Most modern Christ-followers mistakenly think that the New Testament states that the Jewish people rejected Jesus. But is their reading of the New Testament itself accurate?

The foundational proof text for the idea of the “Jews rejecting Jesus” comes from the traditional misreading of the Gospel of John, wherein translation from the original Koine Judeo-Greek we read: “He came unto His own, but his own received him not.” (Jn. 1:11).

The standard interpretation equates “his own” with first-century people of the Jewish religion; thus making two basic interpretive mistakes. First, it ignores the grammar of the original – the first “own” is neuter (τὰ ἴδια), but second “own” is masculine (οἱ ἴδιοι). This indicates that at least the first “his own” cannot possibly refer to the Jews! The second mistake ignores the fact that the word (Ἰουδαῖοι) used in John’s Gospel, translated traditionally as “Jews” back then did not mean “people of the Jewish religion” as it does today. The primary meaning of this word was “Judeans” or even “the leaders of the Judean region.”

The New Testament acknowledges that there was a veil placed upon Israel for the spiritual benefit of other nations (reminiscent of the veil that was once placed on Moses’ face!). But the New Testament never claims that “the Jews rejected Jesus.”

The question that bothers Apostle Paul is why “not all Jews believed in Jesus”?  He formulated it as follows: “Did God reject His people?”

A very clear answer followed – absolutely not! … at the present time there is a remnant, chosen by grace. (Romans 11:1,5)



  1. Ok, you lost me. Why does a neuter “his own” rule out a reference to the Jews? And what does the masculine “his own” signify? Are you saying that the Jewish religious leaders rejected Jesus, but not the Jewish people as a whole? The Jewish people of today (other than the Messianic variety) definitely do reject Jesus as Messiah.

      • My Question, As A Christian with I believe True Salvation, But only Assured, after much distress and in seriously questioning my own faith.

        I agree. That Christ is only known when a Believer does much more inner examination of truth in his own personal knowledge.

        True Salvation is Not Easy to know.

        True Knowlege Of The Salvation Of both Jews and Gentiles when they are other people than ourselves, is not easy to ascertain!”!

      • Dear Dr Eli, Just speak of the finished work of Calvary. Let everyone say, He, Yeshua/Jesus was wounded for OUR transgressions. John 3:16 G-d so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that WHOSOEVER believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. That’s a whosoever.

        • And then guide peoples to Ephesians 2 where the dear Lord has taken down the barrier between Jew/Gentile making the ‘One New man’
          My G-d bless you as you follow Him

          • I am on a tour of the killing camps of Poland where man tried to destroy the Jewish people. G-d proves himself greater all the time.
            Jesus says, “don’t look for me amongst the dead I am alive” Amen because He lives, we can 🌈✝️👑

    • Sarah I agree with you on this. They reject it. Why not face the facts. I’ve tried to make friends with Jews but that’s not easy. My dad had Jewish friends in Brasil. some generations back in Russia our family adopted a Jewish girl whose parents were taken to Siberia.

    • The people who rejected Jesus & murdered him were the Jewish High Priests! They worried that Jesus was going to strip their authority & an exorbitant income! They taught that Jesus was a false prophet! The people had no reason to doubt them! They were taught to believe Priests! Bible!!!

  2. Dr Eli, you are in denial. If the Jewish people did not reject Yeshua, why are they rejecting Him now? The simple truth is that the majority of Jews and Gentiles have rejected their Saviour.

    • Shalom, Christian. Perhaps… :-). Anyone can of course be in denial without realizing it. But you see when people say “Jews rejected Jesus” they don’t mean that HUMANITY (Jews and Gentiles) rejected Jesus (this is what you are correctly suggesting). They mean that it is ONLY the Jews and the JEWS AS A WHOLE that did that :-). So I think you ,may want to rethink your comment.

      • If Jews did not reject Jesus why… … did Jesus weep over Jerusalem & it’s rejection of him? … did God allow Jerusalem to be destroyed in AD70; taking with it the temple & the genealogies preventing a Levitical priesthood from being continued or re-established?

