In a previous post, we learned that God cuts Adam in half and uses his entire side to create the woman. But how did God split Adam without killing him? Assuming Adam’s survival, does he keep only half of his body after Eve’s arrival?

According to Genesis, “The Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon the man, and while he slept he took one of his sides” (2:21). For modern readers, Adam’s “deep sleep” (תרדמה, tardemah) connotes a hospital patient’s sleep via anesthesia. However, the practice of anesthesiology was unknown in ancient Israel; Genesis does not have modern medicine in mind. Rather than physical sleep, tardemah denotes a visionary trance. Later in Genesis, when the “word of the Lord came to Abram in a vision… a deep sleep (tardema) fell upon Abram” (15:1, 12). In the midst of Abram’s tardemah, he becomes a covenantal witness of God’s unconditional promise of Canaan (15:13-21).

As with Abram, when Adam goes into a “deep sleep” he actually goes into a visionary trance. In fact, the ancient Greek version of the Hebrew Bible, the Septuagint, translates tardemah with ἔκστασις (ekstasis)—literally “standing outside oneself” (cf. the English word “ecstatic”). The Jewish Greek translator of the Septuagint understood the Hebrew tardemah to indicate Adam stepping outside of himself in a trance and having a vision of his body divided into two equal parts. Instead of splitting Adam physically, God provides him with a vision to show him the meaning of the relationship that he will have with his wife: a fully equal partnership with a person who constitutes his “other half.”



    • The article on splitting the adam is satanic nonsense. In B'reshit 2:21 the hebrew word first used for rib is miTsal'otayv which is a plural and means 'from ribs of him'. The hebrew then says 'and he shut up flesh being place of her'. Verse 22 states 'And he built, Y'hovah Elohim, the rib that he took from the man for woman,' Once the 'literal' hebrew is understood it is clear that it is a rib and not a complete side.

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  1. The word says NOTHING about cutting Adam in half, thats a grose exageration. Genesis 2:21-22 Gen 2:21  And the LORD God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept: and he took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh instead thereof;  Gen 2:22  And the rib, which the LORD God had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man. 
    • This is not a literal story. If Eve was created from Adam's physical body, why do women have two X chromosomes and men have one X chromosome and one Y chromosome? Where did the extra DNA come from?

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    • Hi Noel, while you're correct that the text says nothing about Adam being "cut" (כרת), it does say that God "takes one of his sides" (ויקח אחת מצלעתיו; Gen 2:21). If God takes a complete side of Adam, then God is rending Adam in half, taking one side and leaving the other. The Hebrew text does not describe the taking of a "rib," but rather a "side." See my previous blog post, "Did Eve Come from Adam's 'Rib'?"

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    • I agree with you, Noah, however I will do further research for myself and ask the Holy Spirit for the correct interpretation and understanding.
    • Neither did the author here say God cut Adam in half. That was part of his reasoning for the fact he was NOT cut open. We now know that DNA strands are paired. So taking tissue from any part of Adam, or any excretion or even a flake of skin, God could have taken two X chromosomes from Adam, paired them and made Chava. So taking only one "side" of man's DNA, God created woman! This is actually a good explanation. Believe what you want, but do yourself a favor and keep an open mind when deciding what that is.

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    • The root of your disagreement is because you are reading a translation. The word translated as "rib" does not mean rib in Hebrew but means "side". So, if you want to be so literal, then you would have to read the text as saying God took one side from Adam. Saying that that could imply the idea of God cutting Adam in half is not so far off! Besides that, when you understand the word tardema - as described in the article - as being in a trance-like state where Adam received a vision, this makes total sense.

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  2. Hi This reading and the reading about Eve is so awe-inspiring. Everything makes perfect sense. The bible talks about two becoming one. How perfect. God is indeed awesome. Who can instruct God? I'm in awe...i really am.
    • Dellareese am also in awe. God is sovereign. He chose to create me whereas He could have chosen otherwise. In the beginning God. What about before the beginning and from the beginning? Could the wise men take us beyond the beginning? Genesis1:God created in His image(Spirit).female inside male created them.

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  3. i like teaching but i only have so much time, when you send me 3-5 e-mails a day is to much. especially when most of them are reprints i am almost think of canceling my subscription.
  4. Greetings and blessing to you and yours. Tardemah actually has a couple of meanings. "a lethargy or (by implication) trance:-deep sleep." I do not see anesthesia. Further it says that Adam "slept". Here the word yashen is used which also has the meaning of sleep in it. So by proxy, Adam was put to sleep. Now with Abram, he was given a "vision" where you would seem "outside oneself". Same word but two different meanings. And I have checked a couple different versions, and no where does it say "that God provides him with a vision...".
    • Thanks for your response, Thomas. You're right that Genesis says Adam "slept" (ישן yashen), but being asleep does not preclude having a vision. The only other time that yashen appears in Genesis is at 41:5, speaking about Pharaoh: "And he slept (yashen), and he dreamed a second time, and behold (הנה hineh): seven ears of grain, plump and good, were growing on one stalk." Here, Pharaoh sleeps, but he also "beholds" grain in a vision. Since this is the only other time yashen appears in Genesis, we should expect that Adam also beheld a vision while asleep.

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  5. The interplay of words חַוָּה (em kol chai - the mother of all life Genesis3:20. Chavayah experience of life. Yechaveh Ps 19:3.). אדם, אֲדָמָה makes for creative use of of the imagination in Hebrew story telling.
  6. This is a very enlightening explanation and makes perfect sense. I had never given this much thought and just accepted the fact that in some manner God created Eve from Adam. I wish I was financially in a place where I could take one or more of your courses, but at the moment it is impossible. But I do enjoy reading all the articles here. Thank you for sharing.
    • O am in your position as well Diane. I enjoy but financially I am unable to have the full meal. I to have to be blessed with the crumbs. I'm thankful for the crumbs though
    • We are very happy that you’ve joined our discussion forum. Would you believe that these articles are only a taste of what Israel Bible Center has to offer? We also provide comprehensive teaching on a variety of biblical, historical, and cultural topics. You might begin with The Jewish Gospel of Matthew or The Hebrew Psalms: How To Worship God. You’ll be amazed at the Jewish world that awaits you. Don’t delay another minute: enroll now!
  7. Genesis 2:23The man (Adam)said, "This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called 'woman,' for she was taken out of man." Was Adam a crazy man after this "visionary trance" thinking this "Woman" he called her, "because she was taken OUT of man"? God is God. He could have used every part of Adam to make Eve and would have still kept him alive and kept his body intact. I do enjoy reading your posts because I like to bounce it off Holy Spirit. But this one didn't bounce. God bless.
    • That’s a brilliant answer my dear friend, it’s an a complete answer to the whole argument and to someone who wants to learn and understand truly there is no further argument about this matter.
  8. Amazing how our limited minds can cause a total confusion! Why can we not believe in a God who is without our limits?
  9. Speaking about the subject is too hard and it needs to a deeply thought and a search but we can point to many applied words: similar- equal- homological- Replication and Cloning simulation definition.This Cloning is advanced that scientists have done yet. Thomas Johnson said: I do not see anesthesia, I agree with him but it is an extraterrestrial anesthesia because, first both of them don’t have Genital and reproduction when God sent both of them to Earth at that time they paid attention that have a Genital.As a result, it is may be had a spiritual corpse in Paradise and
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