New Article by Dr. Nicholas J. Schaser, Professor of Hebrew Bible

Most English translations of Genesis 2:21-22 read, “The Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon the man, and while he slept took one of his ribs and closed up flesh in its place. And the rib that the Lord God took from the man he built into a woman.”

The description of the woman made from the man’s “rib” has led to the mistaken conclusion that women are inferior to men because they originate from one small part of the male anatomy. Yet the Hebrew word צלע (tsela) does not mean “rib,” but rather “side.” According to Exodus, for example, God told Moses to make four gold rings for the Ark of the Covenant, “two rings on one side (tsela) of it, and two rings on the other side of it” (Exod. 25:12). Likewise, when God takes one tsela from the man to make the woman, Eve comes from an entire side of Adam’s body, not a single rib.

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Adam’s own words clarify that Eve comes from one of his sides when he declares of his wife, “Finally, this is bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh!” (Gen. 2:23). Had Eve been created from the man’s rib alone, Adam would only have been able to say that she was “bone of his bone.” As Adam’s bone and flesh, the woman is the man’s “other half.” When man and woman cleave to one another and return to being “one flesh” (2:24), the two equal halves of humanity are brought back together. Therefore, the primordial couple in Genesis represents God’s vision of equality and complementarity between the genders.

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  1. I recall being in a Bible study on Gen 2-3 with a new couple that was older than me. She happened to say (as she had apparently been taught) that her husband had “one less rib” than she did because of the way Eve was built. I was in such shock that I blurted out right then and there, “No, he does not!” and I could tell it was like I had emotionally slapped her across the face. Yikes! The Bible study was very subdued after that incident. Which goes to show it is important to translate using accurate words.

  2. Lydia Roskey here: Shalom! in the glorious name of Yeshua, I read in a archaeology mag. that Eve was made from the male organ????? Your explanation makes a whole lot more sense. This also goes with the idea, when a man and woman, in the Jewish faith, meet and exchange vows, each one has found his other half. I love it!! His “bershite” if I am saying it properly. love4LIFE, Lydia

  3. That would mean that Adam and Eve were likely genetically identical except for the removal of the xy chromosome and the insertion of the xx chromosome. This would, of course, change Eve from a male with primary and secondary male sexual characteristics into a woman with primary and secondary female sexual characteristics. Interesting to think about. Must have been the Creator’s plan all along–men have nipples. 🙂

  4. THe article Lydia is referring to is found in Biblical Archaeology. several months back. Interesting interpretation by any means.

  5. I am like a scholar, carrying on the work of my father minister of YHWH Elohim and mother it has been revealed to me, that Eve was taken from Adams side, i totally agree with you. I agree with many things that you teach, not all but i compliment the Great work of sharing and teaching.Bless you real Good Shalom

  6. Is this story to be taken literally? “half” of Adam cripples him so that he is not in an “Eden/paradise” and so is Eve the other “half”; at worst they are to suffer and die. Genetics of xx and xy chromosome raises other issues. Is it a parable about the relationship between men and women?

  7. Hi 🙂 This concept maybe hard to believe our bodies are made of billion of cells! The most important part of a cell is the cell membrane! So If God were to change the material in the cell to become consistent to Eva’s biology then the rib would transform to a mass of cells then to the body of Eve! This is to say the xy chromosome would become xx! What do you rhink

  8. I have often wondered why, if woman came from Man why would every other living creature come from Woman? Wouldn’t God be capable of creating both male and female equally,especially knowing how the human race would then treat women as inferior up to the present day in many countries? The God in the Bible seems to be a misogynist and petty tyrant, compared to the New Testament. It just doesn’t make sense most of the time.

  9. They were ONE, Man AND Woman joined physically. Then God split them into ONE MAN and ONE WOMAN, Two Halves, which then, when re-joined are being ONE again.

  10. My understanding is much different. ..Of/from the Bone and pattered after his Flesh design which means DNA and modeled in his flesh covered likeness having a similar circulatory system and skeletal features. All of this is precision and exact in a math sense of the word refrenced by Adam in his statement. A ratio replica of Adam yet female. All have math and context references made throughout the scriptures. “Let us make man in our image and likenes” taken from an entire creation point of view. Which means it can be proven in a court of law as fact.