        • Please, read my prior comments more carefully. I do not argue that the Jews accepted Jesus… but normally when the phrase the Jews rejected Jesus is uttered it is uttered in the context of the Nations accepting him. Because this is how Christian replacement theology get to Church is Israel now theology. But as other participants rightly observed (and that is Paul’s argument in Romans by the way) both groups Jews and Nations have fallen short of the glory of God. Rejection was not done by the Jews, but by Jews and the Nations. In Acts 4:27 we read Peter

          • I enjoy the refreshing take on scripture you offer Your information makes perfect sense and helps to reconsile Christianity and Judiasim Tbankyou for your insights God bless Israel

      • I interpret the first “his own” to mean his creation and, more narrowly, his chosen. The second “his own” as his own after the flesh. True, there is no mention of rejection (active) but rather not accepting (passive.) For many there is no difference. But accepting the Christ is an active action. It is sad that the world, Jew and gentile, did not accept but the saddest part is that those entrusted with the true worship did not accept.

    • Jews or none could have known Him as the scripture says” 1Co_2:8 none of the princes knew: had they known, would NOT have crucified the LORD OF GLORY.” God did not give the full knowledge of God, till He comes the second time to gather as Isa 11;9-11 says and as THE COMFORTER, THE SPIRIT AND TRUTH , HOLY SPIRIT as Joh 14, 15, 16 say. HE HAD TO DIE TO SAVE MANKIND. SO HE BLINDED ALL HUMANS FROM ADAM till HE COMES THE SECOND TIME TO GIVE LIFE IN HIM. We lacked the knowledge of GOD as the sea!

  3. “Most modern Christ-followers mistakenly think that the New Testament states that the Jewish people rejected Jesus. But is their reading of the New Testament itself accurate?” The Judahite (of the tribe of Judah) people of the 1st century not “Jewish” (please see Schlomo Sand’s “The Invention of the Jewish People”) who didn’t accept Jesus, are those who rejected Him so the only Judahites that didn’t reject the Christ Jesus were those who actually were truly born again, yet there were many Judahites who did reject Jesus all through the Gospel accounts (1 Gospel, 4 accounts).

  4. Wow,, a great play on words, the Jews didn’t reject Jesus, True, but they did reject the fact that he was the Messiah, consequently the Jews have been blinded in part until the fullness of the Gentiles be come in. Although there were obviously a lot of Jews who did accept that Jesus is the Messiah.

  5. (Continuation) There was no “Jewish” religion in the 1st century, but there was the one an only Israelite faith. Regarding John 1:11; He came unto HIS own – Τα ιδια – to those of HIS own family, city, country: – and HIS own people, οἱ ιδιοι – HIS own citizens, brethren, subjects (See parallel Isaieh 1:2-3). The Septuagint, Josephus, and Arrian, use these words, τα ιδιοι and οἱ ιδιοι, in the different senses given them above. The clauses “did not appropriate/acknowledge/welcome” (John 1:5) are instances of “litotes”. They indicate that the world… (continued)

  6. Sir, what’s your point? The rejection of Jesus by the Jews was actually a fulfillment of prophecy, “He was despised and rejected by men, a man of sorrows, and familiar with suffering. Like one from whom men hide their faces he was despised, and WE esteemed him not.” (Isaiah 53:3) That being the case, WHY did God plan it that way? Go to Exodus chapters 3, 4 and 5. (E.g., Ex 5:2 Pharaoh said, “Who is the Lord, that I should obey him and let Israel go? I do not know the Lord and I will not let Israel go.”)

  7. (continued) .. they indicate that the world — particularly, the Judahites, which represented it — utterly disowned the the Christ. All rejected him; all, with the exception of those to whom reference is made in verses Joh_1:12-13. Note: as many as … to them, which is a common Aramaic idiom. (See p. 64.) While the world and its representative, the Israelite people, rejected the Saviour, individuals accepted him. But these people receive the greatest spiritual benefit w/o respect to nationality or physical descent. The expression “as many as” amounts to “whosoever” whether Judahite or Gentile.

  8. “The Jews have not rejected Jesus. The entire New Testament story took place in the Land of Israel-the land of the Jews. Jesus was a Jew. He declared Himself Messiah of Israel. All of His followers were Jews. The disciples were all Jews, as were the 120 in the upper room. The 3,000 that came to faith on the Jewish holiday of Shavuot, or Pentecost, “grew to about 5,000,” according to Acts 4:4.” (BY RABBI JONATHAN BERNIS). This is where Messianic Judaism started from. The apostle Paul himself was a Pharisee. The good news was then taken to the world.

