In the Book of Revelation, we read how God’s wrath will one day be poured out upon the enemies of His people as they gather together to fight in a place called Armageddon. The verse explicitly states that Armageddon is a Hebrew word (Rev.16:16).

Magiddon (as it is known in Zechariah 12:11) was once a Canaanite city southeast of Mount Carmel (modern-day Haifa). It was originally conquered by Joshua (Joshua 12:21) and assigned to the tribe of Manasseh (17:11), son of Joseph, as their perpetual inheritance in the land. Since that time, this valley has been a place of numerous military conflicts. King Solomon’s cavalry was once stationed there, ready to be dispatched to defend Israel’s northern borders from foreign invaders.  When you visit Israel you can see this very place!

The entire region of ancient Israel connected various trade routes between Europe, Africa and Asia. Whoever controlled that region had a powerful upper hand in the world economy of that time. In fact, the word for “road” in Hebrew is directly related to the Hebrew root word meaning, “to conquer.” Hebrew is a very physical language.

The word, “Armageddon” is actually two Hebrew words, combined and then transliterated into Greek (har and magido). First word is הר (pronounced har) which means simply “mountain”. The second word, מגידו (pronounced Magido), has an uncertain meaning, but probably comes from the Hebrew root גדד (pronounced gadad), which carries the basic meaning of “invasion”.

The powerful Jewish imagery of Armageddon in Book of Revelation foreshadows a time when Gentile kings of the world (as represented by the first century Roman Empire) will be ultimately defeated by Israel’s God through His Jewish Christ. Through this judgement of God, the Great Roman Empire and all subsequent enemies of God’s people will be no more. There are even more hidden treasures just waiting for you to unearth when you begin to read the scriptures from a Jewish perspective.

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  1. Is the story of Naboth’s vineyard a foretelling of the last battle in the valley of Jezreel, as spoken of in Revelation? Does the fact Naboth is unwilling to forfeit his inherited land have a connection to Esau who so easily sold his birthright?

  2. So it has come to pass -Armageddon was fulfilled on the day Constantine declared Christianity to be the state church of the Roman Empire. Please don’t confuse his declaration with a personal conversion. Constantine was baptised on his deathbed – he never converted himself, and was too ill to object when the priests baptised him. You will read a lot to the contrary, written by later propagandists bolstering the Roman Catholic spiritual and political status during the period 500 through to 1600. History was written by the victors. Constantine was never a Christian, his move was purely political.

  3. Babylon in the end-times is related to the offspring of pagan Rome namely, the Roman Catholic Church and her daughters which are the Protestant denominations which are not totally free from her influence especially concerning its anti-Jewish teachings such as Replacement Theology and so-called Christian supersessionism which states that all the promises that God made to Israel are invalidated due to her unfaithfulness and are transferred to the Christian Church, the new Israel. It also shows how politics and religion are mixed together so as to prepare the stage for Armageddon.

    • You talk about “Protestant denominations” as if they were monolithic, like the Roman Church. In fact, they are not. The Catholics taught replacement theology for centuries. However, among Protestant sects, some of which are very new and vary all over the map, “replacement theology” is not invariably a good phrase. Mainstream Protestants tend to believe in the “grafted in” statement by St. Paul. We are grafted into Israel, not the other way around, and we remain Gentiles despite drawing nourishment from the Hebrew root.

    • I have no idea where you get you theology from but it certainly are not from any Christian church I know! The Christian church accurately teaches that the Jews are still under persecution but will be restored in the final days. They are the ones to rule with Christ in the thousand years. And they are the 144000 spoke of in Revelations! With what you believe please don’t speak for the Christian church.

    • Actually it is Islam that will conquer the world not the Pseudo-Rise of the Roman Empire which was conquered by Muslims .The Greek Empire 4 horns plucked by the Roman Empire .The Roman Empire 1 horn plucked by the Islamic Empire .Islam conquered Rome never to rise again .What is rising in the world ? Islam .The Ottoman Empire ( the head wounded to death ) has come back a live under Erdogan .

  4. Dr Eli, Have you considered that the word might be made up of three Hebrew words? Arema (heap) Ge (valley/canyon) Don (judgment, inf. abs.)? – I don’t think Har-Megiddon actually fits the language or the geography. I think this makes more sense: Arema Gei Don The Valley of the Judgment of the Harvested Heap (Sheaves) – This is all going to happen in the valley of Jehoshaphat. Blessings!

    • Shalom, Doug, wonderful to hear from you. No I have not seriously considered it, but this is indeed very interesting. The main problem with Har Maggido is that HAR makes sense, while Magiddo does not :-). Thank you very much for your contribution to this discussion.

  5. You will know them by their fruit and I believe we are called to be each other’s fruit inspectors? You should be able to tell whobis a Christian. As for where Armageddon is do you need to know if you don’t plan on being here to see it?

  6. I thought that the shoresh root of Har Megiddon was from gadad – the (Har) mountain of slaughter or destruction….a perfect description of the the armies gathering against Jerusalem and the Jews.

  7. The word is not given to judge if others are correct but to show us ourselves and our need to let go of trying to be our own creator. As He said He did not come to judge but to save… there is one who judges and none of us are Him. We must be content to seek justice, love mercy and walk humbly.

  8. What controversy this lesson has prompted! You Say that God will defeat the armies that invade Israel through his Jewish “Christ”. I like Jewish Messiah or Ha Maschiach better. But I think you say it this way because some Christians would not understand the other. I doubt I will live till this comes to pass but I am pleased to see Israel doing well in thier own land again. It is sad that so many are working against them. Shalom

    • Yes 🙂 Jewish Christ is much more thought provoking although it SOUNDS not Jewish, but the IDEA of Christos (Christ) is FULLY JEWISH AND EXClUSIVELY JEWISH IDEA :-). So yes there is a method behind the madness.

  9. Armageddon or Harmagedon: Revelations 16:16. “and in the Hebrew language it is called Armageddon.”
    There is no word “Armageddon” in the Hebrew language; the word Armageddon is a contraction and mistranslation for the words,”Mount of the Congregation Zion”.

    Ar / ma / ged / don. Also: Har / ma / ged / on.

    Har / edah / siyyon.
    Har: Mount or Mountain.
    Edah or Mowed: Assembly, Community or Congregation.
    Siyyon: Zion.

  10. הר מעד
    Har Mo’ed – Mountain of Meeting
    Har Moged – ( Mo’ed to Moged since ע might sounds like “G” as in עזה (Gaza)?
    This make more sense!!

    • Very clever, Lida, but it’s two different “g” sounds. Ayin is from the throat, whereas gimmel is a voiced “k” sound.


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