The Book of Revelation is a thoroughly Jewish and anti-Roman document. In Revelation 2:12-13 we read this address to the followers of Jesus in the city of Pergamum:

These are the words of him who has the sharp, double-edged sword. I know where you dwell, where Satan’s throne is.

Besides the temple dedicated to emperor and even to the goddess Roma, the city had the honor of hosting and maintaining a temple to Zeus – father of the gods and ruler of Olympus. In addition to that, the largest in the Middle East healing center of Asclepius (the son of Zeus) was also located in Pergamum. It is likely that Yeshua (Jesus) referred to these enormous structures as the throne of Satan, when addressing his followers.

The image of the double-edged sword mentioned in Rev. 2:12-13 was highly symbolic. Roman followers of Christ needed to know that even in this deeply pagan city, ultimate authority and power was held not by Zeus and Asclepius, but by the God of Israel and his Jewish Christ. There are even more hidden treasures just waiting for you to unearth when you begin to read the scriptures from a Jewish perspective.



    • The throne steps of the Pergamon were moved from Turkey, to Germany, to Russia, then back to Germany. Hitler had his architect,Albert Speer, make a platform that eerily matched pergamon steps.(Nuremberg) Btw Obama accepted DNC nomination in Denver on a platform that matches the pergamon. Points to ponder Holocaustos is Greek for burnt offering. Satan/Baal/Zeus/Jupiter god of air, with lightning bolts… They burn/ed babies,children Christians to these gods. Satan said “I will ascend…I will take the high places ” he is making his throne in the place of G_d Jonathon Cahn books can start you down the rabbit hole

  1. I was not a Christ follower. What I notice are the words “Yet you hold fast my NAME, and you did not deny my faith” (Rev 2:13). Some replacement theologies demand that the manna (Jesus) be fully visible FIRST so we can believe and get the Holy Spirit. But…the hidden manna (Bread from Heaven) and the white stone (are we the stone?) with a new name written on us (the mark of God) connects holding fast and accepting His authority to repentance. His Firm Grip, not ours.

    • The hidden manna, the white stone, and a new name do seem to fit the Trinitarian doctrine. Unless perhaps the hidden manna is a reference to rain from heaven (revelations). If that is the case, I am wondering if the white stone and new name are what I see in Ezekiel 36:36 “And I will give you a new heart, and a new spirit I will put within you. And I will remove the heart of stone from your flesh and give you a heart of flesh.”


  2. Very interesting subject, I believe Satan’s throne is the current world, but I also find it interesting that his seat rests in modern day Turkey. Watch the kingdom that is on the rise again, the one that WAS, the one the is NOT, and will be AGAIN, The Ottoman empire is the only one that satisfies this scripture, Revelation, what a great book.

  3. Jesus is sometime referred to as Zeus however Zeus help save the people of earth after the Fall of mankind. Throne of Satan Haughty Eyes (Pride) A Lying Tongue God detests a lying tongue and in fact, all liars are destined to be cast into the lake of fire in the Second Death (Rev. 21:8). Hands that Shed Innocent Blood A Hand that Devises Wicked Schemes A False Witness Who Pours Out Lies=Pride A Person Who Stirs up Conflict Satan is within everyone Consciousness

  4. Dear all, indeed you are discussing a meaningful point. This saying that The Lord Jesus is telling to his followers in revelation not possible to understand on human perception. Although it was said to first century audience it actually meant for us in actual term. Yes, the Lord always speak symbolically while the meaning is beyond that statement. Much of revelation is related to my time because without me to unveil the veiled, it is not possible for people to grasp the actual meaning. Most of these are all hidden from human nature view.

  5. May be you wouldn’t get me on this point that I am making for the fact that you are not living closer to me so that as to be aware with what happening around in my relation. The Lord hasn’t revealed me to you yet even though I have some communication back and forth which lead to some knowledge of one another. I remain hidden from public view although I become a active participant on the media yet I know full well The Lord hasn’t fulfilled my time. As for you to asses my claim of these.

  6. Dear all, Your discussions are very useful to a believer in Jesus the Christ as well as the students of the Bible. I appreciate!!!

  7. I was reading the comments, Yes this world is under enemy’s jurisdiction mostly but Romans says that all creation is longing to see the appearance of the sons of God so to deliver these. Romans 8: 19-23. Throne of satan would be at one place as he is not an omnipresent being. He needs a place to set his authority and rule from there. And if we are assuming that Jesus is referring to Zeus’s altar as throne of satan, then we know he is not referring it lightly. Because he looks at these beings as real ones.

  8. Am so grateful, reading the comments broaden my knowledge on the Bible and at the same it motivates me to know more and more about Jesus Christ himself.

  9. Thank you for this interesting article. I read a similar article saying mostly the same thing that his throne is in Turkey. I pray for Messiah (Yeshua) to come and take him completely away from the earth. Shalom

  10. Surrender your heart, soul, and mind to the source of our creation ie., is the purpose of our life. Keep it simple. “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.”


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