    • I agree. I think the fair thing to say that sadly the Jewish leadership failed to see in Jesus what many first-century Jews saw in him.

    • Dear Dr. Eli please note, this is not an argumentary question.I have nothing against Jews (in contrast, I may have Jewish blood in me myself) … And I have the world’s respect for Jews who believe in Jesus!
      ☺ I just want to know who are the people of whom Jesus spoke in Luke 19: 42-44? Was it the authorities or the temple authorities or the Pharisees or who?
      # these comments made me wonder.

  9. Is this correct? Genesis 14:18-19: Abram received the Bread & Wine offered him by Melchizedek, the Righteous King (and High Priest) of Salem when He met him at Shaveh. Abram also received The Blessing as a result; whereas, the king, high priest, & most the other rulers of Judea & Jerusalem (God’s own “things” ) chose not to receive The Bread of Life nor The Wine of Salvation (Cup of Blessing)-these who He came also to meet with & offer All of Himself & thereby be Blessed. Luke 19: 28-48

  10. Would not the first his own” more precisely translate as “that which was his own” or even “his own home” and the second indicate that “his own people” by and large did not receive him?

  11. Thank you I enjoy your little comments. At this stage I am not well so have not replied to your request to join in learning. I do have your book the Jewish Gospel of John which I purchased last year and enjoyed. I have been to Israel (1996) and like most would love one day to go back. So thank you for your patience. Maranatha. Nancy.

  12. It seems to me as I read these comments that with respect there is a clash of thoughts. He came to his own and his own received him not can surely mean the Jews or mankind as a whole which surely has been the situation down the ages and we all need Him as saviour. There are three kinds of pride-of face-of race and of religion and when in Christ we are one in him weather Jew or not. Gods people are a special favoured people, Jew and others.

  13. Thank you Dr. Eli for this informative commentary. This is the beauty of the Good News of the Gospel. Although Yashua was rejected by the Establishment (organized religion), He was accepted by individual Jewish followers and believers (later to include the Gentiles), who were often times misfits (for various reasons) of society. The Establishment was possibly temporarily blinded as part of G-d’s divine plan to reach the lost by demonstrating His great love for the entire world, especially for those who had been previously deemed undesirable and rejected by society. As High Priest, Yeshua endured the sufferings of society’s least.

  14. As i understand the Word that in Zachariah 12:10.. the endtime prophesy.. ..Jesus saw them as the nation who have pierced Him..thus rejected Him…from every clan of the Jews. When the Word speak of Jacob as the Jewish nation .it is always as the unrepented nation that rejected Jesus as our redeemer..(therefore the last half of ttribulation is called the time of Jacobs trouble indicating the nations rejection )..and Israel as the new nation that includes gentiles…a new nation. Mathew 27:20..the priests and elders did persuade the multitude to choose Barabbas and reject Jesus….but in verse 25 they cursed themselves

  15. Shalom. Noel Yeshu claimed to be Ha Machiach the Jewish Messiah. The Jews could not order Yeshua’s crucifiction. Some asked for it. The Romans ordered it. Nicholas Sunol you said what I was planning to say, Thanks. Richard, why are not Chistians Jewish? All of Yeshua’s Apostles and original followers were Jews. The Gentiles converted.

    • Hello Dolores, I would offer a clarification. “Converted” meant something very particular to the Jewish community at that time. It can be seen in scripture as well as in extra-Biblical Jewish writings and even non-Jewish histories. While some of Gentiles, both before and after Yeshua, surely underwent the full traditional (though not God-given) ritual conversion to Judaism, not all did. This was precisely the issue of Acts 15. The Jews, or at least a particular group of Yeshua-following Pharisaic Jews from Jerusalem, wanted all Yeshua-following Gentiles to also undergo ritual conversion to assure their place “in the world to come”.

  16. Paul declared himself to be a Jew. Now Paul was not a Judean. In Romans chapter 11 Paul speaks of his own people’s rejection of Jesus Christ. His people refers to the people of Israel, the natural branches. However he denounces the conceit of those that reject the people of Israel. That blindness in part has happened until the fullness of the gentiles!

    Seems clear to me.

    The Jews are God’s beloved according to Paul!

    • John, thanks. Yes, Judean is not only geographic of residence, it is also geography of ideology. For example here in Israel there are many people from USA, they are called either americans or Anglos here. Read Jewish Gospel of John book people say it is an eye opening experience.

