In the Book of Revelation, we read about the arrival of the Beast – the enemy of God’s people.  During this period, Christ-followers will be excluded from participation in the local economy unless they agree to place upon their head and hand the mark of the Beast (Rev. 13:16-18). But what is the exact nature of the mark?

To understand the true meaning of the mark of the beast, something must be kept in mind – The Book of Revelation is a Jewish, anti-Roman document. Once we realize that, we need to remember that the central Jewish Torah text that was recited twice daily stated, “‘Hear, O Israel! The Lord is our God, the Lord is one.” It had another, less famous, but an integral part: “Bind them (God’s commandments) as a sign on your hand and they will be on your forehead.(Deut. 6:4-8) Jewish people, both today and in antiquity, fulfill this commandment by literally tying the words of the Living God found in Torah to their hand and head almost every day of the week. This Practice is called, “the laying on of a tefillin.”

If the Book of Revelation is read with an awareness of the first-century Jewish context, it becomes clear that we should not imagine that one day the entire world will undergo a medical procedure that will insert a chip under the human skin (as some Bible teachers speculate). Instead, we should understand the mark of the beast to be an inward or outward expression that opposes the Law of God in the life of a human being. As the enemy of God and His people, the evil Beast would naturally want to replace the mark of God that goes on the hand and head of the worshiper with his own mark.

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  1. Disclaimer: If men dressed in black will come to your house and ask you to put a chip under your skin on your hand and forehead, don’t be stupid – don’t do it! 🙂 (But I think there is a greater chance for democrats to support Donald Trump in US politics than for this to happen to you). We are more likely to place the mark of the beast on us in all kinds of other ways that would be more subtle.

  2. This is an excellent and thought-provoking post, Dr. Eli. I agree that the author of Revelation is deliberately contrasting tefillin with the evil mark of the Beast. However, just as tefillin are a visual reminder of a person’s identification with the One True God, I don’t think we can rule out that the mark of the Beast may also include a visual component (as a means of identifying one’s loyalty to the Beast, his system, and opposition to God).

  3. “Revelation 13:16-17 Also it causes all, both small and great, both rich and poor, both free and slave,[a] to be marked on the right hand or the forehead, so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark, that is, the name of the beast or the number of its name.” This sounds like a permanent mark of some kind to me. But you are saying it is some action, not a physical mark?

  4. From what I’ve read, as pertaining to an RFID chip, QR code (which actually makes more sense because people could actually oppose anything underneath the skin of the forehead), or some speculating it’s actually the banner islamists wear on the head or right arm that contains the bismallah (there’s no god but allah, & Mohammed is his messenger). But whatever it is, required on the right hand/arm or forehead, that’ll be what to avoid.

    • The mark of the beast is going to be something that will permanently change your DNA. RFID, something along the lines of tefillin, etc., will not do this, because it can be removed. If you do not understand who the Raphaim were… a hybrid between humans and the fallen ones (the rebel angels who swore an oath on Mount Hermon to go against God’s commandments, and changed from immortal to mortal states (Jude 1:6, Books of Enoch, Jasher, Jubilees, & Giants), to have sexual relations with human women, and then produced offspring) which were NOT a creation of Yah (the seed that Yah is speaking of, in Genesis 3:15), and that these beings are coming back, in the coming Jacob’s Trouble (Great Tribulation), then you wouldn’t understand that these beings were condemned to roam the earth, as demons, since before the Great Flood. They have eternal souls, and that’s what the Mark of the Beast will offer to those that take it. So, when you take it, you become like the Raphaim… and this is what will prevent those from entering Heaven that take it, forever. Any other means, is temporary… you can change your mind after taking it. But the Bible is clear… once you take it, that’s it, you’re gone. So, that means, something that changes your genetic DNA. Today, we’re seeing the evidence that this can be done, through the CRISPR technology. They just did an experiment in China on 86 patients, changing their DNA to cure cancer. They’re using it to create custom babies, in the UK. It’s what they use, to create hybrid animals that can create organs for human organ transplants, on mice and pigs, etc. It’s already here.

  5. The Seventh-day Adventists point out that the issue will come down to Sunday being enforced by governments as the false Sabbath. There are many evidences in the text that the “beast” is none other than the Roman papacy which claims that Sunday is the mark of it’s authority over Christians who bow down in spite of a complete lack of evidence in Scripture for Sunday sacredness

    • I don’t see the Roman papacy as the Beast and enforcement of Sunday over Saturday as THE issue any more. I think the mark of the beast may manifest itself in different ways in different times.

      • When you connect the dots between the Dragon who is Satan, the Beast who is pagan Rome, then who would be the lamb-like Beast who speaks as a dragon? ( Revelation 13:11 ). The lamb-like is in reference to the Lamb of God, Yeshua the Messiah. From looking at the prophecies of the Jewish prophet Daniel about a political-religious power who thinks to change times and laws, it can be none other than the Papacy and the Roman Catholic Church. Because it was the Catholics who caused the schism between Jews and Christians with Replacement Theology and Christian secessionism.

        • James N. Benko, aren’t you forgetting that Revelation is a Jewish book, as is the entire Bible and all the prophecies are Israeli-centered? If you see some similarity that could be true but none of the prophecies center around Rome that I can see. Daniel had in mind Antiochus Epiphenes, who defiled the Temple, installed a statue of Jupiter, slaughtered upwards of 100,000 Jews and did away with their sacred “calendar” and “feast days” (changed times and laws). I believe it does point to the future and a repeat of another madman!

