An Excerpt from the Second entury BCE Jewish Literature – 2 Enoch 64-65

1 And it came about, when Enoch had spoken to his children and to the princes of the people, that all his people and all his neighbors heard that the LORD was calling Enoch. And they all consulted one another, saying, “Let us go and let us kiss Enoch.” 2 And they gathered together, up to two thousand men, and they arrived at the place Azukhan where Enoch was, and his sons, 3 and the elders of the people. And they kissed Enoch, 4 saying, “Blessed is the LORD, the eternal king. Bless now your people, and glorify ‹us› to the face of the LORD. 5* For the LORD has chosen you, to appoint you to be the one who reveals, who carries away our sins.”

6 |And| Enoch answered his people, saying: 1 “Listen, my children! Before all things existed, (and) before all creation came about, the LORD established the age of creation, and after that he created all his creation, visible and invisible. 2* And after all that he created man according to his image, and put in him eyes to see, ears to hear, heart to think, and reason to argue. 3 Then the LORD delivered the age for the sake of man, and he divided it into times: 4* and into hours. so that a person might think about the |changes| of the periods and their ends, the beginnings and the endings of the years and the months and the days and the hours, and so that he might |calculate| the death of his own life.

6 When the whole of creation, which the LORD has created, shall come to an end, and when each person will go to the LORD’s great judgment, 7 then the time periods will perish, and there will be neither years nor months nor days, and hours will no longer be counted; 8 But they will constitute a single age. And all the righteous, who escape from the LORD’s great judgment, will be collected together with the great age. And ‹the age› at the same time will unite with the righteous, and they will be eternal. 9 And there will be among them neither weariness nor suffering nor affliction nor expectation of violence nor the pain of the night nor darkness. 10 But they will have a great light for eternity, ‹and› an indestructible wall, and they will have a great paradise, the shelter of an eternal residence. 11* How happy are the righteous who will escape the LORD’s great judgment, for their faces will shine forth like the sun. (2 Book of Enoch 64-65 – First Century BCE)

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  1. Shalom. I have this book and have read it before. It is very comforting. Enoch is an ancestor of Noah, Shem and Abraham etc. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. All the questions about how can God know the future and not be responsible for the evils that come are answered here. We live with past present and future, God does not. He is outside of time. He created time for us. Beyond our comprehension. Only the God of Scripture is outside of time and outside of creation.

  3. Prof. Shir,

    I do not understand the part where the people say that Enoch is the one to carry away their sins… much of this sounds like other scripture, but this is a troubling statement.

  4. Sir, your comment regarding to Vince’s enquire (the availability of additional texts) is spot-on. Regarding the NT it is suggested by a number of scholars that, as Christianity spread, some “false” texts were purposefully created by the authorities at the time. The gospel of Mary is considered to be an example. The aim, obviously, was to destabilise the spread as mentioned. Are you aware of any particular scripts that would qualify and more importantly, how is there to be distinguished between the “propaganda” scripts and the “real” ones. I do not suggest that 2 Enoch is a contested tested piece.

    • I would not know how to judge such things, Riaan. The way I see it – ancient texts are windows into the past and they should be allowed to speak. It does not mean I have to agree with them or even believe them. Fake News existed in antiquity too. 🙂

  5. Dear John You’re absolutely correct. I agree with you because I believe that’s actually what its supposed to mean (the way you’ve phrased it) and not the way originally mentioned as Enoch was obviously not the one to carry away our sins. If punctuation marks weren’t there in the times when these scripts were written, then it has been done by translators and we are not called to blindly follow something that we know is incorrect. We know that ONLY JESUS is the one who carried away our sins and HE ALONE is the MESSIAH.

  6. The Book of Enoch is so thought-provoking…helps me to see “outside the box”…to view G_D in bigger terms than before. I’ve read Enoch 3 or 4 times. I honestly believe, if I had never seen a Bible…I could have found CHRIST in the Book of Enoch. I just wish the full Aramaic version found in the Dead Sea Scrolls could be translated for us to enjoy the text in it’s entirety…instead of the fragments we are familiar with. Bless you…for bringing the book to our thoughts!

    • There are many wonderful and quite spiritual works that come from the Second Temple era. Enoch is truly something and I understand why you are fond of it. Unfortunately, many Jewish books did not survive in Hebrew and Aramaic but in Greek. So whatever fragments we have, we are fortunate.


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