  17. In a painful moment found in Matthew 23, Jesus describes the tragedy of all history in just one sentence: We have got to be careful not to engage in single verse theology, but test scripture against scripture. Far too much scripture talks about the Jewish rejection of Jesus. Stephen talking to the august body in Acts also, spoke of their rejection.

    O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets, and stonest them which are sent unto thee, how often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and ye would not!

    — Matthew 23:37

    • Correct, but to thing to keep in mind is that it is Jewish Messiah, having inter-Jewish discussion about Jewish God.

  18. Dr Eli, the rejection here is not a bad thing for the Jewish people. In other words, Jewish people could not keep Jesus to themselves as they keep God before Christ coming. Hence Salvation of God is for All People (It profits/benefits All and and it shames those who do not understand or compromised. It is not for any set of people or group of religious people in the world (kingdom divided will not stand) example The Lord sent Jonah to Nineveh to tell them repent and he was reluctant to so out of jealousy. The whole thing is, the Jewish people did not take the role of spreading the Good News to the world and they are ashamed for not doing it. Otherwise, Jesus still Jewish and King, Lord and Christ to all especially those who believe in God. The Jewish people should forgive themselves and repent.

  19. The paradigm of contextual reading would solve the problem of misreading the text of John. Like Paul, John was experiencing the earliest rejection of the Jews as the institututional religion of the Jewish Temple. John chose 2 remain outside of Judaea and prefered died in Asia Minor. The letter of Hebrews has clearly shown the fact that Christian Community had been set aside from Jewish Temple System. Jesus as the physical expression of the Temple of God has been playing the new locus and focus of worshipping centre. Paul follows this idea of the body of Christ as the Temple of God. The paradigm shift of the temple into human body should end the paradigm of ethnicity 4 reading the text of the New Testament.

  20. “For God hath concluded them all in unbelief, that he might have mercy upon all.” (Rom. 11:32)

    Certainly, not every Jewish person rejected Jesus. The NT shows us that. The issue was that the religious leaders (who represented the people as a whole and were responsible for the nation of Israel’s relationship with God) rejected Jesus. Thus, God was just in reckoning them ‘all’ in unbelief so that He could accomplish His plan of showing mercy upon the whole world (incl. gentiles). This does not mean He rejects Israel as a people, for “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus. And if ye be Christ’s, then are ye Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.” (Galatians 3:28-29)

    I am a dispensationalist and very much support the nation of Israel!

  21. “And the word of YHWH increased; and the number of the disciples multiplied in Jerusalem greatly; and a great company of the priests were obedient to the faith.” Acts 6:7
    “And when they heard it, they glorified YHWH, and said unto him, Thou seest, brother, how many thousands of Jews there are which believe; and they are all zealous of the law:” Acts 21:20
    Not all Jews rejected Yahshua. It is also obvious that majority of the Goyim (Nations) have always rejected the Messiah.

  22. My prayers are that these articles will change evangelism. The misreading of the “Jews rejecting Jesus” seems to be the pillar of evangelism. It defines who needs reached (unchurched, or no Biblical language), how they are reached (churched), and what they are reached with (doctrine).

  23. Certain Jewish people in power did reject Jesus who had a good thing going. But read Acts, Pentecost, is says thousands of Jews became believers. That was in addition to the thousands who already believed after seeing the miricals Jesus performed during his ministry. The Lord had an overall plan, and it would take place. Had the Jews Crowned The Lord, there wouldn’t be a reason to send His servants to the crossroads and invite the gentiles to the wedding feast. Read Joseph, what did he say. It was Gods plan for the good. Then they all weeped in joy.

  24. The Jews till this day don’t believe that Jesus was the Messiah that came but still think he is yet to come. But there are who do believe he has come & converted to the fact that Christians were correct for over 2000 yrs.

  25. With all love and respect to all who hold a contrary view, I find it erroneous, or, at best, superfluous, to believe that the Jews rejected Jesus. Were the Apostles not Jews? And after the gruesome crucifixion of their Master, did they not hold steadfast to His teachings! Did they not suffer extreme persecution, and in some cases, death, to bring the Gospel to all mankind?

    The Acts of the Apostles, Jewish people, cannot suggest rejection of Jesus Christ by the Jews.