  11. If Eve was made from the whole “side of Adam. Adam would have died in the process. But a rib easily regrows and can be spared.

  12. So if Eve was formed from Adam’s side, rib, or any part thereof then she and all women were not formed from the dust of the ground like Adam. Although the Bible said God covered the part with flesh, that material is likely different from the man’s flesh as evidenced in a woman’s more delicate & refined skin. And since the man is missing a part of his anatomy, he is always drawn to the woman who the Creator fashioned out of him. Their bond is divine and must always be preserved.

  13. I agree 100%. When I was studying the Hebrew original i came to that conclusion as well that this rib thing is just a translation stuff. Yes God created us like that and that was His plan since the beginning. Actually woman was created as a double defense to man. If man will fall, he will be saved because of her. Because we see when woman ate the fruit her eyes were not open only when both of them ate then their eyes were open. Offspring of them was a third ring of defense.

  14. Is that then why Yeshua was born from a virgin? And is God Himself a complete male and female union? We are created in His image. What will it be like for us in heaven? I have more questions than answers

  15. i just love all this new revelations,we never learned these things from theology school

  16. Hello, praise be God to you and yours I will disagree with the statement that women are “equal” to men. Please be aware I do not think women are inferior nor should they be treated as slaves but in Ephesians 5:22-24 and 1Corinthians 11:3, it cleary states that God is first, Jesus second, then comes man, then women. Weomen were not put here as equals but as “helpers” (Gensis 2:20). They are both children of God, but as with Adam, it’s man that has to answer for what happens, not woman (Gensis 3:9). I wish I had more room.

    • Hi Thomas, Thanks for your response. The fact that the woman is called a “helper” (ezer) in Genesis (2:18, 20) does not disqualify equality between the genders. If anything, the fact that the woman is called an ezer would point to her superiority, since the term most often refers to God (e.g., Exod 18:4; Deut 33:26; Ps 33:20; 115:9-11; 121:1-2; Hos 13:9). While the NT passages can be variously interpreted, there is nothing in Genesis 2 that discounts the notion that men and women are equals.

    • The fight for equality of the sexes can take place at two levels, the mundane and the spiritual. Yes, at the spiritual level, we have Yahweh as head of all, then Yeshua (Jesus) as head of others, then man as head of woman. Yet, in this spiritual context, the oneness of Yahweh and Yeshua is such that many can confuse Yahweh with Yeshua. So ought it to be between man and woman. So Yeshua prays in John 17:21 “That they may be one …” The mundane fight is another matter – man and woman’s inhumanity to man and woman.

  17. Interesting is that the church (the bride of Jeshua) is also born out of the side of the crusified Jeshua, see John 19:34 and 1 John 5:6,8

  18. I do apologize, I do realize that was not the question but rather comments from others. I do believe that women did not just come rom the rib as Gensis 2:23 states “….bone of my bone, and flesh of my flesh…”

  19. I am a physician & I am surprised that there are many of you out there that still take this story literally. I have as a physician dissected & operated on many human bodies and let me tell you forthright ALL humans male & female have 12 ribs on each side. As to the DNA the study of embryos shows that we all start out as more female than male. The embryo has a ridge of sexual tissue that contains the making of either sex. If xx female & if xy male organs. Great allegory not science. Rich Guthrie MD

    • You are right, Rich–the Bible is not a science textbook. But everything it does contain is truth and there are profound physical processes that took place at the Creation and the Fall. That is the backdrop of what the Bible asserts. The Fall was a physical as well as spiritual catastrophe. The Apostle Paul notes that the entire Creation is “groaning” in anticipation of something better. That something better is a restoration of Edenic circumstances during the Millennial Kingdom. Having been once cleansed by water (the Flood), the earth will be cleansed by fire before the Kingdom begins. Metaphor.

