Psalm 112:8 mentions a victorious person who “looks with satisfaction on his adversaries”.

His heart is upheld, he will not fear,
עַד אֲשֶׁר־יִרְאֶה בְצָרָיו (ad asher yireh vetzarav)
Until he looks with satisfaction
on his adversaries. (Ps 112:8 NASB)

Indeed צַר (tzar) can literally mean “an enemy” or “an adversary” (Gen 14:20 or Num 10:9) But sometimes Hebrew uses this term in an idiomatic or figurative way (1 Sam 2:32. Is 26:16, Ps 4:2). A more precise and literal meaning of צַר (tzar) means “someone (or even something) that causes trouble or adversity”. It is a much broader idea than the enemy. The Hebrew noun צָרָה (tzarah) means “trouble” “affliction”, “distress”, “adversity” or even “sorrow”. Psalm 18:7 says, בַּצַּר־לִי אֶקְרָא יהוה (betzar li ekrah Adonai) “in my distress I called the Lord…” The concept originates from the Hebrew verb צָרַר (tzarar) which means “to bind up”, “to bundle”, “to press”, “to persecute”, “to treat with hostility.” By the way, there are no words for “triumph” or “satisfaction” in the original text of Psalm 112:8. But there is an action of “looking at someone who causes distress” and “not being afraid”.

Things or people that cause us stress are often not our enemies at all, at least not literally. They can be family, friends, co-workers, and sometimes complete strangers unaware of their actions. There is no need for fear or for putting up fists. We should face them interact with them.  A careful look at things or people that trouble us leads to a resolution of conflict. Observing, and recognizing the obstacles and troubles of any sort is the first step in overcoming them with the LORD’s help.



  1. ... well, the Trouble with Enemies, is that they've a self-perpetuating box n' cox kind of shadow boxing mindset/lifestyle; what appears to be 'there' or not, they fixate on physical defense & physical solutions ... or being frightened of themselves in a mirror, & reacting in lack of self-recognition ... I live in a region that is permeated with aggressive energy with such businesses as 'Sluggers Family Gym' or Gracies Ju-Jitsu ... this deification of physical prowess is palatable in local social circles, & adds to the colours of the rainbow world of the local 'Sodom & Gommorah by the Sea' ... never have you ever seen such a microcosm of social contortion, that the confluences of poverty, needy Seniors, drug addiction, bong's on the beach, everyone in their tattoo birthday suits, cannabis wafting on the air like morning mist ... well, you wonder ... to flee the beloved country, is to leave enemies far behind ... for enemies are those who cannot tolerate righteousness, who have distain of those who by the Grace of God, not Gracie, are truly being called out of the thuggery of the common populace into the very Israel, Kingdom of God ... where there are no slugger family gyms, ju-jitsu mania, & all of the garments of unrighteousness, including no garments at all ... contributing to all of this, is the absolute chaos you can find yourself trapped in ... also, the Lashon Harar ... the unpardonable sin of gross slander, verbal damage that is truly fatal in some cases ... & yes, being able to look your enemy in the eye, & to not be afraid of what you see there ... for they are trying to destroy you & make you like unto themselves & share in death their perdition ... don't go there ... do not believe what others 'opinion' has made of you ... seek with all your heart how to 'love your enemies' without succumbing to their death wish for you ...Jesus last words ... 'forgive them Father, for they know not What they do ... should read, forgive them Father, for they Know not who they are' ... re: Paul had to be 'struck' awake to realize himself, & his place in Salvation ... well, think of your enemies in this way, they just need the 'stroke' of God, to bring them awake ...


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