    • As much as many Jews were believers of Christ the majority if not a huge total rejected Jesus as the chosen one.If im wrong why would Jesus wept over Jerusalem.What about this when Pilate washed his hands the crowd shouted out let his blood falls on us and our children.

      • He wept over Jerusalem’s impending peril because He foresaw its savage destruction and its inhabitants mercilessly murdered. Now, without certainty of the size of the “crowd” at the trial, they were at any rate an imperfect representation of all Jewish people. Especially since they were conditioned/swayed by the chief priests and elders (Mat.27:20) who had a personal agenda against Him.

  26. Simple question, Dr. Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg, Do you believe Jesus is God in the Trinity and our Messiah/Savior who came to us as a man and died/resurrected?

    • Asking about Trinitarian theology is what you call a simple question? Jesus/Yeshua is the Jewish Messiah, divine and human, who died by crucifixion and resurrected the third day. Read this article on the Trinity. Now, do you have a tough question? 🙂

      • then why do most jews believe the Messiah is yet to come. another simple question.


        Jesus did not fulfill the messianic prophecies.
        Jesus did not embody the personal qualifications of the Messiah.
        Biblical verses “referring” to Jesus are mistranslations.
        Jewish belief is based on national revelation.

        • Don’t both Christians and Jews believe that Messiah is yet to come, but just dispute his identity? Jews categorically reject Jesus as Messiah because of their expectation of a warrior king who restores Torah-based Israel. But they see Jesus’ caricature as a renegade that abolished God’s Law and created Christianity to replace Israel. Now, Deuteronomy says any prophet who rejects Moses is a false prophet. So this cartoon of Jesus couldn’t be Messiah. It’s our job to faithfully represent the true Yeshua in his originally Jewish context and then the cartoon melts away. Are you on-board?

          • yes, Christians and Jews believe Jesus Christ will return to save the Jews however i was saved by His shed blood when i accepted Jesus as my savior in my heart and and acknowledged Him with my mouth, then was baptized. i am on board with Jesus the Christ/God and believe you and the other non believing Jews will receive Him when He returns for His 1000 year reign here on earth, however i and His believers/followers will have been taken up to meet Him prior to His Kingdom here on earth. God bless you.

          • Maybe you missed something, my dear brother, but I see that you categorize me with “other non believing Jews.” In my last comment, I was opening a window to you to see why non-believing Jews reject Jesus; not for me to side with them. Bless our Master Yeshua’s name…

          • i just pray that you and other Jews will accept Jesus Christ as your savor for what He did on the cross and will meet Him in the air when He returns the second time then join His believers for His millennium rule here on earth. may God be with you, brother.

  27. The answer to the question is a resounding YES. Our Yahuwdi ancestors REJECTED HIM, AS A NATION! It will clarify by reading Dani’El 9:24-27. And reading MatithYahuw 23:37-39.

    Trying to spin this won’t profit anything. The Bible put a date on the Rejection! It was Spring of 34AD.

    • If you’re referring to the Jewish leaders, then agreed, but Yeshua was actually very popular among most Jews in Israel. But nevertheless, do not be “ignorant” or “wise within your selves” (Rom.11:25) since a partial hardness has come over Israel so as to allow the fullness of the Gentiles to come in. Read my article on Romans 11 and let’s keep learning…

  28. I was raised in the Roman Catholic church, and even as a young girl I sensed ‘something’ was wrong, but didn’t know just what it was. I eventually left the Catholic church, with the thought that if the truth wasn’t in the so-called ‘on true church’, it must be in the world. I lived in the world for a number of years, eventually becoming an alcoholic. In 1980 I joined AA. My sponsor told me to ask God for help every morning, and to thank Him every night. One morning Jesus spoke out loud to me, which changed my life.

  29. Two other texts are important here:
    Mark 12:37b And the common people heard Him gladly.
    Acts 21:20a 20 And when they heard it, they glorified the Lord. And they said to him, “You see, brother, how many myriads of Jews there are who have believed
    The political leaders rejected Jesus, not the Jewish people!

  30. Jn 1:11 He came home (eis ta idia); Jn19:27 into his home (eis ta idia). Verse translated correctly.
    The only Jews today are those of the faith of Abraham or Christians. The Jews of ‘the nation’ are paper Jews – made by misguided Christians from America who started the UN and dispossessed the Palestinians in 1948.
    Show me a ‘Jew’ today who has his or her papers from the Temple – all destroyed in AD 70.