        • @Sheila – Antiochus Epiphenes has no relevance to the changing of present times and laws. It is the Roman power that is responsible for thinking to change the Law of God. Look at the changes in the Law of God in Roman Catholic catechisms regarding making idols and particularly the Sabbath commandment. To properly understand the little horn prophecy is to study it in the context of the other chapters in Daniel that parallel it, particularly Daniel 7. By comparing these two chapters, we can see why the identification of the little horn as Antiochus Epiphanes simply isn’t tenable.

        • @Benko@Sheila@Jay–The 4th beast of Dan.7 is Rome, which persists in spirit and practice today; ten horns are yet future divisions of global kings under antichrist correspond to ten toes of the 4th empire in Nebuchadnezzar’s vision, Dan.2; which in turn correspond to ten kings (Rev.17:12) who have power “one-hour” with the beast. Antiochus was type of Antichrist; but not THE Antichrist; we are now in the ankles/feet of the statue, Daniel2. “Letters to churches” are not “letters to synagogues,” but Christ’s Bride is raptured in Rev.4 and events thereafter focus on judgment of Israel and the nations, yet future.

  6. Instead, we should understand the mark of the beast to be any inward or outward expression that opposes the Law of God in the life of a human being. This is confusing, as this has happened every day, since the beginning of time. So how is it somehow distinct enough to gain recognition in this scripture passage?

  7. I do agree with that information about the mark of the beast it’s impossible for any system that has a literal agenda of piercing people’s skin to place chips in such a numerical way

  8. Could the usage of crypto currency be one of those subtle ways you mention? IMO I see it as a very effective way to control people and their finances

  9. i have my doubts that the “western” teaching of a rapture is being taught to the Christians and all the new converts to Christianity in the middle east. They are suffering all too often what the western Christians are thinking they will be raptured away from…. persecution in the view of western Christians is something they will not ever be subjected to… False Teaching for False Christians in my mind!

  10. I don’t think that it’s going to be anything that will be INSIDE of us. I believe it will be on the OUTSIDE and visible (more like a type of tattoo), something that people can see with a naked eye. The Antichrist will be a real human being (a real man), not a governmental system of things. Not Sunday worship like the Adventist all believe, but a real live breathing human (soul)…I think he will stand in the newly re-built Temple in Jerusalem and claim to be GOD and will demand worship from everyone alive. I think persecution is coming.

  11. This is an example of a theme in Revelation: namely, that evil cannot create anything, it can only counterfeit the good. Thus the mark of the beast where the phylacteries go. Also seen in the juxtaposition of the lamb with the Beast, the Virgin with the Whore, etc. I first read this in a book by Vernard Eller, “The Most Revealing Book of the Bible,” published in the 1970s, as I recall.

  12. Instead of calling it the mark of God, the book of Revelation mentions the seal of God. ( Revelation 7:3 ) What is the seal of God? See 2 Timothy 2:19. You’re correct about the commandments of the Torah of God but God’s people would also have the faith and testimony of Yeshua the Messiah. ( Revelation 12:17; 14:12; 19:10 ) And the world stage will be set between those who have the mark of the Beast and those who have the seal of God before the return of the Messiah.

  13. I’ve always wondered the same thing, that how the mark of the beast could be implemented. Jeremiah 31:33, Hebrews 8:10, tells us that the covenant in those days the law will be In their minds and on their hearts. So then what you are saying is the natural way of countering God’s intentions. There are too many Christians today looking to the rapture as their way out, this may or may not be true; myself personally I’m unsure of this. What I do know is that while the law is on my heart, the true living God, is my redemption.

  14. It seems clear there is a similarity that the mark of the beast seeks to imitate in some ways the command to keep the Word bound on the hand and head. However, the tefillin has not been connected specifically with buying or selling. Do you have thoughts on what the fulfillment of that looks like?

    • oh, my… there is no end to the way in which we can compromise God’s Law to get more in our consumption oriented world.

  15. I agree that the idea of a chip under the skin is silly. But don’t you think that since the Bible is specific about a mark on the hand or forehead that it is a literal mark? On the skin for all to see?

    • Doc Exactly. For if everyone is comfortable, life would not be exciting and if everyone were disturbed, life would be chaotic. To search for Truth means coming out of one’s comfort zone or disturbed state to find peace and calm in the Lord.

  16. I hear they are building an AI robot for us to worship that will have the power of life and death. I suspect it would be brought about by triggering the release of a fatal substance from the implanted microchip.

  17. Over forty years ago when I was just getting into Bible study a Seventh Day Adventist minister was saying that no one could stop everyone buying or selling. My reply was all the government has to do is get rid of cash and only use credit or debit cards… Don’t toe the line and you could be cut off the system.

  18. The mark won’t be a chip perse, but one who takes it will born unto death. They will forfeit their freewill, salvation, everything. I have sought understanding about what will happen to people since I was 10. I am 48. They will suffer, and Satan will indwell them completely. They will never find rest, will always be hungry & thirsty, they will be slaves, tormented night & day, they will be punished for every choice they make & look for death and not find it. I have seen it. Over 10 years of learning. It will be pure hell.

      • People seem to be more caught up in how it will be given to us, like with a chip. I believe we need to be more concerned with what happens to people ONCE they take it, in order that we can be more zealous that they DON’T take it. The last voluntary thing they will do is TAKE the mark. But once they have, they will never do anything from freewill again. There is no way to describe the pain they will feel. It will be hell in the flesh. This understanding will make us more effective in warning people.

