! Yahweh led as us here in answer to our prayers for an in-depth study source. If I understand my research into the language of the original New Testament writings, the languages used to record the New Testament were Koine (common) Greek and Aramaic. If my deductions is correct, the Hebrew words from the cross are an interpretation from either/or Koime Greek or Aramiac INTO Hebrew – is this a correct understanding or have I not found 1st century CE Hebrew New Testament texts? Thanks.

    • Shalom, William! Thank you so much for your kind words, we are truly touched and honored. About the last part (question), would be willing to rephrase?

  44. Shalom. Thanks Dr. Eli. I printed this one to keep by my bed. David B., I don’t think “Jewish Christians” is the correct terminology. Messianic Jews are the Jews who have accepted Yeshua (Jesus) as the promised Jewish Messiah. They are not Christians, they are Jews. They have much to teach us.

  45. The prayer of Jess was very interesting and highly thought provoking.please do pray for me and my family .We would very much like to accqhinted with Iseral Bible center and Jewish methodology renjit

  46. WHAT IS CEREMONIAL SHABBATS? WHAT IS SHAUL ADDRESSING IN COLOSSIANS 2? I have not met any shabbat being called a ceremonial shabbat in Scripture. and the way i am hearing Colossians two it does not sound like it is undoing the Festivals but rather Shaul is commending the Festivals, new month convocations and the weekly shabbat. Scripture is saying these are a shadow of things to come. this is because the whole plan of salvation is encapsulated in the festivals. the spring festivals pointed to the first coming of YAHUSHA and the autumnal types points to the second coming.

  47. THESE were not Jesus’ last words. His last words were , “Lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age” (Matt.28:20) Just in case you need reminding, Jesus rose from the dead!

    • Maybe you didn’t get it from the context, Mark, but the discussion was centered on Yeshua’s last words before His death. But even if not, remember that the last recorded words from Yeshua are not “Lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age,” even though it is a wonderful and encouraging statement, but rather “I, Jesus, have sent my angel to give you this testimony for the churches. I am the Root and the Offspring of David, and the bright Morning Star…Yes, I am coming soon.” (Rev. 22) But this is not really relevant to the current discussion. Would you like to comment on the article?

    • We are very happy that you’ve joined our discussion forum. Would you believe that these articles are only a taste of what Israel Bible Center has to offer? We also provide comprehensive teaching on a variety of biblical, historical, and cultural topics. You might begin with The Stories of Jewish Christ: First Century Diversity or The Revelation in a Jewish Context II : Discovery. You’ll be amazed at the Jewish world that awaits you. Don’t delay another minute: enroll now!

  48. Please tell me which day I should obey as the Sabbath~I am so confused ~ I want to do what GOD commanded. I have read that the Catholic Church changed the day from Saturday to Sunday & say that is proof that their church is higher than GOD ~ I am not catholic ~ Please Help me- Thank You

    • From sundown on the sixth day (Friday evening) until the end of the seventh day (Saturday evening) is the Bible’s and Jewish people’s definition of the Sabbath. The Jewish people has faithfully kept Shabbat since long before Yeshua’s time, and Yeshua and his disciples as faithful Jews did the same.

    • Georgia, I’m no expert scholar on this subject but as a 7th-day sabbath keeper with Catholic and anti-Catholic friends/acquaintances, I have done some reading of Catholic sources (catechisms, e.g.) Summary: these documents disclaim changing “the Sabbath”, but uniformly claim authority to change *day-of-solemnity* from the 7th day to “8th day”.

    • Israel Bible Center equips you with the tools you need to enter into the Jewish world of Scripture. We provide first-rate teaching, and the opportunity to learn from some of the world’s top scholars. As a student, you will be able to interact personally with our teaching faculty, and gain access to hundreds of hours of Bible courses, including Jewish Insights Into Scriptures I and The Jewish Apostle Paul I: His World. Become a part of the community of teachers and students at Israel Bible Center today!

  49. Dr . Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg; I’m glad & grateful to be part of this study as I’ve being yearning for a better understanding of the scriptures from the the Hebrew or Aramaic perspective.
    Thanks much & shalom.

    • I’m very glad to hear this. Many blessings to you. If you want to go deeper than just the surface, then sign up for some courses with us.

  50. I’m particularly intrigued that you said nailed to the Roman cross… For all the ill-informed people out there who often say the Jews killed Christ… as Simon Schama points out in his books/documentaries… the Jews tend not to kill one of their own…”They may get others to do the dirty deed…” Even David could not bring himself to kill Uriah… a Jewish convert…he sent to war…so he could have Bathsheba

  51. I am a gentile Christian. I believe the Bible is for me but not necessarily about me. I try to be careful of how I handle the precious Word of G-d. I think our Lord did deposit His spirit with His belief in resurrection. That comforts me. As a gentile Christian I worship our Lord every day. Love these articles. Thank you Dr Eli.

