“The Seven Spirits of Deceit” – an Excerpt from the Testament of Twelve Patriarchs (First Century BCE/First Century CE), a Jewish text originally authored in Hebrew, translated to Greek and improved upon by Christian scribes around 2nd Century CE.

A copy of the testament of Reuben: the things which he commanded to his sons before he died in the one hundred twenty-fifth year of his life… And when he was raised up he kissed them and said to them, “Listen, my brothers and my sons; give heed to the things which I, Reuben, your father, command you. See here, I call the God of heaven to bear witness to you this day, so that you will not behave yourselves in the ignorant ways of youth and sexual promiscuity in which I indulged myself and defiled the marriage bed of my father, Jacob… And now give heed to me, my children, concerning the things which I saw during my time of penitence, concerning the seven spirits of deceit. For seven spirits are established against mankind, and they are the sources of the deeds of youth. And seven other spirits are given to man at creation so that by them every human deed (is done).

First is the spirit of life, with which man is created as a composite being. The second is the spirit of seeing, with which comes desire. The third is the spirit of hearing, with which comes instruction. The fourth is the spirit of smell, with which is given taste for drawing air and breath. The fifth is the spirit of speech, with which comes knowledge. The sixth is the spirit of taste for consuming food and drink; by it comes strength, because in food is the substance of strength. The seventh is the spirit of procreation and intercourse, with which come sins through fondness for pleasure. For this reason, it was the last in the creation and the first in youth, because it is filled with ignorance; it leads the young person like a blind man into a ditch and like an animal over a cliff. In addition to all is an eighth spirit: sleep, with which is created the ecstasy of nature and the image of death. With these are commingled the spirits of error. (Testament of Reuben 1-3.2)



  1. Why do you use books that are not in the Bible and seem to give them the same authority as books that are in the Bible.
    for example, Reubin

    • Vince, I post excerpts from “ancient Jewish literature” outside of the Bible and give you references and dates when these works were composed. Is that wrong? I have an extensive library at home, well beyond one book and I read many books besides the Bible. What gave you an idea I give these other books “the same authority”?

    • There are more things to know than that is written in Bible. The goal of bible is to show the Loving Father our God through Jesus. The nothing other than bible ‘sola scriptura’ is the product of protestant theology ( which failed to explain so many questions).

    • Mr. Perkins,
      2 yrs ago, I would’ve asked same. Nov ’18, God seized me & I’ve consumed the Word radically since. Fact is, God just led me past Old/New Covs to more of His powerful works (planned for this season)-Ex:1&2 ENOCH unfold the Bible-it’s REVELAtionary! Study ALL & with God.

  2. have read the portion of the 7 spirits realy intresting i like to lear more will i have access to a more understanding throug the videos and will i be able to speak with the proffesor if i have a problem understanding to clearfy

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    1) I would love to enroll in the full courses. I am in South Africa. How do I go about?

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    Sorry for all the questions. Thank you for the bits of knowledge to make us want more.

    Kind regards
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  4. Dear Prof. I can totally accept that other documents of the period be worthy of study and contemplation in tandem, but certainly not equal, to the Bible. We are not always privy to such documents which adds to the value your articles provide. If I may, are any of these spirits of deceit implied / mentioned / noted either explicitly or implicitly in the Bible? Any confirmation thereof, I suspect, would add immense value to the piece you’ve written.
    As a fellow academic I appreciate the ethics you apply in some of the comments I have observed.

    God Bless. Riaan

  5. This is good stuff. Transferring spirit of taste for example, to taste and see that the Lord is good. Strength not in food but the joy of the Lord. Coming out of natural to be truly led of the Spirit. Thanks for the nibble. Good food for application

  6. Hi, thanks for all the information that has been shared. My one question on this article is why is life considered a spirit of deceit.
    If my understanding of the article is flawed, I humbly apologise.
    Keep up the good work. God bless.
    Thank you.

    John B.

      • Dr Pinchas thank you and your gracious words. I think it makes sense that these are called “spirits” because something that cannot be handled by hand or seen physically. It makes sense too that they are called “spirits of deceit”, taste can be deceiving in the sense that a person can

        • Continue…understand nature and not in a sinful way. For instance, sleeping does imitate death. This helps me, I am glad you bring these to our attention

        • Ancient authors have their own ways in which they describe the world they experience. It is not uo to us to judge. It is up to us to understand them.

      • that’s not a helpful response at all. i had the same question when i read the article. did you just mean to say, you don’t know the answer?