  19. Thank you and Shalom Dr Eli.God bless your energy!!I feel that for me to become more close to God( having a personal relationship with our creator) we release those beastly qualities….meditation and singing and thoughts of respect, gratitude, simchah, and the mitzvah of happiness.To avoid depression and anger,guilt,hatred and competitiveness.Warm hugs Fiona

  20. Dr Eli the word beast was translated from what language?Hebrew is a very visual language and the translations need to be visualised.Just wondering why the word beast was used not a word indicating tefillim.Thank you Fiona

  21. When I was taking Hebrew, I noted the 6th letter of the Hebrew alphabet was was. So 666 would be www. WWW is of course the World Wide Web which is now how the world’s commerce travels and how we pay local merchants without cash. It remains to be seen if the biometric eye scans and fingerprints become part of this payment system thus fulfilling the hand and brow symbols.

    • 🙂 The bigger issue is not the web that Al Gore invented :-), but what we do with it. Do we practice God’s Law or do we practice lawlessness (which is really the law of someone else).

  22. The cell phone. Worn on the wrist and attached to ear. We buy and sell with it and all bar codes have 666 within them. Very soon we won’t be able to live without them or whatever they morph into. . Only the Holy Spirit and a living breathing relationship with Hashem and Yeshua can bring us through

  23. I am assuming from what I have read that your view is that Revelation is futuristic. Revelation is a book of symbolism featuring the victory of the Kingdom of God over the evil attempt of the anti-Christ to shut it down. At least that is the way I see it.

    • Not really :-). I think it was futuristic for first century (and some of it still for us today), but I don’t read mostly as futuristic for today.

  24. #StillChipFree I guess it is appropriate to ask “what happened?” The numerology (one, two/twice) seems lost in translation. This lost symbolism explains why all things did not work together (faith alone). Now for the language throwback question. Jesus looked like two faiths; faith (death) & breaking faith (mark of God). Moses broke faith at the waters of Meribah-kadesh, Deu 32:51 (will die and be gathered). Not sure how ( or if) to bring that forward die to sin and be gathered (mark of God)? “he will send his angels and gather his elect from the four winds”.

  25. After reading this I got a strange twinge in my gut. We in Canada have a sitting prime minister who is anti God. Not only has he said Christians are what’s wrong with the world, but now his liberal government is requiring that businesses must accept that abortion is a free choice of women, in order for businesses to enroll in the student hiring program. Students get hired by businesses in the summer & the government pays a portion of their wages. So now business owners who do not agree with abortion are excluded from being involved with the program.

  26. And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: Revelation 13:16 According to Revelation the Mark of the goes on the right hand and foreheads. The Mark of YHWH ELOHIM would go on the foreheads of HIS followers. Please explain your words in the article above, Rabbi

  27. Agree… The mark of the beast is when people choose in their hearts to opose God’s laws and deny that Jesus is the Christ. There is already in the world, led by the false prophet, that all religions are equal and they all lead to the same God, denying therefore that Jesus is the only way to the Father. I believe that people who believe and embrace this lie, already have the mark in their hearts, and it’s possible that one day, this will be formalised by some physical mark??

  28. Thanks, Dr Eli. To think of the mark of the beast as any inward and outward expression that opposes God’s word is great. But since the book of revelation is specific about this being the mark of a man, alertness is key. For the mark being a symbolic representation in opposition to the tefilin I am a little puzzled because the mark is a world wide thing but the tefilin is only Jewish. Or, do Christians all over have to wear the tefilin too? Wouldn’t that negate Act 15:7-20?

  29. There are so many critical thinking regarding ‘the Mark of the Beast’. All aspiring to some elusive revelationary assumptions. Considering that these marks, whether physical or not is against my Lord God’s will and therefore opposite to whatever he teaches, guides and supports through the Bible, My Lord Holy Spirit & My Lord Christ Jesus. So as long as we focus on the doing and living of God’s will in our lives through, His only living example of perfection, which is Christ Jesus and my Lord Holy Spirit then surely this question becomes obsolete

  30. When the true Messiah comes. Everyone without question will be falling on their knees confessing that He is Lord. However, before that happens, many will be trying to get others to follow them to the false Messiah who will give you what you want and while receiving it will receive the mark of the beast. The number 6 is the vav which is the nail that represents the Messiah who connects Heaven and Earth in the Aleph. Do not worship the false Messiah (beast).

  31. The Book of Revelation was not written in Hebrew nor in Latin. Concerning the latter some people try to identify the man by using the Latin. What process does one use to jump from the original Greek to the Hebrew or to Latin? What is the justification for it. Everyone wants to identify a specific man, but the Greek does not have the indefinite article, so that instead of translating, “for it is the number of a man,” it could be simply, “for it is the number of man.” The beast thinks it is God, but it is merely man.

  32. “we should understand the mark of the beast to be any inward or outward expression that opposes the Law of God in the life of a human being.” I agree with you 100% Dr Eli. When you discard Yahweh’s law and embrace the law of the beast, that is the mark of the beast (with or without a physical mark on the body). Now the leaders of the mainstream Christianity have discarded Yahweh’s law; when the beast finally comes with his own law, most people, including many Christians will see nothing wrong in obeying the government of the day.

  33. “14:9 And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand… 14:12 Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of YHWH, and the faith of Yahushua.” Rev 14:9-12 Please note from the above passage that the saints (who will not have the mark of the beast) are doing two things: they are keeping Yahweh’s commandments and the faith of Yahshua.