      • Just as we are cleansed by water baptism from our past sins, we are doused with flames of fire at the filling of the Holy Spirit. Just as we are redeemed by God on an individual level, so the earth will be ultimately redeemed from its fallen state. Lovely metaphor–our G-d is a wonderful poet as well as an artist and inventor. 🙂

    • Hello Richard,
      I am by no means a Physician or Scientist but I have heard that only 15% of humans on the planet are RH Negative blood types. (no Rhesus Monkey antigen) Many are reported have an extra rib and or vertebrae. This sort of leads into the Adam/Eve “rib” question.. It is unknown as to the species in our evolutionary past has caused this. So I’m wondering if this might fit into all of this this. I’m thinking a possible missing link. If there are any studies presently
      going on which brush up against these thoughts, please advise. At this point in time, God only knows.

  20. So if woman was taken from the side of the man, was the man diminished in any way by this action? In order to receive his mate, did he have to sacrifice some of who he was so that he could become who he needed to be? It is difficult for us (well, me at least) to comprehend the taking of something from something without it being reduced, even if that reduction leads to a future enhancement. If woman was taken from the side of man – his other half, what was he before she was taken? Cont…

  21. cont… Was man physiologically different, emotionally different, intellectually different (in the way his mind worked)? Women and men are not the same in these ways, yet Scripture is clear that woman was taken from man. Did the female attributes come from Adam (the original, pre-Eve Adam), or were these gifted to her by God after she came from the side of Adam? Was Adam left unchanged, and if so, how? This was not a minor surgical procedure. This is a big deal? This is a very interesting topic.

    • Hi Ray, Thanks for your careful response and questions. You might want to take a look at my latest blog post, “Splitting the Adam,” for answers to questions around what the Bible means when it says that Adam was cut into two equal sides. The text doesn’t dwell on the physical, biological specifics because its goal is to say something beyond biology. The splitting of Adam is something that happens outside of the physical world….

  22. This makes sense in a language that has differing or opposite sides working together (man-strong/woman-fragile). This is very different than the individualism we often see in English.

  23. I would suggest that possibly what the text is describing to us is actually the process of either mitosis or meiosis – taking a body of cells and splitting it into two, creating two distinct sets of cells. If you’ve ever watched the process of mitosis, it appears as if one cell emerges from the ‘side’ of the original cell. This would have been on a grand and super-complex scale!

  24. As I see it Eve must have come from the right side of Adam and that is why men are always left wondering. 😉

  25. So interesting! We must be careful in trying to figure God out in a logical and scientific way. God is God. His ways and thoughts are higher than ours.Our minds are to dull to comprehend the greatness and bigness of God. We will only ever know in part. God creating Eve by using Adam’s “rib” or his “whole side” after he created man in His image. I imagine Adam, being formed in God’s image having both male and female charactistics. I envision God pulling the feminine more sensitive side out of Adam and so created Eve.

  26. It’s so exiting to read your interpretation of Scripture and cannot help to feel my heart aching inside me at the scrip revealed. Shalom beloved nation of Hashem our G-d. This is my response to “Adam’s rib”, just one of the many other interpretations I’ve seen. Bless Yesra’el peace to Yerushalayim in the name of Yehoshua ha Mashiach Ben Hashem. Hope I did it right? Shalom all

  27. The rib comes from the side. The human rib is the only bone that will regenerate. Genesis also says that God “closed up the place with flesh” (NIV). If He had taken a whole side, would that not include bone? (Your argument).

    • Thanks for your question, Roger. Certainly, since God took the whole side, this would include the bones of that side (i.e., half the rib cage, all the bones of one leg, one arm, etc.). However, God is not working with actual flesh and bone when he takes one of Adam’s sides. Rather, Adam is viewing his own surgical bifurcation in a visionary trance. The creation of Eve is meant to tell Adam (and the reader of Genesis) about his equal relationship with his wife, rather than provide an anatomy lesson. For more on this, see my post: “Splitting the Adam.”

  28. Thank you for your wonderful Hebrew highlights, revealing more of the glorious works of God. Always interesting and enlightening. What I would like to understand, if ever possible, is how could original translations be so awkward or inaccurate? Somewhere in the past, in other translations such as the Septuagint, other Hebrew/Aramaic, Syriac, Latin, Armenian or other texts, it would seem someone would question “rib” and use “side”. No? Is there a traceable etymology?