    • Maybe Jews’ 2000 year-old papers are the Bible itself and the Jewish lifestyle, or maybe this is a distraction to the real issue. Didn’t Paul say that there would be a partial hardness of the Jews toward the Gospel until the fullness of the Gentiles comes in. So if Christians are Jews as you wrote, then Christians are the ones hardened to the Gospel? Do you see how your argument breaks down? Let’s keep studying this Graham…

  31. I neither believed Jesus had come or would come the day I was saved. I had no opinion at all on the matter. I like how many in this group use concrete pictures to describe what is being revealed. I believed and still believe in Justice (I’m on Gods side) . I believed and still believe that only God is capable of winning the Battle between good and evil (mighty Warrior). I recognize this as Jesus, but had I never walked into church, heard about Jesus, or read a NT I believe I fell into the hands of God (saved).

  32. CONTEXT,CONTEXT, CONTEXT! The pericope of John 1: 1-5 & 9-13 (vs 6-8 is John’s testimony of HIM) tells of The Logos was with and was/is GOD and existed before and after creation that HE created. HE is LIFE and LIGHT and from the beginning was known of in the Kosmos of mankind (sons of ADM) but the IDEA of an invisible GOD was rejected. Sabian worship prevailed. But HIS Sons of God received HIM and carried on the monotheistic worship that we prefer as Christians today. Dr Eli I agree with your statement on the subject. Thanks

  33. Perhaps the blindness that caused some Jews to not see their Messiah was because: if they had, then the whole world would claim that the OT was written to demonstrate He was the Messiah and reject it.

  34. Dr. Eli, Jesus Christ’s “Own”, The “Jews” of that time, did *reject* Him (John 1:11), and have since *continued* to, hypocritically, deny and reject Jesus by failing to *identify* and *heed* Him Whom Jesus has sent, “*He,* The Spirit Of Truth”, i.e., The Son Of Man. Matthew 21:38-41. 41 “He will bring those wretches [“His Own”, who rejected Him] to a wretched end,” they replied, “and He will rent the vineyard to *other* tenants/Nation,…”
    Who are these “other *new* tenants/Nation” to whom the Earthly Kingdom has now been given?
    And who were the old tenants?
    Also see John 16:7-13.

    • The wretched tenants were the corrupt Judean leadership that Yeshua was talking to; not Jews categorically. Even the Talmud admits that the leadership of the time was corrupt. The new tenants are the disciples, cf. Jerusalem ruling body headed up by James (Yaakov) from which the Jerusalem council decision came, and also cf. Peter to whom the keys of the kingdom were given. But, Chuck, do not become “wise in your own eyes” over Jews’ disbelief, because precisely that hardness is the key to the Gospel ever going to the nations (Rom. 11:25). After the fullness of the Gentiles, the Jews will believe. Praise God.

  35. I agree. It is correct to say that the Jews did not reject Jesus. Yes, many did, but the remnant did not. All of the first followers of Jesus were Jews. They are the root of the olive tree in Rom 11.

    • Yep, Some people just don’t realize exactly how big the Jesus movement was in the first century.

  36. Excellent and true. I think that another factor affected alll this. The Jewish diaspora of the East continued and became normative. The early church, Western catholics know incorporated that diaspora and they “became” Christians. The western diaspora left few records but we know it was extensive.

  37. It seems from John9:22 and 12:42 that there were some believers. The NT says “thousands.” We’ll never really know as they would have been absorbed into the gentile Christian church. I think when the rabbis reconvened post 70AD they established a Judaic derivative, Talmud based faith which wholly rejects Jesus.

    • Great point. Initially, the movement gained 3000 followers in one day, Pentecost, and then shortly after, the number was up to five thousand, then Luke lost count. But Luke said at least eight times in Acts that crowds/multitudes/thousands increased/multiplied exceedingly and believed and joined the Jesus movement (before the 70 AD temple destruction). That’s huge.

      • It’s interesting to speculate that if you could do DNA analysis of the Eastern Orthodox of Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Chaldean Christians, etc you would likely find the descendants of those first century Jews.

        • If someone (who?) wanted, they could potentially get enough DNA samples of the EO to estimate their founding population. It’s one way to get a scientific guess of how many Jewish Christians fled Jerusalem just prior to destruction. These are the people Peter addresses in 1Peter1:1& 2:12, IMO.