  34. Nothing is more visible that a man with the Seal of the Living God in his mind and going to worship on the Seventh-Day Sabbath. The time has come to look more on for what is coming…

  35. I also had the idea that the mark would be something implanted in the skin because how else would it have an impact on buying and selling? And now with the cashless time, it feels as if we are forced to have cards. The cards will lead to something smaller etc and might ended to be a chip which no one can steal from you. How is the normal person without studies and other resources suppose to understand?

  36. This post is very thought-provoking! I have recently been involved in a teaching around self-centeredness and it’s grip upon each of us. Whether we bask in arrogance or suffer from low self-esteem, we are ultimately focused first on self. Perhaps the mark is a self-inflicted wound of sorts, created by the narcissism that deafens the voice of Ruach Ha’Kodesh. Interesting to ponder!

  37. The mark of the Beast is still today visible on the muslim proclamation of faith (Shahada).John the Revelator has it written in an enygmatic way all through the Book of Revelation. Check out Walid Shoebat’s intuition about the Mark or inscription of the Beast of Islam.

  38. Linda was taught that the number 666 was the Mark of the Beast in The Book of Revelation. Mark of the Beast is within everyone until they learn the Torah, known as the books of the lights.

  39. Zechariah 13:8-9 8 And it shall be in all the land,” says YAHWEH, “two parts in it shall be cut off and perish, but the third shall be left in it. 9 And I will bring the third part through the fire, and I will refine them as silver is refined. And I will try them as gold is tried. They shall call on My name, and I will answer them. I will say, ‘It is My people,’ and they shall say, ‘YAHWEH is my Elohim.’” (two parts perish) (third part My [YAHWEH’s] people) (2 divides 3 = .666)

  40. Revelation 13:4 (Non-believers following the beast) Revelation 13:11 (Make-believers following a false gospel who are given to the beast) the two parts that are cut off and die (Zechariah 13:8) Revelation 13:8 (Believers who are written in the book of life) (Zechariah 13:9) Two parts cut off (2 divided by 3 = .666) everyone numbered with the .666 will be thrown into the lake of fire.

  41. So the laying on of a tefillin meant that the Jews could physically be God’s word, could live the Torah, rather than only reading it. Or, could live in the Torah. So Jesus who IS the Word of God must have been a source of fascination.

    • Laying of the tefillin is a physical attachment of God’s word to the head and the hand. ONLY GOD’S WORD should be attached literally or symbolically. Anything that opposes it is the mark of the Beast. In the case of first-century, it was worship of other Roman gods and Empherical cults. I just got back from Rome, gods were everywhere.

  42. And the mark of the Beast would be the anti-word. I do think language is a source of much warfare between God and Satan.

  43. Perhaps we should all read the letter to the “qahal” at Laodicea . . . I prefer to buy from Yeshua gold that has been through the fire . . . salve for our eyes that we might have eyes that see . . . white gown to cover ones shameful nakedness . . . B”H Tom

  44. Hi Dr Eli , the mark of the beast must be ignorance , because through ignorance one become “antichrist” and then you think you can take a stance and defend ABBA and that you have a better testimony than HIM to bring or doctrine for that matter , there is a lot of scripture that shows the reader on which path he or she is either on the road that leads to second death or the narrow road that leads to Life Eternal with our KING OF Kings . Acts 17:30-31 is one such a verse

  45. I enjoyed this commentary. I toggle back and forth between a literal mark and a symbolic mark like in Ezekiel when the angel marks the people of God. Do you think that is a end time prophesy or something that literally happened in Ezekiel’s day? I have always wondered. it seems like it lines up with Revelation 7 when the 144,000 from the tribes of Israel are marked. Are these things connected?

  46. Dr. Vernard Eller wrote a book about Revelation in the 1970s in which he pointed out that evil cannot create anything, but only counterfeit the good. Thus the Beast against the Lamb, the Whore against the Virgin, and the Mark of the Beast in the place of the phylactery. Your commentary here is in keeping with that. The Mark of the Beast tries to take the place of what belongs to God in our lives. Commerce on the Sabbath belongs in this category, in my opinion.

  47. 666 versus 888. Please give a teaching about 888, the number Yeshua. Don’t give the beast much attention. Instead give the Lord our attention.

  48. In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God… We can quote from many books with many man made ideas, concepts or predictions, but God’s Word will always stand true. Prophecy continues to unfold throughout all time until the appointed time of fulfillment. The books of Daniel and Revelation make that clear. We can’t think for God, but we can watch for the signs God’s Word reveals to us. I am not of the 12 tribes, I will not be a part of the first rapture. Confusion tears us apart.

  49. My first thought was of the tattoo used in the Nazi camps. The mark used and replacing the location used to bind the Word.

  50. Thank you, Dr Eli. In as much as I believe the mark of the beast is coming, but none of these things are yet the mark. Whether implanted chip changes DNA or not, QR code or whatever. I believe all these things are to gain familiarity, which is trending, that it may be easy/hard to receive/reject the mark when it finally arrives. Reason being “… causes every man to receive the mark…”, and those deceived…. But we should watch and pray. Part of the watch is this discussions we do here, somehow. I pray, God help us escape those tribulations.

  51. I’ve been looking at the mark of the beast all wrong. The mark of God is not a one-time victory over a beast, it is eternal victory. A one-time victory limits my vision of the beast to a point in time (Exodus 19:8/ unchurched). If the beast is any expression that opposes the Law of God in the life of a human being (past, present, future), I must consider the power of doctrine as a potential beast. “Our” church history was based on the theology of Martin Luther. Imagine my surprise to find a fence built around the Torah!

  52. Sir, if the mark of the beast has direct reference to the Jewish practice of Scripture (Duet 6) on their forehead, why then is the hand mentioned as an alternative site of the mark of the beat? Thank you.