        • What I meant is I cannot really answer “why or what means something” questions on behalf of the person who actually wrote “The Testament of Twelve Patriarchs” I offer an excerpt from an ancient text for us to consider the historical context, how ancient people thought on such topics. Only the author can answer the question I was asked. My answers would be guesses.

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  7. Great insight! I joy and rejoice for Reuben’s repentance and instruction to his children that they don’t fall in the same trap and pit.

    • Well, you know the document was not really written by Reuben. It was written by another Jew at a much later date. Perhaps this is something that Reuben would have said if we had his words.

  8. After you have written this text what would you say about the warning, admonition that are in verses 18 and 19 of the last chapter? “Revelation 22:18 I testify to all who hear the words of the prophecy of this book: If any man shall add unto them, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book: 19 And if any man take anything from the words of the book of this prophecy, God will take away his share of the tree of life and the Holy City which are written in this book. “

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  9. Thank you for this article! It does help explain, as you said in one of your comments above, the reference to the seven fold spirit in Revelation. Since, besides being inspired by the Holy Spirit, Scripture speaks in the context of the time it was written. Didn’t Paul also make reference to the Twelve Patriarchs? Possibly in Romans 12?

    • I am glad to hear you liked the excerpt. In general, Lois, people do knot know that ancient literature refers to angels as “spirits” sometimes…

  10. Strange. I was contemplating the fruit, eating, wisdom, naked
    Of Genesis. There are spirits which seem to follow this sequence
    Interesting….? ?‍♀️

  11. Thank you for the article on “The Seven Spirits of Deceit” because the information quickens my understanding of the power of the human senses.

  12. May the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob be pleased to grow His Word in US as we get to know Him better with any truths and inspiration gleaned from this and other extrabiblical writings that are in harmony with the the word of-and to the glory of-God. Amen&Amen.

  13. I’m greatful for any precious knowledge that can draw US who seek-diligently for more of the Truth in God’s holy word-closer to Christ, which IB is a sure Way to bring each Member of the Lord’s body closer to Him&more in line with our Father and God’s perfect will.Thanks be

  14. it is written that man will not care so much about the laws that the Bible had taught us. there is a chapter in the bible that all this things must come to pass. and all of the future, whatever happens to us, there is only us humanity to blame.

  15. It is amazing how the book turned the normal human instincts into spirits. I believe they don’t have to be spirits to be of influence in human lives. These are the normal natural things that humans do but if not controlled could lead to serious consequences. They are natural.

  16. And adds an eighth sort of a freebie. Seems to be the Spirit of touch; hot, cold, hard, soft; sometimes that all enveloping cushy feeling; a warning, a comfort, a blessing or curse, chose well this day

  17. I appreciate the exposure to other ancient texts. I want to read what contemporaries of the Bible were also reading and exposed to. It’s informative, additional context to understanding ancient thinking. Thank you for this post and others like it!

    • I am glad you can see the value! We know so little of ancient world and how they saw things and then there is considerable diversity. The more we immerse ourselves into the ancient thinking, the clearer the biblical texts would become to us, simply because they speak in the same tone, with similar language.

  18. I thoroughly reading this excerpt from Reuben. No correlation, however it made me think of the lying spirit that Lord put in the mouths of the prophets who prophesied to Ahab – 1 Kings 22:19-23, and also the seven spirits mentioned in Revelation. The fact that Reuben was in penitence and this was revealed to him is indeed interesting. Thank you for adding to my learnng experience. I am looking forward to reading more excerpts from the old texts.

  19. … I love to read The Twelve Patriarchs … a plethora of wisdom in every one … yet, I can’t help but think of our Lord Jesus Christ, Saviour & Messiah, had his Temptations in the Wilderness & that Satan tempted him with three Deceptions of diversion to distract Him away from his High Sonship, Selfhood & Calling … all of these deceitful temptations have their roots in ‘Politics’ earthly Kingship, & ‘Using your Holy Power’ to tempt YHWH & to transform by trickery, natural objects that are not usually food, into food …
    … also, the amazing readings of the Books of Adam & Eve; 1 & 2 … their Temptation, Expulsion, & extraordinary adjustments outside of the Garden in The Cave of Treasures … Satan harrassed them almost continously with a plethora of varieties of deception … a real eye-opener for us, in seeing the vast array of types of deception …

  20. The lord only want us to know those things that are necesary for us to know. Hence some of the things we are hearing now look strange because it has not been written in the bible for example the testament of the twelve patriarchs. All the same I thank the prof for bringing all this out now for our knwledge.Shalom


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