    • You are very welcome! The Hebrew Bible is about the Hebrew nation, but in every weekly Torah portion, peppered throughout the prophets and prominent in the NT epistles, the Bible has lots to say about the nations as well. The Bible is for all of God’s people!

    • Israel Bible Center equips you with the tools you need to enter into the Jewish world of Scripture. We provide first-rate teaching, and the opportunity to learn from some of the world’s top scholars. As a student, you will be able to interact personally with our teaching faculty, and gain access to hundreds of hours of Bible courses, including Exodus and The New Testament and Leviticus and The New Testament. Become a part of the community of teachers and students at Israel Bible Center today!

  52. “Gav: …The weekly Sabbath always was and always will be immutable.”

    Amen!!! Weekly Sabbath applies as long as man exists on this earth. The purpose of the Sabbath is to sustain life. This is what God is after from the time he produced life in the beginning.

  53. Maybe you have other informations than I?
    But I have difficulties to understand why Luke is the only one who mentioned the phrase in Luk 23:46.
    The first Gospel was the Gospel of Mark, estimated written around AD 70 – and is believed to be written by a Disciple of Peter, by the name John Mark.
    Luke who probably also wrote Acts, is possibly the friend of Paul, the Doctor (Col 4:14), and had, as the other writers, probably never seen or heard Christ.
    Of course except for Paul who saw Christ in a vision.

    • Israel Bible Center equips you with the tools you need to enter into the Jewish world of Scripture. We provide first-rate teaching, and the opportunity to learn from some of the world’s top scholars. As a student, you will be able to interact personally with our teaching faculty, and gain access to hundreds of hours of Bible courses, including Jewish Insights Into Scriptures I and The Jewish Apostle Paul I: His World. Become a part of the community of teachers and students at Israel Bible Center today!

  54. Good morning Dr Eli,

    We thank you for always edifying our spirit with the Word of God. Thank you in this last days I became to know you. we need such people like you to teach the truth of God’s Word not the politics we hear day to day.
    I thank you Sir. God bless you!

  55. James, Santa is Saint. Clause is Nicholas from Dutch. There was a human history of it & He travelled from Spain to the Netherland for the people according to the story before it turned mythical. ?

  56. I had the privilege of visiting Israel over the Pesach last year (2018) It was my first visit. Friday afternoon I was standing on a balcony overlooking the busiest squares in Jerusalem. Suddenly people started disappearing and within a few minutes the streets were empty. For the first time in my life I experienced the Shabbat. It was awesome. It was as if G-d tapped me on the shoulder and asked me, “What do you have to say now?” My wife and I stood there, speechless. We immediately started honoring the Sabbath. Changed Lives!

    • Wow, thank you for sharing your experience. I get to see and experience this every week, and it is a blessing for everyone that chooses to take part!

  57. Powerful and extremely encouraging to know that Our heavenly Father is more than able to accomplish what concerns me today! Thank you!
    “Modeh ani”

  58. I thought sabbath came about in Genesis when GOD rested on the 7th day…JESUS said the sabbath was made for man not man for the sabbath, we should worship GOD everyday…and set a day to rest from our work like the scriptures says, and to assemble together and break bread(communion).

  59. Dr. Eli, regarding your comment of November 30 above the lexicons I have indicate that the primary meaning of shabbat is cease – not rest

  60. Thank you again for your very wonderful way of teaching, I truly understand the Bible better through your teachings.

  61. Wow… This teaching is so profound I am hungry for more, may God bless this platform in Jesus Christ name Amen.

    • As far as the Bible goes, “Religion” is piety, whether genuine or hypocritical, sectarian or self-imposed.
      And while “Spirituality” doesn’t actually appear in the Bible, the adjective “spiritual” does. “Spiritual” is used primarily and simply in opposition to the physical. Any discussion of these terms beyond this lies outside of the Bible.

  62. If I am not mistaken. From the very beginning, Genesis and throughout the coming Millennium, the Shabbat, Holy Sabbath was set in place, and will be restored by Yeshua. It is holy and no other day has replaced it. Where in scripture does it say that Yeshua became our Sabbath?

  63. Yeshua was a Jew and observed the law throughout His life. After His resurrection, He had every opportunity to inform His disciples that He was changing the day of Rest (Shabbat) but did not do so. Indeed the very same disciples continued to worship/rest and observe the LORD’s Sabbath.

  64. Among the last words of Jesus was: “Eli, Eli, lama sabachtani…” the same words are in the Psalm 22. Is it possible that Jesus would express as man the dispair of men if they die without God?

