Recent events have once again revived concern that the world is coming to its apocalyptic end.  Yet despite renewed tensions between the United States and Russia, and Iran’s constant threat to vaporize Israel, that concern remains premature.  Yeshua, after all, said, “You will hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not alarmed, for this must take place, but the end is not yet” (Matt 24:6). So when does the end come?

Yeshua answers this question in Matthew 24: 15: “When you see the abomination of desolation … standing in the holy place.” In this verse, Yeshua alludes to שִׁקּוּצִים מְשֹׁמֵם (shikutzim meshomem) translated as “abomination of desolation”, described in Daniel 9:27. Matthew 24: 15-28 describes the appearance of the abomination of desolation and the period of intense tribulation that it unleashes upon the nation of Israel. Matthew’s readers are to understand that this time period begins when they see “the abomination that causes desolation” is standing in the holy place (v. 15).

Jesus’ prediction has both a near and far fulfillment. The destruction of the Temple in 70 CE serves as a pattern for events that will take place during the “Days of Jacob’s Trouble” as they are described in Matthew 24:21. The desecration of the holy place by the Roman army will be horrific, but events surrounding the Antichrist’s desecration of the holy place during the Great Tribulation will occur on an even greater scale. In Jewish thinking, the events of 70 CE in Jerusalem do not have to exhaust the force of Daniel’s prophecy of the end days. It is a recurring pattern. The end-times references in Matthew 24 confirm that Yeshua used the term שִׁקּוּצִים מְשֹׁמֵם (shikutzim meshomem) “abomination of desolation” to point to the final conflict with his enemies at the time of his coming. Matthew blends the tribulation of the upcoming Jewish War of 66-70 CE with the final one that will take place at the end of the age. The events of the final tribulation mirror the events of the first, but on a greater scale.



  1. 1947+62 Weeks/Pentecosts =2009 (Psalms 109–The Antichrist) + 1260 days = Trip to Israel (March 20th-23rd) where the Antichrist stood in the TEMPLE Fortress in Bethlehem +1290 days = events in 2016. 1948+62 Weeks/Pentecosts = 2010 (Psalms 110) +1260/90 days = Red Blood Moon Tetrads +1290/60 days = Revelation 12:1 sign on September 23rd, 2017 on the Special Sabbath of the Days of Awe (Biblical Day of Trumpet). 2018 = Deut 24:5; Isa 34:8; Isa 61:1-2; Isa 63:4; Psalms 118; and John 6:39, 40, 44, 54 which all refer to the wrath over a one year period.

  2. Is the end near, NO! Scripture never talks about the end of time, but the time of the end. That end biblically is the end of the OLD covenant age and the Religious system that the Jews functioned in.

    • Shalom John, I believe you are badly mistaken. God’s covenant with Israel, is irrevocable – and God’s love for Israel, is eternal.

      • AMEN! to that word of truth, Dr Rabinowitz.

        Also your end time study, though it saddens me much to think of more “Jacob’s trouble”.

        Shalom, sir.

      • My understanding is that the Jewish concept of time (age) there are only two times: “this present [evil] age” and the “age to come”. In the latter is the “restoration of all things” Seems in John’s Christian tradition is out of Replacement Theology. Appreciate your posts!

    • Old and New Testament tell us that there will be a time of Israel’s Millennial Reign where G-d’s law rules and Satan will be bound. Chapters 40–48 of the Book of Ezekiel–depict a mortal Millennial Kingdom. The “Prince” proxy will hold the throne of David (for our King, Jesus) and the “Prince” has sons. Jesus said that, in the Resurrection, we will not marry–so, no marriage, no giving birth to children. Isaiah says that “only sinners” will die at 100 in Israel’s Kingdom. It too will ultimately fail as mortal mankind is apparently resistant to keeping G-d’s law under temptation.

      • That’s a lot of theology for one post! My focus was just on Matthew 24:15 this time. I’ll have to unpack those one at a time. So say tuned! : – )

        • I get that, but I find that it is difficult to focus on one part of the Bible to the exclusion of others. Individual passages are like brush strokes that, when put together, result in a composite picture that sometimes departs from conventional Christian doctrine. When someone posts “proof texts” for “replacement theology”–I can’t resist bursting their bubbles with other parts of Scripture. It is my firm belief that if there are ANY passages that stand in contradiction to a theology, then it is the errant theology which must be discarded.

  3. And israel is running head on to a catastrophe with a temple construction that has not been commanded by the lord. Plus not having high priest i dont see how this can be made acceptable to the lord. Being a high priest is not something one decide for himself or decided by any human counsel of any sort. I understand the wish for israel people wanting it but this is looking for desaster. I suppose the adversary is looking for this event to make a move .

    • I think there are just a lot of details in Matthew 24 that wont become clear until these events actually unfold.

  4. Instead of trying to figure out dates, I do believe we’re suppose to be looking for the signs of the times, witnessing, testifying and focusing on telling people about YESHUA and his FATHER YAHWEH!!! Many are still lost and in need of a savior. Many out there need to hear about YESHUA and His eternal love. Many need to know about the coming kingdom and about their own salvation. People are concerned about their physical house and the mental house but they seem to be neglecting their spiritual house. Wandakate

    • Shalom WandaKate. You’re right. Jesus did indeed say believers should not set their focus on “signs of the times.” Nevertheless he did have a lot to say (and I mean a lot!) about the end times in order to give the righteous hope for the difficult times that lay ahead and to reassure them that the Kingdom had arrived.

