“Compelled to Blaspheme” – an Excerpt from the First century BCE Jewish Literature – Assumption of Moses 7-8.

1 “When this has taken place, the times will quickly come to an end… 3 Then will rule destructive and godless men, who represent themselves as being righteous, 4 but who will (in fact) arouse their inner wrath, for they will be deceitful men, pleasing only themselves, false in every way imaginable, (such as) loving feasts at any hour of the day—devouring, gluttonous… 6 But really they consume the goods of the (poor), saying their acts are according to justice, 7 (while in fact they are simply) exterminators, deceitfully seeking to conceal themselves so that they will not be known as completely godless because of their criminal deeds (committed) all the day long, 8 saying, ‘We shall have feasts, even luxurious winings and dinings. Indeed, we shall behave ourselves as princes.’ 9 They, with hand and mind, will touch impure things, yet their mouths will speak enormous things, and they will even say, 10 ‘Do not touch me, lest you pollute me in the position I occupy …’

1 “And there will come upon them […]” punishment and wrath such as has never happened to them from the creation till that time when he stirs up against them a king of the kings of the earth who, having supreme authority, will crucify those who confess their circumcision. 2 Even those who deny it, he will torture and hand them over to be led to prison in chains. 3 And their wives will be given to the gods of the nations and their young sons will be cut by physicians to bring forward their foreskins. 4 Still others among them will be punished by torture, both by fire and sword, and they will be compelled to bear publicly (as burdens) idols which are polluted just as those who revere them are polluted. 5 Likewise, they will be compelled by their torturers to enter into their secret place, where they will be compelled to blaspheme outrageously the word, and finally (to blaspheme) both their laws and what they had placed upon their own altar. Assumption of Moses 7-8

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  1. Fascinating! It reminds me of Paul’s litany of the woeful social conditions at the eschaton at 2 Tim 3:1-7 and of the four fold curse of sword, fire, captivity and plague of Deuteronomy 28 for those who forsake Yhwh.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • This reminds me of Yeshua telling the talmidim the signs of the end times. I am considering the leaders of the world today. Many speak enormous things. When these things happen…the end times will quickly come…We do not know how quickly the end will come. The signs are present. Yeshua said to watch and pray.! I am praying. I am asking Adonai to show me what he wants me to see.

  2. As I read, literally realised, most government of this time/ out time is a splitting image the above. Another sign that shows at the positioning of end times. If one wants to be literal.
    I still prefer to be completely bv spiritual in thought and let nature go by. Yet the two does function as one.
    Busy re-evaluating me and my life.


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