  38. When Paul visited various cities to tell people about Jesus as Messiah, he went to the Synagogues first. There he was met with some acceptance but also much anger, to the extent that on multiple occasions he was threatened by many of the Jews and driven away. True?

  39. To clarify: the entire missionary outreach of the first followers of Jesus were Jewish people. I don’t think anyone has yet surpassed the enormity of that outreach, and today the reason I (or anyone else) know Jesus is alive is because of *their* willingness to share the Good News!

  40. Dr. Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg
    The Bible that we have in Spanish (Reina-Valera), rightly translate the first part of John 1.11 with the neuter and masculine. The KJV and ESV translate “his own”, that is not correct like you said. But, what about the second part in which we read “his own people did not receive him”? And that translation is correct, οι ιδιοι αυτον
    Former student of IBC

  41. Dr. Eli
    Most Jews did and do deny that Jesus is the long awaited Messiah. If they did not reject Him, why then did they say crucify Him and let His blood be on us and our children. Matthew 27:25.
    Because they rejected Him, the gospel message reached the Gentiles.

    • I agree that God’s grand plan is for the Jews to temporarily reject Yeshua so as to allow Gentiles to come into belief. And the corrupt leaders riling up the crowd to call for Yehsua’s crucifixion is not an absolute blanket statement for all Jews. Luke said at least eight times in Acts that crowds/multitudes/thousands increased/multiplied exceedingly and believed and joined the Jesus movement originally.

    • It depends on whom, in what time period and in what context you ask. The standard Israeli definition is someone who has a Jewish mother or is a convert to Judaism, but everyone knows that there are problems with this definition historically and practically. In Yeshua’s day, a Jew was essentially someone from Judea, most of whom were descended from the tribe of Judah.

  42. One interpretive ‘canon’ I love applying is, ‘When the plain sense (of Scripture) makes good sense, seek no other sense.’ This’s not to say that over-literalism is acceptable. The Jews or Judeans or Israelites DID NOT reject the Lord Jesus, only some of them did.

    • Excellent. This is a basic Jewish interpretational rule: if any interpretation rejects the simple reading of the text of the Bible, then it is not accepted.

  43. The Religious Leaders had influence and authority, them recognising the Messiah was enough to turn the heads of many who depended on their knowledge of the Scriptures towards the Messiah. They represented the knowledge of what was true and false; they were able to tell Herod where the Messiah was to be born.

  44. (Continue)I don’t think they were blinded, in the sense that they would not see the gentiles come in.The Creator had already ordained that we be saved. It was hidden but not for the purpose of “letting gentiles in”(Eph 3:5-6)

  45. Yeshua was indeed rejected by many of His own including the establishment, having said that, many thousands of His own did welcome and receive Him as their Messiah, both before and after His crucification and resurrection. I agree entirely with Michael’s comment above and Romans 11:32….

  46. Continued….(Rom.11:11-15,19,25) The purpose of the Jews’ partial hardness and rejection of the Gospel was to bring in the nations! Once the fullness of the Gentiles is reached, Israel will be provoked to jealousy and they too will believe. We are then wonderfully GRAFTED into Israel, now non are Jews.

  47. The Creator knows the end from the beginning! The first fruits of salvation were of course Jewish…a recording in the NT of almost 10000! It was the hypocritical rabbinic system which followed their traditions rather than Torah who blatantly rejected Messiah and orchestrated His death…also known beforehand by the Father

  48. The Jewish leadership believed Jesus would over turn their power with their people. The Jewish people called Him Rabbi and many accepted Christ. Many thought Jesus would be their salvation from Rome. Matthew was written for the Jewish people.

  49. Well, looks like that in Mateo 23:37-39 says that Jesus cry over Jerusalem saying: I wanted To have you under may wings like the Chicken has his little chickens, but you did not want it, seems to me that this is rejection,

    • In the strictly absolute sense, maybe. But I’m not so sure the Yeshua was so strict. At any rate, it is speaking only of Jerusalem anyways, and likely alludes primarily to the coming destruction of Jerusalem for general wickedness; not necessarily for rejection of the Messiah specifically. This is basically the same reason for the first destruction of Jerusalem.