  29. As strange as it might seem, the idea that God created Eve from Adam’s sexual organ was put forward by Dr. Ziony Zevit, Professor of Biblical Literature at the American Jewish University in Los Angeles. Although I am not qualified to debate this issue, I can say, after sitting in on a number of Dr. Zevit’s lectures, “Pick your battles carefully.” Dr. Zevit knows Hebrew backwards and forwards.

  30. Hello, as a child when I read this passage I imagined an old man whittling a rib bone 🙂 Now I imagine THE Master geneticist, master biologist, physicist, etc. removing stem cells from a rib marrow, altering a few genes and voila! Woman! Probably still wrong, but….

  31. Dear DR. NICHOLAS J. SCHASER, Is the “Eve” you refer to in your article a normal female member of the species Homo sapiens, or something else? Probably not the “Eve” of the relatively small band of humans that the evidence suggests to be genetically ancestral to all later modern humans. Because she was born from another female human, and not magically “derived” from some part of the male anatomy. So, to summarize: 1. women and men are equal in importance, and 2. women give birth to boys and girls, and that is where we ALL come from. Not a rib.

  32. I heard of it before but I didn’t buy into it. Out of curiosity, I tried reading one Christian bible and compared it with the Hebrew bible and saw just how different they are when translated to English the otherwise same verses. In the English version, it appears that the message is that Eve was just part of Adam instead of being his equal. G-d isn’t patrilineal nor is He after the natural hierarchal ranks as we can see in the themes of Genesis wherein the younger (or more ‘inferior’ ones) outweighed the older ones. Shalom.

  33. Interesting discussion – but the whole question of Adam and Eve is misplaced. The story of the creation of Adam and Eve is not factual – the first humans did not come from the region described in Genesis 2, nor during that timeframe. The Adam and Eve story is a theological story – it expresses the belief that God created the world, including humans – and that everything God made is good. That’s the truth of the creation stories.

  34. in this time and age of truth as you dig dipper, for truth i dig more deeply yo yhis controvessy. the spiritual kingdom of Genesis I is diefferenrt ferom Genesis II while the first is a kingdom, the econd is a garden, and the craetions is Gem. I are all created spirits the garden differs for they ar all FLESH COATED SPRTS OR SPIRITS CLOTHED IN FLESH. deeper, adam is not created but formed from dust (adamu) a lifeelss dust that have life when God breathe the life turning into a living soul. deeper, the woman is the one created

  35. not formed from dust that why God did not breathe the life for dhe came from life of a (now) living adam. the serpent like woman is created not formed deeper, they are not equal in the garden Adam is lower than the woman and the serpent , he was formed not created, deeper, serpent is higher than adam and woman, by creation for he (serpent) was created separately not from other beast but not taken or from any beast deeper, he is like adam and woman with two aarms, two feet can stand erect, walk and talk like both

  36. Translations from the original Hebrew to ALL other languages are ALWAYS subject to human interpretation. EVEN the original language is subject to INTERPRETATION. Religious scholars (of ANY religion) ALL claim that “theological” evidence, hermeneutics (what was the interpretation of the original READERS?) and “divine” instruction (spiritual influence, ie: “born again” people CONVINCED the Holy Spirit of God gave THEM the ABSOLUTE TRUE interpretation. No wonder we have so many conflicting religions on the planet and even within specific religions and historically have even caused more human misery and suffering than human selfishness. Is there hope for TRUTH? (see next comment)

  37. (ANSWER to previous comment)….. Is there any hope for Truth? ABSOLUTELY……God’s “GIFT” of the Scientific Method and Mathematics) Why do I say this? God (Creation/CREATOR) is PERFECT…therefore His physical and spiritual laws are PERFECT. We are CREATED in God’s image….most religions “created God in our human image…it’s BACKWARDS! The God/Spirit/Love of Creation, since we are Created in His Image, gave His Creation a solution to revealing Truth without bias……the Scientific Method….a process that reveals truth WITHOUT human bias, opinion…….. BECAUSE the “process” MUST be repeatible by others! Based on this premise of truth revelation through Science and Mathematics and NOT