      • John the Baptist and Messiah Yeshua Himself came to announce that the Kingdom had arrived but few in Israel were listening. It was a spiritual Kingdom of Heaven and through it, G-d was calling the children of Israel back to Himself. But Israel was looking for a conquering King who would eliminate Gentile oppression. As a consequence, the oppression has never ended and the spiritual Kingdom was given to a people who weren’t even looking for it. Messiah built His Church largely among the Gentiles. But that day is ending and a new one has arrived.

  5. Why is the nation of Israel waiting for the experience of great tribulation ? Who can stand the wrath of the Lamb ? Why not repent toward God and turn toward the Lord Jesus the Messiah in Faith ? Israel’s return to Lord Jesus will turn the world history . Romans 9-11 is the unlocking key .

    • Hi K V, I don’t think Israel is “waiting” to experience the great tribulation but that tribulation will come nonetheless. Matthew does not use the language of the book of Revelation (as you do above) but he is certainly saying the same thing. He urges his readers to embrace the Messiah and follow his interpretation of the Torah lest they face God’s coming judgment.

  6. In no other time have we had more prophecies fulfilled than in our life-time. The end referred to is the end of the current world order when Christ returns to set up the Kingdom of God and rules in Jerusalem. No man knows the time or the hour, but we are certainly closer than the apostles (who believed that he might return during their lifetimes). The greatest prophecy we have fulfilled is that the nation of Israel exists again after being dormant for nearly 2000 years.

    • Hello Ted. You are mistaken. God’s covenant with Israel has not ended. Hebrews 8:13 which you sight above refers the New Covenant (or Renewed Covenant as some would argue) that God made WITH Israel. As the Apostle Paul makes clear, the benefits of that New Covenant are expanded to include the Gentiles – but that is saying a very different thing. As my mentor once said: God may give more than he promised, but he never gives less.

    • G-d’s covenant of the Law ended, yes, but believing Israel (of which there is only a remnant–just as in the days of Elijah) is still covered under the covenant of Grace–just as we are. But a new day is dawning. After a short Tribulation, there will finally be a physical Kingdom, administered by Israel, wherein G-d’s Law will be written on the hearts of the people and both Law and Grace will abound for a thousand years–until the Tempter is unbound and goes out to deceive the nations once again.

    • The Mosaic Covenant is a temporary, suzerain, bi-lateral, conditional covenant[Exo. 19:5-8; 24:3-8;31:13-17]. It is replaced with Messianic Covenant which is everlasting, unilateral, & everlasting[Isa50:20-21;Jer31:31-34;Eze36:24-31;37:26:38;Heb6:8-12;10:15-18] Both of these covenants are exclusive to Israel. The Law “never ended” but is fulfilled by Messiah. The Gentile it is grace through faith[Rom3:29-31]

  7. No one can predict the end of times, as proclaimed by Jesus,not even he knew, thus everything is and has been speculation ever since the time of Jesus.

  8. Jesus said he did not know the day or the hour of his return, but he gave us the signs of the times to watch for. Notability: Israel regathered 1948/1949. Daniel’s prophecy of 2300 years in chapter 8 also points to the same time period. We are living in those years. We can’t point at all of the details of all prophecy and say now isn’t the time of the end, because there is as yet another unfolding of prophecy at the end of the 1000 years of the reign of Jesus. Yes! We should be mindful of the signs.

  9. Christ said the things in Matthew 24 will happen to “this generation”, He also used the personal pronoun “you” in answering the disciples question. Either Christ is confused about the meaning of words, our Bibles are unreliable, or our eschatology is mistaken. I choose we are mistaken. I often wonder how many times can we be wrong before we rethink our paradigm. To claim a near and far scheme is not in His words, they must be imposed to perpetuate a preconceived notion.

  10. Read Hebrews again – New covenant means old passing away. Check Josephus and Roman historians – everything in Matt. 24 has been completed.

    • Shalom Don. I would disagree. And by the way – that New Covenant to which you refer is the New Covenant made by God to Israel.

  11. Hi Dr. Eli, Is there going to be a rapture of the believers prior to Jesus second coming? Is the rapture biblical ? Is there a rapture going to happen to the fathfuls before the tribulations? Thank you.

  12. Daniel 8:9-14 is also related to Matthew 24. It begs the question. Can those evenings and mornings of Daniel 8:14 be prophetic days that can be literal years? ( See Numbers 14:34 and Ezekiel 4:6. ) It’s very probable since precedent is already set. Perhaps not.

  13. What exactly is the Abomination of Desolation? Is it just the antichrist doing something in the temple?

    A second question I have is why the 3rd temple? Have not the sacrifices been taken away , no longer needed thanks to Jesus?

  14. there was a greek n the temple sacrificing pig to zues. there was a roman on the mount of olives planning the destruction of Jerusalem. celestial players next. a quack on the temple mound? a dome falls down? a thundering herd bellows and rushes in from miles around. Then the king steps in and they all fall askew while he receives many crowns and much praise.


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