    • Not likely, just because the context doesn’t fit. More likely is this: before there were chapters and verses, teachers would refer to a passage of scripture by the opening words. Yeshua was referencing Psalm 22, no doubt, but all of it, e.g., agony, encircled by dogs, garments divided…It was being fulfilled at His crucifixion.

    • We are very happy that you’ve joined our discussion forum. Would you believe that these articles are only a taste of what Israel Bible Center has to offer? We also provide comprehensive teaching on a variety of biblical, historical, and cultural topics. You might begin with Exodus and The New Testament or The Revelation in a Jewish Context II : Discovery. You’ll be amazed at the Jewish world that awaits you. Don’t delay another minute: enroll now!

  65. psalm 31 .5 is the psalm i was reading when my mother was very ill in hospital, i was holding her hand and as i read into your hands i commit my spirit, it was then she passed away. a total work of God

  66. The OT Sabbath (rest) is “shadow” of the NT “reality” of ceasing from one’s own work or effort to enter into God’s “rest”, but rather “receive” the rest that God has provided through the death of Jesus (Hebrews 4:9-10). This rest is no longer a day of the week, but rather “the rest of a lifetime”; fulfilled by receiving God’s Holy Spirit like disciples in the Bible (Acts 1:4-5; 2:1-4; 2:16-18; 2:37-39).

  67. Psalm 22 King James Version (KJV) verse 16 « For dogs have compassed me: the assembly of the wicked have inclosed me: they pierced my hands and my feet.»

  68. Interesting debate but remember that to God there is no time. Days of the week, measured as time, is a man made thing in order to keep time & order between us. God could have created & rested any day of the week. We did it not God.

  69. Psalm 22 was written by David to describe his experience of the separation sin drives between us and God, the isolation sin causes between us and our fellow men and God’s reconciliation and restorative grace. Jesus condition on the cross in taking our sin put him through it all.

  70. Cont. But His victory comes when he hears the shofar at the time of the evening sacrifice. From that point the Psalm turns to praise because the shofar remind him that God has always know the sacrifice would be sufficient. The final words are It is Finished, a victory shout.

  71. I studied Hebrew for two years, and it is absolutely amazing when you learn the original meaning of all the words spoken by Yahshua, Jesus Christ our Lord & Savior, another door opens into the mysteries of YHVH, Yah, Jehovah, G_d, our heavenly Father. Amen. Great lesson, thank you!

  72. Thank you very much for these short gems of messages that provides beautiful insights and revelations of scriptures from Hebraic perspective. This gives us tools to understand scriptures deeper and share the Good News to our Jewish friends better. May Abba prosper you in your obedience. Shalom!

  73. this verse is wonderful, 10 years ago this chrismas day coming, my mother was in hospital in a very bad way and i was holding her hand and as i spoke out into your hands i commit my spirit , on that moment she died.

  74. Worship is a 24 hour 7 day lifestyle that all Yeshua’s believers should be doing whether it be in Word. Thought or Deed. Our attitudes and behavior all should be honouring God in our lives.

  75. Thank you Dr. Eli for your wonderful explanation of Psalm 31:5 and especially “commit” vs. “deposit”. Very clear! Regarding the word “quote” – that you say Jesus is “quoting” this scripture. Is not Jesus himself the Word? Wouln’t this just be every day talk for Him even in death!

    • Israel Bible Center equips you with the tools you need to enter into the Jewish world of Scripture. We provide first-rate teaching, and the opportunity to learn from some of the world’s top scholars. As a student, you will be able to interact personally with our teaching faculty, and gain access to hundreds of hours of Bible courses, including Exodus and The New Testament and Jewish Insights Into Scriptures I. Become a part of the community of teachers and students at Israel Bible Center today!

  76. God the Father turned His back on Jesus at the cross so that we shall never be forsaken by God our Father. Jesus took all our sin n curses n He bored our diseases n pain so that we can have His Shalom for our spirit soul n body Amen

  77. Dr Eli
    I am religiously humbled by your insight into the scripture . Indeed when one sleeps , the spirit goes to the Almighty and returns as you wake up and that is the commitment with GOD THE CREATOR.
    DR that was a nice piece.

  78. Being, I guess what was once called a free spirit, I start my day at what is called ‘sunrise’. Let there be light being the first of creation. There was evening and morning I take to mean, then there was, the morning being the beginning of the next day. Being neither acquiesced to the pastor or the rabbi may seem lost in limbo, but the truth of Yeshua seems to shine through by The Spirit and I keep an open mind. Apreciate your teaching ministry and forum, I will try no to digress

  79. Why is it that alot of non Christian Jews do not believe in Jesus so adamantly? Is it because they do not understand the book of Jeremiah? Please help me to understand this.


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