  38. The article in reference suggests that there was a loss of meaning in translation of the “rib” vs the whole “half” of Adam’s body in Eve’s creation in the original Hebrew. Again…”human” interpretation. Whether the “rib” was used or some other part…..I believe God’s “Gift” of Science reveals that Eve WAS created from Adam (“at last flesh of my flesh and bone of my bone”) via “modified cloning of Adam.” The “rib” is a rich source of stem cells and maybe the “rib” mistranslation was “prophetic?” Either way, I believe as many others who have commented on this article do,

  39. A very good blog! Unfortunately, many men act superior to women and even expect them to be their personal slaves. I have always seen woman from Adam’s side. A helpmeet. The man is the head of the house as CHRIST is of the Church. Women are not in front, behind, above or below a man. She is by his side. That is where she came from. Eve had to have flesh, she could not walk around with just bone. God made men stronger physically. Women endure more (i.e. childbirth, etc). They are a team, together with CHRIST. Thank you! Shalom!

  40. Good morning. How about this. In the English speaking Bible, it starts with, “In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth”. So far so good right???? Not quite right. The Torah starts with the word “Bereshite” which means ‘Before there was anything’. Think about that. There was no time, sound, light,…………..nothing. Quite different from the English Bible.

  41. I think that there is a little mistake when they translated “one of his ribs”; if you review the bone anatomy, you’ll find that LITERALLY , there two pairs of ribs missing and at the end ofvthe sternum bone there isa “xiphoid process” where those pairs were original attached.

  42. Blessings , can you please suggest a true Hebrew to English bible that you use so I can purchase to help me in my studies . Its Name and ISBN number . Thank you Stefan

  43. Dr. N.J. Schaser I agreed that God made Amdam He made Adam a deep sleep and took a side rib in singular form which means God made Eve out of Adams’ HALFside as such Genesis discribes as Adam said you a bone of my bone, flesh my flesh and I called you as my helper. Therefore; God made Adam and Eve complete Humen being not half that’s when Adam and Eve cleaved together to confirmed as ONE Body regardless of different occasions.

  44. I don’t think it matters whether Eve was made from one of Adam’s ribs or from his side; neither translation expresses subordination. To get subordination out of either of those expressions requires that you insert a preconceived idea into the text. God could have taken Adam’s DNA from a toenail and made eve and the result would have been the same. From the context–which is really the only way we can get at the meaning–we learn that the idea was that Eve was the being who “corresponded” to Adam in a way that none of God’s other creatures did.

  45. God created EVERYTHING! Why would someone limit Him and assume it would have been too big a procedure for Him to do? Even way back then just saying

  46. Did Eve come from Adam’s rib? ABSOLUTELY…..the interpretation that says the rib would only make bone of my bone instead of flesh. The problem is refusing to be a child of God and realize we are Created in God’s Image. Being a child of God ….we are able to use His GIFT of the Scientific Method that has revealed and is still revealing God’s PERFECT Laws. Sadly…..religion has allowed satan to usurp God’s GIFT of Science resulting in perpetual antagonism between Science and TRUE FAITH in God.

    Science has revealed God “blueprint” of life…DNA. The “rib” is a rich and easily accessible SOURCE of stem cells. Eve was created by God by taking 2 stem cells from the rib marrow. Y chromosome is removed from one and discarded…cell is saved. An X chromosome is removed from the second stem cell and is injected into the nucleus of the first second cell, second cell is discarded. The modified first cell is induced to begin cleavage and form a blastocoel that is placed either in a surrogate indigenous Simian female or in vitro artificial womb… way of knowing. Nine months of gestation/morphogenesis and “baby Eve” is born. The “deep sleep” God placed Adam into may have been extended suspension because when God presented Eve she was already an sexually mature young women. This Scientific explanation fulfills the Scripture without violation of God’s PERFECT Laws. (If Laws are PERFECT, “magic” explanations become an oxymoron) “At last, flesh of my flesh and bone of my bone and even blood of my blood. Eve is a female clone of Adam fulfilling “I will call her women becomes she ‘come from man'”
    In Christ Jesus…david

  47. Man and woman are not equal and were never created equal. Man was created in the image of God. This verse was a concern for years as it did not fit with the rest of the bible however I heard it suggested that what was taken was that which would support life in other words God performed the first ever blood transfusion because as it is said the life is in the blood. Not a rib or anything else .