  50. Of course the blindness came to the Jews until the fullness of the Gentiles could come in, but perhaps, that included the “proof” that the Tanach could not have been manipulated by Jewish believers of Messiah.

  51. I love Israel and believe in the Abrahamic covenant
    However if you claim the Jews did not reject Jesus from one verse please explain their choice of Barabas over Jesus
    Thank you for your teaching

    • Thanks for asking, Peter. According to Mat.27:20, the chief priests and the elders persuaded the crowds that they should ask for Barabbas, and to destroy Jesus. The people that primarily rejected Jesus were the corrupt leaders whom Jesus criticized, who felt that He threatened their position and status.

  52. Lol, next you’ll be telling us that Nicodemus really didn’t know what being born again meant when it was a Jewish teaching. Nah, the context of the Gospel of John is separation from the synagogue. To

  53. And throughout the gospel “the Jews” represent those who expelled John’s community from the synagogue. They are the darkness, the children of satan. The gospel of John is actually set in the latter first century.

  54. Forgive me if this has been already stated – Matthew 15v24 – Jesus Himself says – that He was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel – there are many references to “lost sheep/sheep “ in the gospels – help for John1

    • Jesus might have had Jer.50:6 in mind when He said “lost sheep”. These “lost sheep” were identified in contrast to the “leaders/shepherds”, i.e., they are the common people who have been led astray by corrupt leadership.

  55. How can anyone speak of a church that was almost entirely made up of Jewish men and women in the first century, whose gospels and letters were written almost exclusively by Jews, say that the Jews rejected Jesus?

    • It’s because first-century Jewish leadership rejected Jesus (perceiving Him a threat to their position and lifestyle), and because consequent orthodoxy sided with their decision and followed suit. This is why James/Ja’akov (3:1) says let there be few teachers among you because they will receive greater judgment.

  56. Why does Isaiah 11:2 say that the Branch will have the fear of the Lord? Will my brother Jesus have that? Why does verse 4 match Rev 11:5 soo well? How does my brother, the only Begotten Son of God, stay seated WHILE His enemies are made his footstool psalm110:1?

    • Hi Shiloh. 1)”Fear/reverence/honor/awe of God” is an eternal Torah commandment (Lev.19:14,32;25:17) and the beginning of wisdom (Job.28:28,Ps.111:10,Prov.9:10); of course Yeshua has that. 2)Isa.11:4 does not really match that well with Rev.11:5; it points better to Rev.19:11-21. 3)Being seated at the right hand of God is not an action of relaxation; it is an expression for ruling (1Cor.15:25).

  57. Shalom from America! I think what you are saying is that every Jew did not reject Jesus. Just a not every Gentile didn’t accept him. There were Gentiles and Jews in both camps. It remains that way today. I’m praying for revival.

  58. Israel as a whole, rejected Christ. This is why Christ, instead of Israel as a whole, founded the Catholic Church, His New Chosen People.

    • Hi Wulfrano, welcome to IBC. The New Covenant is made with Israel and Judah (the Jews), Jer.31:31, (instantly toppling replacement theology); it can’t explain the miraculous rebirth of the State of Israel; and it undermines Gentile’s security (positing that God may default on His promises). Although God has achieved some good through the Catholic Church, supersessionism fails at explaining reality. Furthermore, it is precisely this minset that has fueled hatred and persecution for millennia, the opposite of the Master’s teachings. So, why must you replace the people into whom you are grafted through the Jewish Jesus?

  59. Ask Noah’s neighbors, Er, Onan, Herod, Ananias & Sapphira, or Uzzah if you see them in the afterlife how they define the fear of the Lord. The most important question for Earth is, why will HaShem curse it if Elijah can’t reach the hearts of the father’s? Malachi 4:5-6. Rev11:5.

  60. There is nothing I despise more than Jewish Replacement Theology. I just want that on the record and in the cloud. Ask the Vatican to explain 1 Samuel 11:8. Then compare theirs with my answer, and we’ll put an end to this stupidity. The Romans 11:25 mystery is not eternal.

  61. if scriptures misunderstood and cooected, bear that “spoken words of God” is eternal,holy do not contradict any/all spoken words of God if there is contradiction its “spoken words of man” thus offering corrections/ interpretations contradict other spoken words of God.

    • I’m with you, Arthur, that God’s words are not contradictory and that if we perceive a contradiction, it is a matter of our faulty interpretations.


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