  53. Two sides in the knowledge over the Mark of the Beast when studying the Book of Job. Lucifer is supposed to be the Beast, however, God gave Lucifer permissions in order to test humanity from performing right or wrong decisions within our lives. Read the Book of Job how he lost his children and everything of value in life, farm, money, etc… At the end of the book Job face, God face to face, 1) To examine God’s response to Job 2) To consider the charges God makes against Job, and Job’s repentance.

  54. At the start of this article you wrote: “During this period, Christ-followers will be excluded from participation in the local economy unless they agree to place upon their head and hand the mark of the Beast (Rev. 13:16-18)” So, if there is no actual “mark”, please address the “economy part” of this. (…. no man will be able to buy or sell without the mark…) Thank you, Brenda

    • Brenda, you have got to take Revelation in Jewish Context course. Search for it in the New Testament courses.

  55. Ok I’m going to throw in my own two cents…..actually I won’t but I will paraphrase Ken Klein who said in a youtube video that the “mark of the beast is already here”…..”it is a system and the mark is something we see every day and that is the bar code”. Yes I know there are many who go out and proclaim what they believe Scripture has to say. I only know this that without Ruach HaKodesh by my side I will erroneously understand our Abba’s Word because I will be relying upon my own understanding and not His.

  56. As express in the introduction to this topic, the mark of the beast is a religious system that is in opposition to God’s law, in this case the ten commandment, and it is specifically targeted at the worship of God on the sabbath day as He prescribed that we should do as a memorial of His creation ability. The mark of the beast as we understand is any worship that is outside of the Sabbath day. And that is the sunday worship or catholicism that is prevalent today in the world.

    • OR it’s the suggestion I make above, which I think offers the most likely understanding of this term…

  57. Very interesting, I noticed a few years ago that the mark of the Beast was on the forehead and right hand/arm and God’s instructions were very clearly for the forehead and left arm. I also think Shabbat is an issue. Those of us who keep Shabbat are looked on as very odd, even when one asks the question ‘where in Scripture did the Lord change the day of Shabbat because this would make Him a liar’. One group over here in the UK were chucked out of a village hall because they were known to be ‘pro Israeli’ for starters.

    • You have picked up on the same we have picked up on too (about difference in tfillin arm (left vs. right). Left arm in Judaism symbolizes closeness to the heart, but Satan’s mark being on the opposite could actually be understood in several different ways.

  58. hello and blessing from Armenia to all of you. I have a question, when apostle John wrote the revelation Nero already was died, why it should be his name in a code 666?

  59. The Greek word translated “Mark” is χάραγμα (Cháragma) meaning a branding or a tattoo. Seems more plausible (considering the Motorola Corporations development of an electronic tattoo which is being funded by DARPA) that the Biblical Mark of the Beast will be something of this nature!

  60. Anyway. The text is simple: “It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads, so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark …” The answer is also simple – you gave it already: Tefillin. No need for chips (I never heard about) or other complicated “excuses”. Occam’s Razor.

  61. In the year 1957 chips was place in the head of some of your children after the mother gave birth. Rome wanted to place chips in the people hands maybe three years ago. I am not joking, when someone wants my blood for a pack within some faith that when a person should walk away. Left hand is where the chip is suppose to be place. One world bank will control mother earth. The fallen angels has control of mother earth.

  62. Oh, that they had such a heart in them that they would fear Me and always keep all My commandments, that it might be well with them and with their children forever! Devarim 5 verse 29. His Law is life. Thank you Dr. Eli For my wellness I live to be obedient to our Father and our creator. Shalom

  63. I don’t know if any of you are aware of this new national ID card being made mandatory beginning Sept 2019. if you do not accept it you can not travel by plane ,bus, train, state to state use any services , not able to enter any government building. I live in washington state my state id expires Oct 2018 . I was told I can still receive an ID like I have now but in Sept 2019 I will have to get the new one because it will be mandatory for all US citizens. is this possibly the mark

  64. to continue my last comment I’m also a disabled vet without that mandatory ID I would not be able to receive my VA benefits that encludes my disability income each month

  65. The Greek χάραγμα (Cháragma) indicates either a branding or a tattoo. It is interesting to note that this mark is linked to the future economic system of the AntiChrist (nobody is permitted to buy or sell without the mark). Recently Motorola (with funding from DARPA; the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency- the research and development arm of the US Military) unveiled the prototype of an electronic tattoo that every person will use to be liked to their smartphone or computer.

    The image of the Beast could very well be a some form of AI robot linked to a mainframe. such a creation would be able to speak and have some form of “Artificial Intelligence”, although this intelligence would possibly be nothing more than of demonic origin.

    Recently Saudi Arabia granted citizenship to one such robot!

  66. I am loving all these articles,but I do have to add that I believe alot of what is said is also to be taken literally,ex:the chip ,that does not mean it is not a conscious thought of making a choice for or against God but they are already starting to implement the chip into society slowly and that is how Hitler did what he did,that’s how abortion got where it is and homosexuality has gotten into society and porn all over our media alittle here and there.its like putting the frog in the pot of water and slowly boiling it versus just throwing it in the boiling water,it will stay in the pot as its slowly being boiled but jump out if its boiling all at once.