  48. Why do surgeons use the ‘rib’ when requiring ‘bond’ for a repair to another part in the body? Because, when a rib or a portion of it are removed from within its sheath, the bone (the only bone in the body) with rejuvenate itself after removal… God knew what he was doing when taking a part of Adam’s side and used it as an ‘Eve starter bone’!

  49. Seems to me that Troy Davidson above, July 12, said it well. Many years it became clear to me that the woman has an organ that a man does not have. The man has a organ the woman does not have. When these two are joined we have the blessing of procreation since these two special organs (not possessed by the other) are completely complimentary to each other.

    Is is not apparent that the “chamber” to which Davidson refers is truly the womb. Adam was created with both of these and the Lord took the womb and made a womb-man, or shall we say “woman.” Consider what I say and the Lord give thee understanding in all things.”

  50. The Rib being a flat bone is one of the highest DNA producing bones. God did cause Adam to fall into a deep sleep, took what He needed to create Eve and closed up the flesh. Could “Side” refer to one entire side of the DNA Double Helix thus making Eve an exact female copy of Adam with total equality.

  51. The article is nonsense. The word for “rib” in Hebrew IS צלע. The word for side is צד. Check it online if you don’t have a Hebrew dictionary.

  52. All mammals have a panel bone , man is a mammal but does not one. Mammals function by smell, man function by touch, holding hands , hugging, kissing that lead to other things. Eva was told if she touched it she would die . the touching it lead to the eating, to eat is to PARTAKE. It was probation to procreate. The fruit and tree is meddafur . Sex is big thing in the Bible. Have more to say latter.
    C J

  53. It was always apparent to me he was talking about Adams genetic material. We talk the same way about our children. They are our flesh and blood, related to us. The same species, only directly from us. God made Adam from the chemicals of the soil. He used already existing materials. He created out of nothing his soul and spirit. Then he built the woman (Bana) from Adam. Our physical bodies are all built individually in the womb. Our invisible immaterial soul and spirit are created out of nothing. Then God gives the Spark of life. Man does not ever create life. God does. The Hebrew is absolutely necessary to understand. So I have been following this teaching.

  54. I have often thought that God’s word for “chromosome” might be “rib”. Thinking about it, women have 23 X chromosome pairs and men have 22 X chromosome pairs and one pair is XY. Looking at the Y chromosome, it appears to be 1/2 of the X chromosome. Could Hod have taken that 1/2 chromosome and made another human from that!?? Is everything needed for life in that 1/2 chromosome and the other 22.5 DNA information is what makes each individual??!?? God is good

  55. Is it not more likely that Eve was of the exact parentage as Adam? We know that beings are created from two parents. Their DNA is from both “halves”.
    When the Bible says Adam was formed from the dust of the ground it means that Our Heavenly Parents (yes God has a wife) partook of the food of this earth to form the first inhabitants thereof.
    Brigham Young mentioned this in his Journal of Discourses.

  56. As I am reading all these comments, I asked the Lord: “What is it that you want to teach us in this beginning part of the Bible?”
    And the thought came to me that the Church is the Bride of Christ. Adam was created in the image of God, Was God then, like Adam at creation, also containing male and female?
    When our Lord Yeshua, received a human body, He “bought” His Bride. Thinking this, it makes it more understandable to see how when we are in heaven, we are not married anymore to one another. but in perfect union with Christ. One being? What are your thoughts about this, dr. Nicholas?

    • Thanks for your questions, Gabrielle. So, there’s no textual evidence that Adam was both “male and female” before Eve came along. The creation of Eve happens while Adam is in the midst of a vision, not in biological reality (see my related post called “Splitting the Adam”). More, God is beyond gender insofar as God does not procreate and because both male and female are created in God’s image. On being “one” with Christ, Paul likes to use this terminology in his letters, but we would have to ask ourselves about the meaning behind this mystical language.

