This is an excerpt from “Apocalypse of Zephaniah” which is a Jewish text from late first century BCE. This Jewish author wrote in Greek in style of “apocalypse”. He describes the heavenly record of his sins. Note the similarity of this list to Jesus’s words in the Gospels (Matt 25:31-46)

Then I looked, and I saw him with a manuscript in his hand. He began to unroll it. Now after he spread it out, I read it in my (own) language. I found that all my sins which I had done were written in it, those which I had done from my youth until this day. They were all written upon that manuscript of mine without there being a false word in them.  If I did not go to visit a sick man or a widow, I found it written down as a shortcoming upon my manuscript. If I did not visit an orphan, it was found written down as a shortcoming on my manuscript. A day on which I did not fast (or) pray in the time of prayer I found written down as a failing upon my manuscript. And a day when I did not turn to the sons of Israel—since it is a shortcoming—I found written down upon my manuscript.

So that I threw myself upon my face and prayed before the Lord Almighty, “May your mercy reach me and may you wipe out my manuscript because your mercy has [co]me to be in every place and has filled every [p]lace.” Then I arose and stood, and I saw a great angel before me saying to me, “Triumph, prevail because you have prevailed and have triumphed over the accuser, and you have come up from Hades and the abyss. You will now cross over the crossing place. ”Again he brought another manuscript which was written by hand. He began to unroll it, and I read it, and found it written in my (own) language … [missing text] (Apocalypse of Zephaniah 7)



  1. The words (own) language seems to be connected to the authors laws in this context. Is it possible that Acts 2:6 makes the connection between different nations and different laws? I have learned to read into scripture that Pentecost revealed Jesus, not law.
  2. Or the same law, same message and same principles applied to all languages and men would seem to be a more likely meaning. After all, he is reading the same message, just translated in different languages.
  3. Hi Professor Shir
    Could the first manuscript be judgment of thoughts and the second manuscript be judgment of actions, as the first is described as unrolled and read out and the second is described as written by hand?
  4. God spoke Once!! Jesus confirmed in Revelation. We think we are actually Righteous and some take credit for it. There is none righteous except Jesus (Yeshua) A matter that many take very lightly. May possibly be Pure Arrogance. To God be the GloryOnly! Many Refuse to even read OT.
    • ?? G0D is not a "respecter of persons". He cannot change, lie, fail, or deny Himself. G0D deals with MAN - anything other than that will drop you into a ditch where 1 exalts their flesh. One G0D, one Torah, one Messiah. 'The secret things belong to G0D ..."
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  6. My understanding of Matthew 25:31-46 Has need of clarification. Jesus said when he was sick none visited. Those this means that the sicknesses of believers are deliberate for God's purpose to be achieved in other believers since he expected love to be demonstrated which we all shall give account?
    • I would strongly disbelieve that sicknesses are deliberate from God. Humans get sick from so many causes – it could range from lack of proper care for oneself to what we consume or even hereditary causes.
      However, God expects us to show love & reach out to the sick.
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  7. If those manuscripts tell our life and speaks of Matt 25:31-46. Knowing we all have our own books written down of life in heaven. Then this speaks volume that I need to Occupy until he comes. Or does this mean we are to act when the opportunity come. This is truly something to think about. Plus if it's not done from the heart this will be written down also.


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