  67. … but above all, “fear not” and “you are slaves of the one whom you obey” … be obedient to Christ and all will be well

  68. Shalom Rhonda, the Ebonites are not Jews; Judeans are not decendants of Esau. Jews are basicly the decendants of Judah. The Judeans were mostly decended from Judah and Benjamin. Shelly, Rapture is not a biblical word. There are 3 theories as to when the believers will be “caught up.” Only one of them is at the beginning of the tribulation. Why were we told to prepare for the bad times if we are not going to live through them? We should be able to see the Mark of the Beast. I believe the Sabbath is the 7th day but Sunday Worship is not the Mark of the Beast.

  69. for our consideration; The mark of the beast is “self will/I will”. It is marking ourselves with “I will do what I want with my body, I will do what I want with my Spirit, I will do what I want with my Soul (mind, will, emotions). The opposite is; We will do the will of “I AM” with our body, soul and spirit and thus mark ourselves as doers of the Will of “I AM”.

  70. Crikey I want to learn the Bible and it’s great that people have opinions and debates but some of you sound a bit too much out there. Chill out a bit. No one knows why we are here. Just has I love my kids unconditionally so G D loves us and trust that he will look after us. Hats off to you Dr Eli

  71. A little late to the conversation, and I didn’t read all the comments so someone might have addressed my thought already but here it is anyhow, the hand and the forehead refer to our thoughts (forehead) and actions (hand). The Creator is a spiritual being and gives us spiritual truths, I don’t think He is too concerned with the flesh, John 6 for instance, I challenge people to count the number of statements to the apostles that are literal vs spiritual. So binding His Word on our hand and forehead would mean His Word should control our thoughts and actions, makes a lot more sense than a chip in the last few years of history. A controlling government would control the location of the chip. The mark of the beast would be “the lie” controlling the rejectors thoughts and actions as Dr Eli mentioned.

  72. It’s shocking to see all of us we don’t understand what’s the Mark of beast really is yet we are living in it time we need to kneel down and cry the Lord until He give us revelation that is only to escape it

  73. Why translate a Greek document into Hebrew to find the real meaning of a word. Why bother about the Jewishness of Jesus. Jesus appeared to me as I was praying and the a voice told me to look at his nose. Strait like an arrow. This was proof to me that that Jesus is not Jewish because of his mother but “international” because of his Father. Jews had to realize that their messiah came 2000 year ago and they could not recognize him because of their view of “selfimportance”. God bless.

  74. Hello,

    Thank you for your insight. However I do not understand how it could be a spiritual mark. How does somebody’s choice to be rebellious against the God of Israel going to prevent one from buying items or selling things in the market place? The Scripture specifically states you have one of two things: The name of the beast or his number, 666. How could this be interpreted as a spiritual mark of his name or number, thus preventing one from buying and selling? Tzitzit is a physical reminder of a spiritual matter–a symbol of God’s Law. Tefillin is used a a physical thing for a spiritual matter, a symbol of God’s Word in their heart. Why would something so dangerous as the mark of the beast also not be a physical thing for a spiritual matter–a symbol of the devil? After all, God and Satan both have symbols in the physical to represent things that are spiritual. And “mark” means a “symbol”, so in other words anyone who has the “symbol” of Satan will be able to continue buying and selling in the market place.

    I don’t see how this is any way spiritual.

    Thank you for reading,

  75. I can appreciate the attempt to apply a Jewish context to New Testament Scripture, as Christianity is rooted in Judaism. However, it’s important to realize that the NT demonstrates that Christianity is a separate entity from Judaism (1 Cor. 10:32 – “. . . to Jews or to Greeks or to the church of God”). By the time Revelations was written, the church had been in existence for more than 1/2 century and was likely composed of far more people from Gentile background than Jewish background. Hence, Rev. is not a Jewish vs. Roman book but Christian vs. Roman book.

  76. Additionally, with Revelations the original language and cultures of the 1st to 2nd centuries must carry equal or greater weight than any supposed Jewish contribution. Concerning the Greek word for “mark”: “In the days of the ancient Greek world charagma originally denoted the bite of a snake, but as its use developed historically it came to mean an inscription (i.e., on wood, stone, brass, casting dies, minting coins), a writing of any nature, or a stamp of personal identity (e.g., a brand to mark camels). Eventually it denoted an official seal of attestation, validity, and authority (ibid., 2:574; Wilckens, “charagnia,” Kittel, 9:416).” – The Complete Biblical Library Greek-English Dictionary – Sigma-Omega.
    The language and the context of Scripture leave no room for something which is not a literal mark. It may not be a “chip” as you suppose others surmise, but a definite branding in a way which is a permanent, easily recognizable way. I don’t believe this would preclude a computerized chip, but the language and context does not preclude it either.
    Likewise, the language and context DOES preclude something like a tefillin, which can easily be put on and removed at will. Such a concept runs contrary to the language and context of the relevant parts of Revelations.

    • Well, I’m not saying that the mark of the beast is tefillin (God forbid!) I’m saying that speaking about a mark on the hand or head is for any first-century Jew an instant allusion to tefillin, which is a biblical sign of remembering God’s commandments. Therefore the forgery will be a sign on the hand or head but will lead to disobedience of God’s commandments.

  77. 🙄hhh man… It’s ok to seek truth, but after reading that long succession of replies regarding the beast & his sign, I realize that I am doing good at humbly (trying to) walking with haShem and following His commandments (‏שמור וזכור).

  78. The mark of the cross is made on the forehead with ash during lent.

    Sign of the cross
    The Byzantine sign of the cross made with the right hand.

    The Byzantine sign of the cross is made with thumb and the first two fingers of the right hand joined at the tips. The third and fourth fingers are closed on the palm.

    The Byzantine way of making the sign of the cross pre-dates the Latin style used by the Roman Catholics.

    The sign of the Trinity and Cross are both in the right hand.