    • Thanks for your question, Johan. There is no biblical Hebrew word for “rib,” since the notion of a “rib” that is distinct from any other “bone” (עצם) doesn’t come up in the Bible.

  57. Interesting, be it the rib or half body, first cloning in history.
    Further comment by David, that God had a wife–possibly Sophia, which would also explain the sons of God?

  58. Thank you for this interesting article and also the article “splitting the Adam”. My view to some comments: Reading the Bible, I ask myself who wrote the text to whom and what did the writer communicate to the readers. I think Moshe (inspired by God) wrote Genesis to Israel to tell them about their origin and how God relates to man. For me the essential of this text is not the explanation of the DNA, but that God created man and woman. And them as equals depending on each other and belonging together. I’m so glad to learn from you!

  59. I am struck here by the different thought processes. Christians tend to over-spiritualize, while Jews tend to over think. The Holy Spirit did not just dictate what to write, but God did show His shaliachim and they wrote. And who cares if the ancients knew about DNA? God did, and was fully capable of manipulating it if He chose. The main point is what you made on the OP- woman was made from man’s side, making her equal but different. That’s what the text says, so take that to the bank! And no other interpretation can change the p’shat meaning.

  60. Did Eve come from Adam’s “rib”?……ABSOLUTELY……the “marrow” of his “rib”……a rich source of adult stem cells. Genesis 2:23 “This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called ‘woman,’ for she was taken out of man.” Simple….Eve is a CLONE of Adam.

  61. Adam Missing a rib I can imagine but Missing a whole side? A side of what? I assume the Lord does not include certain info in the Bible for a reason & it is primarily for developing & salvation of our souls as Billy Graham puts it. It’s for rebuking, teaching, training & correcting us into the image of Christ & You shall know the truth & the truth shall set you free. Praise the Lord & Glory be to God!

  62. Ah. I have not read Homer in decades and have never actually read Theogony. There is some crazy disturbing stuff in there. I thought you were referring to Symposium, but if Plato is referencing these earlier works then I see your point.

    However, I am confused on a related point. In the “Splitting the Adam” comments (at and here (above, at you cite Genesis Rabbah 8:1 as supporting the “sides” view. That is only two sentences after the reference to androgynous creation. That’s a very fine-grained breakdown of what’s trustworthy and what’s not. Is that intentional?

    • The reading of “side” rather than “rib” is secure without bringing Genesis Rabbah into the discussion. I noted the midrash to show that something similar appears in the rabbinic literature, but we don’t need the rabbis in order to make the point. More, the midrash can be correct about the reading of “side” and also wrong about other aspects of the Genesis narrative — we don’t need to agree with the rabbis on all their points… even they don’t agree with each other on all their points 🙂

  63. Nice try here but a lot of spilled ink.

    Google the name of Ziony Zevit, a professor of Near Eastern Studies in California, who has written about this exact topic and what it means. His conclusions, as shocking as they are, make a great deal of sense as he unpeels the onion layers of support for his thesis. Highly provocative but incredibly original – and likely correct.

  64. Eve was made from a rib (ribs are at the side of humans) – no where does Scripture declare a male has less ribs than a female (a bit like the apple of Martin Luther).
    More problematic is the claim made about the primordial couple – the author does not believe in the reality of Adam and Eve as all liberals and evolutionists.

  65. What does that really mean that He took one half of hip? Did he cut out his brain, his lung, his arm and his leg? The story about Adam and Eve is still very confusing. To me, it makes me sense not to speak about side of body, but about side of mankind. My English is not perfect, but in my native language we say “someone from his parent side” to refer his family ancestors… God said he made Adam, but he did not say how many men or woman were created…

  66. I have explained this to my daughters as “side”. I told them that a good way to think of this is boys are XY and girls are XX. God took one side and made woman.

  67. Love this . All my life i wondered why Yahveh put men over women and now with the Hebrew word explained i know i was right all along.

    Thank you so much for explaining this and Yahveh bless you.


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