One of the most important words in the New Testament is εὐαγγέλιον (euangelion). It is usually translated as “the Gospel”. Its literal translation is simple – “news of good/good news”.

When the armies of Israel faced those who sought to conquer their land and enslave its people, messengers stood ready to carry back home any news at all. In the case of defeat – warning to run and hide; in the case of victory – encouragement to celebrate and rejoice!

We read in Isaiah 52:7:

מַה־נָּאו֙וּ עַל־הֶהָרִ֜ים רַגְלֵ֣י מְבַשֵּׂ֗ר מַשְׁמִ֧יעַ שָׁל֛וֹם …אֹמֵ֥ר לְצִיּ֖וֹן מָלַ֥ךְ אֱלֹהָֽיִךְ׃

How pleasant on the mountains are the feet of him who proclaims the news of peace… and says to Zion, “Your God reigns!”

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The good news is set in a military context. It is expressed in terms of Israel’s God defeating His enemies. The announcement of God’s victory is the basic reason for Zion to rejoice. The apostle Paul, when describing the spectacular effect of the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus, also defined it in terms of the war-like defeat of the powers of darkness:

“When He had disarmed the rulers and authorities, He made a public parade of them (defeated), having triumphed over them by Himself.” (Col.2:15)

Even when applied to the spiritual war, the Gospel is still rooted in the texts of the Hebrew Bible. The victory of the Jewish Christ was the definitive victory of Israel’s God over all His enemies foreign and domestic. The resurrection of the murdered Christ meant that Israel’s God still reigns and the powers of evil have already suffered their catastrophic defeat.

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  1. Where can I purchase any book your organisation has produced. I live in Baltimore md.can you email a list of the books or DVD your organisation has produced.
    Charles Austin
    Thank you

  2. Interesting point about the military aspect of the Good News. Little wonder that that same Good News is seen in the context of the book of Revelation where there was war in heaven, where Michael and His angels fought against the Devil and his angels, and the Devil lost and was cast out of heaven. The Devil or Satan also lost the war when the Messiah made an atoning sacrifice for the sins of the world and rose from the dead. It is this event, that the Good News is based on. When we’re on God’s side, we’re on the side of victory over sin and death because of what Yeshua had done, is doing now and will do for us in the future. Thank God for the hope this brings to millions of people the world over.
    If anyone didn’t know, Michael the archangel is believed to be the Messiah Yeshua before His incarnation as a human being in Israel which makes the military context of the Good News more relevant and noteworthy.

    • Is this JW doctrine that Jesus was the archangel Michael? Please provide your scriptural basis for this so i can study for myself. Thank you. 🙂

      • Both Jehovah’s Witnesses and Seventh-day Adventists believe Michael to be Yeshua the Messiah in his pre-incarnated state or pre-existence. The only difference between the two is the JW believe Michael is a created being and SDA believe in the eternal pre-existence of Michael and that He
        is equal to His Father.
        Many Bible scholars equate Michael with the Messiah and not just JW and SDA.
        To make a long study short, I would point out a few Scripture texts to connect Michael to Yeshua.
        1. Michael is called the “archangel” ( Jude 9 ).
        2. It is with the voice of the archangel that the dead are raised ( 1 Thessalonians 4:16 ).
        3. Yeshua said it is His voice that will raise the dead at the last day ( John 5:25-29; see also 11:21-45 ).
        See also Daniel 12:1-2 where Michael is seen in the context of the resurrection of the dead at the time of the end. Yeshua based His ministry and teaching on the prophetic book of Daniel and so, it is little wonder why He referred to Himself as the Son of Man which is also mentioned there in Daniel 7:13-14.

  3. Thank you Dr Eli. It is so very true there is no greater news to weary sin torn souls than that in our Lord Jesus Christ is forgiveness, healing of sins wounds. In Him we have the victory for He indeed is victor. He is the door through which we have life and a lively hope of heaven. Through Him alone we are reconciled to our great God. O what a wonderful Gospel we have. Thank you Dr for reminding us of the glorious Gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

  4. I love the military picture because the good news is the defeat of satanic influences. The war between good and evil. The war between sin and our death sentence and the offer of forgiveness and eternal life. The GOOD news is we can win because He has won!

  5. Thanks Dr. Eli for the insights. Praise be to Yeshua who has overcome all the powers of darkness, victory is his, and ours through him. I love the news of the good.

  6. When praying, it is frightening to think of Satan as a very powerful being, but when we keep our eyes on Christ’s victory, then we know that we are on the side of Him who said: “To Me has been given all power in heaven and on earth and that is GOOD NEWS for always.
    Then we may know that Jeshuah promised: “I am with you always”
    what wonderful truths.
    And I find that in God’s Kingdom, there is so much Love. Even here on earth I am surrounded by LOVE.
    Thank you Dr Eli, for bringing this Good News into our discussions, to think about this

  7. I was expecting Dr Eli to rebut comments from James N Benko comparing Yeshua to Michael, the archangel. But the absence thereof would suggest that Dr Eli is in full agreement with the statements made.

    This is my confirmation that this course is not for me. Todah!

    • Well… since you were looking for an excuse not to join you certainly got it :-). I simply did not see this comment (or it may have been answered by an assistant) :-). I certainly don’t think that Yeshua is Michael, the archangel :-).

  8. This is an interesting aspect of the good news that we believers in Jesus Christ have received. But we must also remember that the warfare that is referred to by the Gospels is not the warfare of the current war industry, but a more primordial war between God and rebellious spirits: “the war is not against flesh and blood, but against the spirits and principalities that rule this world”. (St. Paul the Apostle). Jesus’ Love and Obedience to Our Father, has saved us from slavery and death. “Now, we are free to Love”.(St John of the Cross).

  9. Dr. Eli,
    I am sorry to see you lose a prospective student. All you had to do was state the obvious; you can agree to disagree.
    My position on Michael was also due to the meaning of his name ( “one Who is like God?” ) and that the title, “archangel” is one of several titles attributed to Yeshua. It is not His only title. By the way the question mark after the meaning of His name is a question of awe, not of perplexity.


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