    The Hebrew word for sin is “chet,” which literally means “missing the mark.”

    The sign of being forgiven.
    During the ancient days of Israel, if a person was forgiven in a court, the person would receive a single ash mark on their forehead for everyone to see; that was done in remembrance of Moses’s snake on a pole.

    The Catholic mark is a cross on the fore head made with a trinity sign with the right hand. By the way, the word “cross’ is not biblical; it was added to scriptures.
    The Seal of God is the law and the Sabbath Day.

  79. Thankyou dear D.R.Eli,there is now a Biometric system in place in India controlled by Hindus, it is MANDITORY, everyone has an R.F.I.D number & ON A DATA BASE OF 1.2 BILLION PEOPLE,the cash in india is almost GONE & the world seems to be following suit with RFID chips/skin tags but for TRUE JEWS & followers of YESHUA it’s an abomination against The L-RD no ? I would ask anyone who believes in the Revelation prophesies, would you take an implant, register for CASHLESS in BIOMETRICS ?

  80. Shalom Eli,

    Very good study, but I have a question, in Ezekiel 9, Ezekiel got a vision, and a mark was also issued, on the forehead of all righteous… is it the same mark we are talking about?

    Hope to hear from you,

    • Hopefully, Mirel, the mark of the righteous in Ezekiel 9 won’t be perfectly identical to the mark of the wicked in Revelation 14! But seriously, I think that you’re right in that they both serve the same purpose of marking people according to their true loyalties.

  81. Your comments make sense. The way I understand the Biblical passage found in Revelation, I don’t believe people will be tricked into receiving the mark. I believe, quite the opposite; that people are going to know, full well, what they are doing if they accept the mark, and know that it is an absolute rejection of the Lord Jesus Christ as their Saviour, so that they are without excuse.

  82. wonderful lesson ,wonderful meaning of what John saying ,yes just a jewish person know what he say ,but he was talking to jewish ,Thankyou sir

  83. Clearly it is referring to the 10 Commandments! And obviously the fourth Commadment, the one that starts with the word, REMEMBER…as if it was something forgotten or changed. Yep, the seventh day Sabbath without any doubt is precisely what God is referring to!


  85. Thanks Dr Eli. Thanks for the inspiration. It’s the JEWISH Jesus, we believe to be the SAVIOUR. He has set us a path to follow. Those who loves Him would “obey and keep his commandments”
    The beast, would be counter system attaching attack God’s law, testimonies & his people keep. “And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change TIMES & Law….
    Hail the God of Israel. He is our God and will soon came to save us who belief in Him.

  86. I have just followed the lecture regarding Revelation,very insightful and a great help to understand this book. Regarding the number 666 in Rev 13:18, the lecture explains this to be linked to the Roman emperor Nero. However the multiples of 6 also appear elsewhere in the bible: Goliath, 6 fingers, weight of his armour contains 6, his length 6 etc Goliath seems to be a man of sixes, another one is Solomon: 1 Kings 14, his income was 666 talents of Gold,II Chronicles 9:21 links this income to ships from Tarshish.Could 666/Tarshish be more linked to Solomon/Goliath than Nero?

  87. ( Continued ) More on 666( I ran out of words ) , could there be a warning(s) to Christ followers in these OT parts which Yochnan/ Messiah wants to convey ?
    Yonah also took a boat to Tarshish, Psalm 48:7 states that YHWH will destroy the ships to Tarshish. What does Tarshish signify and why does YHWH detests Tarshish ( and is connection to 666 ) so particularly? Are there parallels to 666 and Tarshish for today ?

  88. The lecture on Revelation , mentioned a heavenly tabernacle, some translations state John 1 : 14 as ” the Word dwelt/lived among us” , other translate this as ” tabernacled amongst us. Is it important to make a distinction between dwelling/living and tabernacling ?

    • They are both adequate translations of the same Greek word (εσκήνωσεν). Tabernacle is Latin and means to dwell or be housed. Biblically, where you pitch your tent is where you dwell. By translating it as “tabernacled” there is an allusion to the body being a dwelling place (2Cor.5).

      • Psa 119:89 LAMED. For ever, O LORD, thy word is settled in heaven.

        Rev 13:8 And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.

        Rev 13:9 If any man have an ear, let him hear.

        Mat 24:24 For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if [it were] possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

        Rev 13:18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number

  89. I was in USA last month and collapsed in church and had to be resuscitated. I was out of my body and standing in a great light. I spoke to the Lord, but it was not in any language, more like a thought expressing itself going out from me. I asked the Lord for His will to be done, and then I heard a voice:”Gabrielle, open your eyes”. I was back again. There is no specific earthly language in heaven. It was peaceful beyond description.

  90. Before I was able to read this article I already had a confusion about the mark of the beast being a chip to be implanted and I am lead to believed that it has something to do with what the Israelites do by tying the commands in the heads and hands which is more biblical that what most bible teachers tend to believe…

  91. First I want to admit I did not read all the comments, so if I duplicated, SORRY. I have been taught that the sign of the beast is has to do with the Sabbath. This would go along with your teaching that the book of Revelation is a Jewish based book. Since the main separation of Jews and Gentiles today is keeping the Sabbath (Saturday – the actual Sabbath the ones the Jews keep). So if the mark of the beast is to be something that would be tangible, worshiping on Saturday and denying Sunday worship would make sense.

  92. That is the truth. We have a work to do as believers and we need to, be ready for that moment of trial that will come.

  93. Now the mark on the hand and forehead even make more sense to me. Let me explain, in short – Revelations mention the beast with 10 heads, the 10th wounded and recover. The last big empire was the Ottoman empire (muslim) which is currently busy to recovery. Jihad today wear an Arabic 666 in the hand/arm and forehead when fighting. 1 John 2:22 …he is antichrist that denieth the Father and the Son. As far as the language in Heaven is concerned, think about the Holy Ghost communicating with us, dreams i.e pictures. No language but telepathic.

  94. The bible says that that beast is a nation, and a world power that happens to be also a Theocracy. The bible also says that it caused people to receive a (mark or sign) in their hand and forehead. That and other signs point to the Vatican, and no other nation on earth. Peter was crucified in Rome under Emperor Nero. It was Peter who called the Roman Empire Babylon. 1 Peter 5:13 She who is in Babylon, chosen together with you, sends you her greetings, and so does my son Mark. There is no mystery as to who…

  95. Realisticly the mark of the beast would be a bar code-type mark on the person’s forehead or hand; very simple and easy to be read by any grocery store type computer reader. The info would be simple local info on the person with the bar code. Unfortunately the system could be installed connected to supercomputers with-in hrs and days. It really is that simple, with info ties to social security records as data back-up. THE 666 number is simply data on that person within the local area and simply HAVING IT shows the person is submitted to the system.

  96. Your article started off well making the connection to WHY the antichrist will require the mark in the head and hand. The Bible is a history book of events that foreshadow events to come. To say no chip is going to be required is ludicrous and giving nonbelievers a false sense of security. The technology is already in place as is AI to track the population. This article was enough to make me unsubscribe from these mailings. Disappointed.

    • I’m sorry to hear that. I hope you didn’t misunderstand. I thought we were actually saying the same thing: the mark of the beast, whatever it will be, certainly starts out as an issue of the heart and as commitment to the system of the beast.

  97. Thank you Dr. Eli , this is the first time i know the right explanation for the mark of the beast, really i and all the christian need to know the Jewish context of the New Testament.

  98. I understand what you are saying about the mark being more of the heart, but how would something of the heart prevent us from buying or selling?

    • The condition of the heart necessarily spills over into the physical world, whether it is a chip or physically bowing down to a false god. But it starts at the heart.

  99. The subject is the mark of the Beast, not what language people will speak in heaven! The mark will not be a chip, the Hebrew אות (owth) would mean a distinguishing mark. The greek χάραγμα (charagma) is more specific as it refers to either a branding or a tattoo. The prototype of an electronic tattoo has been developed by Motorola and is much more versatile than a microchip! Seems more plausible to me!

  100. The future for God’s people is not in heaven. The scriptures do not teach that. The future for God’s people is based in the promise to Abraham, that his descendant, Jesus Christ, the Messiah, would set up a global government from Mount Zion. That government will be just, will be righteous, will last dor 1000 years to teach people worldwide how to live correctly, Yhwh’s way. Our future is based in understanding the faith of Israel (not the Judaizers). The explanations given on these articles greatly help us to understand the culture and the background behind much of scripture.

  101. Well…your eyes on on your forehead and you type with your hand on a keyboard, to access the INTERNET, and how else would everyone be affected, then by the WORLD-WIDE WEB!

    • 🙂 www is part of the problem but it is also part of all kinds solutions to the glory of God. So let’s not get upset with Al Gore for inventing internet :-).

  102. Such confusion abounds and mostly umbilical. Clearly Revelation is written to the church and it’s main theme is the saints refusing to be caught up in idolatry because they love Jesus, they obey God’s commandments, and hold fast to the teachings of Jesus. The issue of the MB is clearly aligned to worship and is a counterfeit of God’s law and 14:7 actually quotes from the Sabbath commandment. The conclusion is clear.

  103. Reading these many comments have been thought provoking and a little humorous. It is good to see many minds seeking the truth. What is the truth? God laid it out so even a child could understand who, where and why. When in The begining God said, “In the begining (Bereshit) God created—–). I take that at face value. Then it is written in v. 2 , the Spirit of God moved upon the waters, a clear reference of the activity of the Holy Spirit. Thats 2 in the Trinity. In John 1: 3 indicates that Christ actually created all things.

  104. To finish what I have started, I realize this isn; exactly revelent to the mark of the beast but many have made comments on other subjects of interest. The Trinity I call the God family, Father, Son and Holy Spirit who are all one but work together for the same purpose. The main point (maybe for another class) is we must look to God for all things in obedience to His commandments, Realize who Messiah is, accept the beautiful plan of redemption, Salvation that the Father gave His only Son Yeshua to be the supreme scarifice for our sins.

    • Accepting the mark will entail more than just the physical. Those who accept it also worship the Beast. That would definitely not be a good idea.

  105. I tend to agree with your assessment. For years I have thought that the mark on the forehead would translate to thought, the person receiveing the mark would agree with the Beast and the mark on the hand would be participation in the works of the beast.

  106. The subtle literal mark is here, eye and fingerprint called Clear. So be diligent all believers, know all of the Word of God, write it upon your heart and in your soul and be diligent in all things. Know all things of the world, but do not participate in those

  107. …was expecting an answer, explaining—the mark, like the name and the number, of the beast (having a bird foot, e.g. hawk Heru Horus of Egypt): The mark was essentially the same as put on “Cain” after killing “Abel” i.e. the mark of first-lineage on née-Cain…

  108. Let me see if I have this right. The Mark of the Beast can be nothing more than an “inward…expression that opposes the Law of God in one’s life” and those who have that inward expression are forbidden to buy or sell.
    Do I have it right?


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